Fix cannot install Windows on dynamic disk

Hi, if you are installing Windows, and you can’t select the disk click ‘Show details’ and you see this message which means that you can’t install Windows on dynamic disk. To fix this problem, I will delete all data and information on the disk with diskpart program. First, press Shift + F10 to open command prompt window. And type ‘diskpart’ and press Enter. Next, type ‘list disk’ to display all disks on this computer. In this example, I have one disk which is disk zero and it is dynamic disk as you can see it at ‘Dyn’ column. So I will select the disk by type ‘select disk 0’. And press Enter. After that, type ‘clean’ and press Enter. This command will delete all data including partition and volume on the disk. Then, type ‘exit’ and close this command prompt window. And click ‘Refresh’ to update disk status. Now you see that the disk is displayed as ‘Unallocated space’ which I can create partition or install Windows. So that’s it for this video. If you have any question or suggestion, please post below. If you like, please subscribe. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Great video, diskpart lets you wipe hdd and re-install windows when all else fails. Thanks for tutorial.

  2. When I select the disk in the Windows Longhorn installation, I get the following error: "The partition you selected is not ready for installation. Please restart your computer an verify your disk is enabled in BIOS." I do not have access to the BIOS because I use Virtualbox. And the virtual disk is not a dynamic disk. How can I solve this silly error?

  3. Thank you so much I’ve been trying for weeks to get my pc running so glad I found this video😭😁😁😁

  4. Worked, thanks! Leave it to sh*tty Windows to not have a way to do this in 2019!

  5. i dont usually type comments but this ol' video helped me out so much!! thank you

  6. Seriously khub help korle dada.. kokhono kolkatay esho tomay postor boda r dab chingri khawabo.. mon bhore jabe tomar kotha dilam

  7. Thx, the only problem is that im an idiot and wiped the wrong drive

  8. I've searched the entire internet and YouTube is specific but in those two minutes solved everything

  9. While installing the win 7 i haven't seen any disk drive option or format option ,can you help me?

  10. Dont follow thin instruction, it clear all of your data without promting 😠

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