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  1. Thanks for this video. It really answered a lot of my questions about where the RFID chip is. It looks very finicky to get the blade back in. This happened to my key: should I bother doing what you did or should I just put some glue or epoxy in there.

  2. Wow you went to a lot of effort to fix this key. Well made video. 👍

  3. Thanks man, i found no other video for replacing the blade 😉

  4. Brilliant 10 out of 10. I had no idea how to do this. My Subaru is quite intuitive to do. Thanks a lot.

  5. This is my only key. If I damage that chip I'm screwed. Lol.

  6. Excellent video … this is the first one which mentioned the transponder! I hadn't transferred it so that was the problem. I have now done that and the refurbished key worked right away. Good encouragment to persevere with the spring. This has saved me probs £250 quoted by dealer.

  7. You messed up my car with your wrong way of doing things!! My chip got damaged and car wont start now, please if you don’t know the correct procedure don’t misinform people. Car is in dealer and now paying over $300 to fix car!!

  8. Is there any replacement pin I can buy? Seems that mine is worn down causing it to be too small for the hole. Now my key is a bit jiggly inside the hinge. Any suggestions?

  9. Thank you! The key would no longer 'spring out', thanks to your video I was able to open it, clean the internals (a lot of gunk after 12 years) and put it back together. Just like new!

  10. I thought there was a chip connected to the blade that allows engine to start but with your video I cant see any chip? If you just replace the blade it will only allow the doors to open but not start the engine?

  11. only do it one time. 2 times is too much and the spring will most Likely bend or break. there is no reason to do it more then once.

  12. Thank you very much for this informative video, I searched for a long time before I saw any mention of the transponder location and how to swap it over.
    Is the transponder simply a little RFID pill?

  13. Thanks for the great video! I was about to go crazy trying to figure out how to put my key back together in the new casing that I bought for it. For some reason you can't find any good tutorials anywhere! I Did what you said and it worked and I didn't even know about that transponder chip. Of course mine was glued in, so that was fun taking out. I finally broken the old casing and the chip went flying across the room and I thought that was the end of it! Luckily I found the chip put everything back together and now the new casing is working! Thank you very much you are the man!!!

  14. Great video- I just ordered the parts to fix mine based on your vid & will save myself about $200! Thanks so much!!

  15. Just dived head first into the rubbish bin to retrieve my transponder, should've watched this video first!

  16. Thank you Very much. That spring was driving me crazy until I saw how to put it back. Good work.

  17. super informativo, , me ayudo muchisimo. excelente. muchas gracias

  18. Fantastic! Exactly the information that I needed in a well-presented format.

  19. You are by far the BEST TEACHER I have ever encountered. Excellent !

  20. Same happened to my mazda 3 key. Slide a thin paper between the top and bottom housing, it stays perfect.

  21. Excellent tutorial, I had given up on the spring …thank you!

  22. weird! i did all this about a week ago and messed everything up, before i found online that i needed that chip to get the car started. had to give up on the spring. this video didn't show up till now?! thanks youtube! luckily, the empty key assembly is like 6-10 dollars on ebay so ill be trying again. now that i have a clear idea of what foolishness im getting into!

  23. Thank you sirrr!!!!!! My car was stuck at a local circle K after turning the key to start the car it just snapped in to pieces I couldn’t get it to start so i looked on YouTube and found you and you solved my problem 🙌

  24. big thumbs up mate. You just saved me $200! I ordered the top part from ebay for $2 free shipping from a Chinese based seller, changed over the transponder and the best part, I was able to swap out the mazda key as-is without needing to get the replacement cut. A+

  25. Thank you so much!! Very good video! I was able to get my daughter's key back together after it was dropped. The key feels a little wobbly right now when extended. I'll just tell her to be very careful with it.

  26. Jeeze, I was going crazy trying to figure out how the key was being authenticated to the car. I went through the trouble of swapping the blade into the new housing. Due to the issues with the rollpin you mentioned I had issues with that. I wasnt about to go back to the old one since the bit it pivots on was the part that broke on the original.

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