fix refill epson L110 – L210 – L220 – L300 – L350 – L355 reset fill orginal ink error

i will explain today how to reset Epson L355 When the light is blinking red ink continuously In this case, you can not print This method works on more than one type of Epson printers Working on epson L110 – L210 – L220 – L300 – L350 – L355 And perhaps on other types let’s start First, we turn off the printer Waiting until it is fully operational stop Then We turn on the printer and wait for five seconds Then press the red cancellation button for ten seconds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Leave the button for two seconds Then press him only one click Notice that the red light, which was the cause of the error is turned off We print the printer test page to make sure the result thanks for following

Bernard Jenkins

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  1. Great, thanks, Why can't you find in the Espon instructions how easy it is to reset inkt level. Press 10 sec on red triangle button, wait for 2 sec and press again. Only after your video it became clear what to do. You safed my day.

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