Fix these basic English pronunciation mistakes!

Hey, everyone. I’m Alex. Thanks for
clicking, and welcome to this lesson on “Commonly Mispronounced Words”. So, these are some of the common pronunciation
mistakes that I have heard in my experience as an English teacher from
new English learners. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re
Russian, if you’re a Spanish speaker, if you’re Korean, if you’re
Japanese, if you’re Arabic – I’ve heard these mistakes come from all over
the place. So, today, I’m going to look at some of the most common pronunciation mistakes,
the most common mispronounced words so that you can fix these mistakes and never make
them again, and you’ll sound more fluent, more natural. So, let’s do it. First word: “ask”. Okay, so you were supposed
to repeat, there. All right? Did you do it? So, again, it’s not: “axe”, but “ask”.
So repeat after me: “ask”. Good. Now, repeat this question, repeat this
sentence: “Ask him a question.” Okay, good. Next, not: “boos”, but “bus”. Repeat it one
more time, one more time. “Bus”. Okay, so it’s “uh”, right? It’s an “uh” sound.
It’s not “oo”, but “uh”, “bus”. Now, there’s a trick here because the next
word is “busy”, and some students confuse this, because they actually know how to pronounce
“bus”, but then they try adding the same pronunciation rule from “bus” to “busy”, and they say “busy”,
which is not correct. So, the correct word… The correct pronunciation
of this word is “busy”. So, repeat after
me one more time: “busy”. Excellent. Next, very common mistake, especially when
students try to say it in a weird, plural way. So, I had a Korean student who was reading
Edgar Allan Poe, and the word “clothes” is in the book a couple of times, like 2-3 times
on one page. And she’s reading, and she keeps saying: “closes”, “closes”, “closes”, as if it’s
plural. It’s not “closes”, it is “clothes”. Think of “open”, “close”, same pronunciation. All
right? So, one more time, repeat: “clothes”. Perfect. Next: “comfortable”. Not: “com-fort-able”.
Okay? But: “comftrabull”, so repeat after me one more time: “comfortable”. All right, let’s take it apart.
This one is a little longer: “com-ftra, ftra, bull”, “comfortable”.
All right. It’s tough. Next, not “edu”, but “edju”, “edjucation”,
so there’s a “je”, “je”, “je”, “je”, “je” sound. Si… Excuse me. Such as: “judge”. Right?
So, “education.” Repeat after me. “Education”. All right. Next, not “famoos”, but “famous”. Repeat it
one more time, faster this time. “Famous”. All right. So, the second part is a
“miss” not “famoos”, a “miss”, “miss”, like: “I miss you”, okay? And next, same thing, not “lettoos”,
but “lettuce”. “Lettuce”. Okay? So, it’s “lettuce”. Good. Next, not “prevate”, “private”, so “i”. “Private”.
Exaggerate it a little bit, it makes it a little bit more fun. So, one more time: “private”.
Now, in a normal conversation, you would just say: “private”. Okay? Now, that
second part “vit”, “private”. Next, the opposite of “private” is not “pooblic”,
but “pu-, public”. Repeat it one more time. “Public”. It’s kind of like you’re just letting
a puff of air let go from your mouth, “pu”, “public”. Okay, good. And next, not “salmon”. The “l” is silent in
this word, so a salmon is a fish, the most delicious fish in my opinion,
and it is pronounced: “samon”, “salmon”. Okay, very good. And next, not “stoody”, but “study”. “Stu-dy”.
Okay. So, it is not “stoo”, but “stu”, it’s an “uh”, “uh” sound. So, repeat it
after me very quickly, here: “study”. And finally, the
name of our website. Whew, now, this is a mistake
that I make. Go back, listen to my videos, guys, I say “angVid” a
lot, especially in like 2011, 2012, I say: “Thanks for clicking on angVid.com, angVid.com.”
I have made a mistake, everyone. It is “eng”. We don’t say “Anglish”, we say “English”. The
name of our site is engVid.com. I’m sorry. Even I make mistakes. So, one more time we’re going to go through
the words from the top to the bottom, from the top again to the bottom again, and I’m going
to ask you to repeat after me, so let’s do it. “Ask”, “bus”, “busy”, “clothes”, “comfortable”, “education”, “famous”, “lettuce”, “private”, “public”, “salmon”, “study”, “engVid”. Okay, so if you’d like to test your understanding
of this material, it’s a pronunciation lesson, so unfortunately,
there is no quiz. However, I recommend: Go
back, listen to the video, repeat the words after me, see
if you can use them in context. And if you would like
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And until next time, thanks for clicking. Bye.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Strange to me… bus like oo husband etc… like bath etc pronounced according to the rules of British language. So ! Mind what language do you teach. But clothes and comfortable mmm Questionable …education mm oh God bless him.

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    I already pronounce everything right

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    at least for me. ive never heard the “f” pronounced so much before

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  6. It literally is ax not ask because that’s how they said it a long time ago and people were saying it wrong when they say ask

  7. I said the following words incorrectly "comfortable, education and salmon "

  8. Well, where and who on this world even says boos instead of a bus? Bruh xD

  9. Since I am an Indian, I have been taught British English all my life. So I pronounce the 'a' in ask as the 'u' in umbrella. I have learnt the differences between American and British English in philology as well. Very interesting.

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  12. Considering you're trying to teach people to pronounce words properly you probably shouldn't be telling people that clothes is pronounced exactly like close. It's not. The th isn't silent.

  13. I watched British sitcom, where an Aussie woman said bus and blood pronouncing u and oo like [u] so what are you talking about bl[u]dy hell

  14. Is he a teacher ? 😅
    So he pronounced “Comfortable” and “clothes” completely wrong 😄

  15. This person must be causing so much confusion with new English speakers. These are the words he says should be pronounced in HIS way, which is really weird: pronunciation: CloTHes – Com-fort-able – EDucation – famous (not "ISS"). I am a native English speaker.

  16. Ive been speaking English my whole like and I always pronounce education like ed-juh-catsh-ion
    But he’s saying ed-you-catsh-ion I don’t know if that’s where you come from or anything

  17. The pronuntation depends from where State of America you come from…. !! I think there are a lot of variation …!! So, i think its hard to get all kind of accents of each of these States of American .. I think also , try to get the one you're learning at that moment, i mean when you start to learn English as like a second lenguage …

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  23. to all future idiots reading this….
    these are mistakes by NON-NATIVE english speakers.
    as stated in the description that you didn't read.

  24. Those students are being logical and they'd be right if English were as consistent as other languages. It isn't, because English is an amalgam of several languages and is a patchwork of different and sometimes contradictory rules of pronunciation.

  25. 00:25 please add Spanish to your list and clarify that it isn't pronounced " ESpanish''

  26. Clothes, the way you've pronounced it is a good improvisation, for those who are learning English, though it isn't actually the correct pronunciation; there is a slight voiced th sound in clothes. Yes lettuce, good one! Also next video please incldue spinach, (spin-nich not spi-naach), steak (not steek), mischievous (mis-chi-vus). For more challenging words for English and non-English speakers how about askew, chores, tasks, lasagna, and my own personal bug bear, onomatopoeia! I really like your videos, recently stumbled upon, great find and will recommend them to my students.

    ASS K…

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  33. As an addition to this video, I'd like to note that the standard way to say comfortable is comf-ter-bull. I apologize for the weird pronunciation of the word in this video! I was going with how I've been saying the word for most of my life, which has actually be comf-tra-bull.

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    This work is useful👏

    Did you made academic vocabullary ; adjectives ; verbs ; conjuction etc. for us ?

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