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(calm electronic music) – [Announcer] Game! – So you bought a brand
new Nintendo Switch Lite and your next question is, what stuff should I grab to make sure I get the most out of my system? Let’s take a look at some
important accessories to grab for the Switch Lite. Now the first thing I wanna
talk about is actually a little bit outside of what normally people think
about for Switch Lite stuff and that has to do with
when you need to use it in some kind of table top mode. Because by default the Switch Lite does not support tabletop as
Nintendo envisions it at least and it definitely does not support docked. But even then, if this is your
only Nintendo Switch console there’s a chance there’s
gonna be some specific game where you really wish you could
use a traditional controller instead of using the onboard
controls of the Switch Lite. So do to that there’s two things you need. A stand to actually support
putting it on your table since you can’t actually use a kick stand on the system itself and a controller to use with it. Now on the stand side of things there are a lot of different
just traditional tablet stands, some that are themed for
Nintendo Switch specifically like this one right here
that are a great way just to have it set up on a table. Nintendo does also have an official charge stand they’ve released that is just a basic
design for the Switch Lite to prop it up on a table and
charge it at the same time. As for wireless controllers, there are so many videos
out there on the internet talking about what the best
controller for the Switch is. I’m not gonna go over
all the choices there are but three mainstays that I really enjoy that I talk about pretty often are the official Nintendo
Switch Pro Controller which is just a really good, well balanced all around choice. The SN30 Pro Plus from 8BitDo which offers a lot of special
features and functions that aren’t featured on many other third party controllers for the Switch, it’s a really good one
for its price as well. And finally, PowerA’s
wireless GameCube controller which is an awesome choice
if you’re playing Smash Bros. and you don’t wanna deal
with any kinda cable set up. Now this is all great if there’s a wireless
controller you wanna use but what about wired controllers? What if you wanna use
something a little cheaper or you wanna even use an old
school GameCube controller? Well, thankfully the Switch
Lite at the end of the day is still just a Switch, it just doesn’t have a regular official dock you can use with it. But if you use a third
party charging dock, like say from HORI, they actually have designs
that feature USB ports that will with work with the Switch Lite to use wired controllers. Now, HORI has announced a
new version of the stand that is a lot smaller and designed for the Switch Lite in mind and that’s a really cool portable choice but one of the trade offs with it is that it only has one
USB port on each side. Now that’s really good if there’s just a specific
USB controller you wanna use but a unique benefit with this design is you can actually take it and use it with the GameCube adapter for the Switch and this’ll allow you
to use regular GameCube with the Switch Lite. So if the Switch Lite is your only system and you really wanna play some Smash Bros. with an old fashioned
GameCube controller on the go this is the way you can accomplish that. Again, this is not
necessarily the default way you wanna play Switch Lite all the time, the main focus of the system
is to be a portable handheld. But for those situations where you just really wanna
play something table top wise and you wanna make use
of a regular controller this is gonna be one of the
better ways to achieve that. Now, when you do wanna
play in handheld mode a big thing to address is comfort. Because much like the regular Switch, the Switch Lite is not the most ergonomically designed
controller out there. You can play on it for a while but your hands are gonna start cramping. So a really popular solution
for both the regular Switch and now the Switch Lite are grips. Now there are a number of
different companies out there that make popular grip designs, one of the most well known is the Satisfye grip for the Switch. And they do have, as you can see here, a design made for the Switch Lite. Now this is based on the
newer designed Satisfye grip which has a couple changes
from the original one. It now has these rubber
tips on all the insides so it’s actually making sure the system isn’t directly connecting
to all the hard plastic, it’s gonna give it a little breathing room which is both important
for heat management and to make sure you don’t
accidentally scuff up the system every time you put it in
and take it out of the grip. It also has not quite as
exaggerated of a right hand grip as the old style did which makes it a really nice mid point for both games that
make use of both sticks or games that require you using
the A B X Y buttons a lot. There is a huge difference in comfort between using a grip like this or using Switch Lite in handheld. Again, you can play that way and it’s fine but if you really wanna make sure your hands are as comfortable
for as long as possible when your playing for
hours and hours on end, something like this is a must. I do wanna throw out there by the way that one of the top competitors
to Satisfye, Skull & Co., does have a grip in development as well, I haven’t had a chance to
use that one hands on yet and I will plan to compare
those down the line. But for now the Satisfye grip
is definitely a great choice. By the way, if you’re wondering about the shirt that I’m
wearing in today’s video, this is actually an original that we are selling that was
designed by Digital Addict. We have a link down in the description to his Instagram page if you wanna check out his other works as well as a link to check
out buying the shirt. And if you decide you
like it and wanna buy it make sure to use this
coupon code to get 15% off. Now, an accessory that’s
always been important for the Nintendo Switch but I think is especially even more
so for the Switch Lite is a carrying case. Given the fact that the system is meant to be portable at all times you need a good way to keep it protected as well as keep everything
together that you want access to, whether that’s additional physical games, a charger, all that kinda good stuff. Now, if you do happen to
grab the Satisfye grip that I showed off earlier there are cases that it’s
designed to come with as well that will fit the Satisfye and
the Switch at the same time. If you’re not interested in that though and you want a more traditional case just for your Switch Lite and games there are a lot of
different options out there. And two that I got a lot of
hands on time with that I like are from HORI and Hyperkin. Both of them do a great
job of giving you a way to store and keep your
Switch nice and safe. The Hyperkin is a little thicker so it’s easier to put things like chargers or some bigger accessories into
the little pouch side of it. While the HORI does have
more slots for game cards and I do really like the way
the interior design is shaped to actually fit the Switch Lite. Something I really like that
both of them have done as well is color coding their cases to match the different Switch Lite colors. The HORI one comes in a blue like this as well as a yellow and a very dark gray. While the Hyperkin, they
have a white and yellow trim, white and blue like this,
and a black and gray option. Another one I wanna point out real quick that sadly we do not have
access to right now in the US is the official Nintendo Folio
case for the Switch Lite. It’s a design they’ve made
that’s very small and lightweight and the main purpose of
it is to give you a way to protect your Switch Lite on the go but it keeps it in a very
small form factor still. It’s not designed to carry cables or games or anything like that, it’s
just for the Switch on its own. Sadly though, as for right now it’s only available in
Japan, the UK, and Australia. Now, comparing the Switch
Lite to the regular Switch, one of the areas that I did find it fell a little behind
in is audio quality. They actually sound very much the same when you’re right up to the speaker but the Switch Lite has
the speakers firing down. In a quiet place this ends up working out pretty much the same but if you’re in any kind of area where there’s ambient noise
that can get in the way you can lose audio a little bit. And a really good solution
to that is a headset. (calm electronic music) While the Switch Lite has lost the ability to dock up to a TV you can actually still
use USB-C audio adapters to make use of wireless headsets. A recent example that
has been really awesome for the Switch specifically is the Arctis 1 from Steelseries. Now, they’ve made a couple
different headsets in the past that can work with Switch
but it’s always worked with different kind of
additional adapters, you might have to use
it with the Switch dock. They’ve now made one
that uses a USB-C adapter that is a lot more low profile this is extremely easy to use, you just plug it into the
bottom of your Switch, turn the headset on,
and you’re good to go. One of the additional
upsides to this as well is that it does also support using a mic, you don’t have to use a
separate microphone like that so if you are playing any
kind of competitive games on the Switch Lite like say, Fortnite, that use integrate chat you can use that with this headset. It’s certainly a little pricier than some of the wired
options out there you can get but for a wireless set up
that is super easy to use on the Switch as well as
having good audio quality, this is an awesome pick up to grab and it does work on other
systems as well if you like. It’s got adapters to use with the Switch dock on a regular Switch, you can also use it with Playstation, plugged into an Xbox controller, PC, really nice all in one solution. You know, something that
really has become my main way of playing the Switch on the go is making use of a grip to make sure I have the most comfortable
way of playing possible combined with actually being able to use one of these wireless transmitters because it fits perfectly nicely in. So that gives me an awesome ability that makes the Switch
Lite more comfortable and improves the sound quality on the go. This all combined with a
battery bank solves really all of my biggest problems
with the Switch Lite turning it into the perfect way of playing Switch games on the go. Now, if this little adapter
reminds you of something, something else we have
talked about in the past is the Genki audio adapter. Now, this is not designed to be used with a specific headset
like the Steelseries set up, this is so that you can
use your favorite pair of Bluetooth wireless
headphones with the Switch. Now, an important thing
to keep in mind with this is the codec of the headset you’re using. Some headsets are not going to have very low latency so you’ll
notice a sound problem, but as long as you’re using
low latency Bluetooth headsets with this adapter you have
a fantastic experience. And I think that the thing about it that I really enjoy the most is that it does work with AirPods. And while it isn’t the
absolute lowest latency, it’s really close enough
for the majority of times to not really matter and get
just great sound quality. The Steelseries headset
is an amazing option if you want an all in one experience and you just want a headset that’s going to work
right out of the gate. But if you already have a set of Bluetooth headphones you like that you wanna use with your Switch and you don’t care about
having that microphone support the Genki is still a great way to go. Another area where the Switch Lite falls a little short of the regular Switch is its battery life. It’s still an improvement over
the original launch Switch, but if you grabbed on of
the new refreshed Switches the battery life is considerably longer. And something that’s helpful
for really any of these is a battery bank. Now there is a little bit of fear when it comes to charging
solutions on the Switch because of the history of some third party docks and chargers causing problems with
Switches, even bricking them. But thankfully as long you
stick to some of the more officially licensed products
you’re usually safe. One of the best options I’ve used is the Anchor battery bank. I have used this with all of my Switches and have had no issues to date. This is officially licensed
and supported by Nintendo and has an output charge that is the same as the Nintendo Switch power brick. So it’s designed to be read
the same way for a Switch and is maximized for that. It does come in two different designs depending on how much
battery power you need and how much you’re willing to pay. This is the larger of the two which is a lot of battery life. But if you wanna save a little money they got a smaller one as well. So this is just a look at
some of the best accessories you can grab for the
Switch Lite right now. Clearly the system has just come out so there’s gonna be a lot more coming out in the coming days so as we
see more products come out look forward to more reviews of awesome accessories to
grab for your Switch Lite.

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