Fixing A Car Where The Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel do you find the fuel pump keeps shutting
off when you try to fill your car up, and you can only get a little bit in at a
time, well then today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to show you how to fix
a gas tank that won’t fill up correctly, now the first thing you have to
understand is, when you put gas into the car, it displaces the air that’s in the
tank and the air has to come out somewhere, now in the olden days when
dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was young, the air would just come right back
out of where the filler was and it would pollute the atmosphere, but all modern
day cars use a system that’s called a EVAP, it’s to keep the vapors from
polluting the atmosphere, it keeps them inside the car, it lcoks the fumes inside
using a hose and in the case of this Toyota Celica, the hose it vents goes
under the car, goes all the way to the front of the hood, then connects right
here on top of the EVAP canister, now as crazy as it sounds,
sometimes spiders get in there and make webs that clog it up or dirt gets inside,
so here’s how you can try cleaning it up, make sure that the gas cap is off, then
go under the hood in this case and take off the hose that goes to the tank, it’s
easy to tell on this, because it says to tank right here, so you know this is the
hose that goes to the tank, then after you remove the hose, you can get a little
air, and blow through it, now I know some people are going to whine
and say, hey I don’t have an air compressor, but there’s a cheaper way
of doing it for do-it-yourselfers, you can just get one of these twenty thirty
dollars air compressors that plugs in your cigarette lighter, just plug it in
right here, then turn it on, and blow with this, and all that blowing will off and clear
the hose up, so to fill up normally now but if that didn’t work,
you’ll often have a bad EVAP charcoal canister, the canister down here is full
of charcoal, and when the air is pushed through there, it vents hydrocarbons out
of the air and then just vents pure air into the atmosphere, so gas fumes don’t
pollute the atmosphere, some of the vent will just clog up and you got
to replace them, testing them you just take off all the hoses, then get a hose
the same diameter as the one that comes from the tank and plugs into the top of
the canister, and plug it into the canister where the fuel tank line went,
then apply air pressure to it, and if you don’t feel air coming out of the other
ports, it’s clogged up and needs replacing,
because the air has to escape from the tank as you’re filling up with gas and
if it doesn’t, it’ll back up here and it will keep shutting your pump off, so the next
time the gas pump keeps shutting off while you try to fill your car with gas,
fix it with a little air, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit
the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done drinking
some of this moonshine!

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. Not that easy on my Dodge the evap is built into the gas tank and it's very expensive

  3. Scotty, love your show…I have a questio. I have a large evap Leak on a 2008 Silverado. At mechanics, no leaks were found. I changed the purge valve, solenoid, but engine light keeps coming back. Also, I can fill tank, but have to hold nozzle, if I leave it on it's own, it clicks off.

  4. hey scotty 802 garage is taking your style i told him to he cant be you lol

  5. Or, just disconnect the hose and let it vent to the air, and don't tell anyone.

  6. Thank you sir I have been looking for this answer for years. I have a car that does that it's a big hassle always..now I can fix my car

  7. Mr. Scotty I don't even have the evamp door in my gas tank to block out the polution. Would it be because my car is an old 2004 Hyundai xg350?

  8. Great Video!
    I have 2011 Ford Mondeo with capless fuel system and every time I fill the tank, the gas nozzle shuts off after 5 liters even when the tank is empty. sometime the fuel pours out under the wheel arch.

    I went to more than one garage and they told me there is no problem with the fuel system in spite of the fact they did't do any inspections on the vehicle.

    Any advice please?

  9. If you apply air pressure – instead of smoke – to a late model charcoal canister like that, you run a very high risk of blowing it out. Use caution.

  10. I have 2009 Volkswagen jetta. And this is the same problem I'm having . But I can't seem to find where this evap hose is on my car . Could you help me and and let me know where its located on my car . Much obliged

  11. Mine keeps shutting off but it is also making a weird sound like something is draining
    Any tips??

  12. Hey Scotty, I snapped the hose, at the plastic, on my tank pressure sensor hose. I bonded it back on with JB weld (I wasn't buying a new tank). Now every time I try to put gas in, the pump keeps clicking off. Is there something else I can bond it back with that's better?

  13. A little container of charcoal will magically cleanse 1000s of cubic feet of gas fumes and do so for years. (Right!)

  14. Scotty can a clogged evap canister cause a p0455 code? I’ve checked all the evap hoses on my Durango and can’t find anything

  15. Will a bad evap canister cause the system to throw a Check Gas Cap warning? I have trouble filling my tank, like in this video, but also am getting the Gas Cap Warning as well. I pulled the hoses off the evap canister on my H2 and charcoal bits came out of the hose. I ordered a new canister today. Hopefully, my Gas Cap code will clear too.

  16. Scotty i have 2011 hyundai azera when i fill my car when the gun stop my car spill gas out of the tank , help please thank you

  17. I been having a problem with my 2003 Nissan Frontier 2.4l after refilling my truck. Around 5min if driving it starts to bog out (stall) I rev the engine I bit. & it’s back to normal. Any ideas what could it be??? Just don’t want it to get worse in the future! Please help!

  18. Lawd, this gonna cost me a fortune to fix , i cant crawl round under my 99 Hyundai, not mechanical at all…just paid nearly 300 to replace an axle . Its so bad when i try to get gas, it takes forever to put ten bux in.😥

  19. Hey Scotty, I did what you instructed in this video and I still having problems. The tank can only fill 3/4 full and it shuts of consistently.
    I removed the hose that goes to the tank from he EVAP canister and pumped air into the tank and it sounded like it was expanding he fuel tank. I tried to fill with fuel with the hose disconnected from the EVAP canister and still had issues. Do you think it could be the fuel neck? I own a Holden rodeo/ Isuzu 2004 Ute. (Australian)

  20. What about newer cars like a 2015 optima. This never happen until the gas station switched the handle pump

  21. hey scotty. i have been having this problem and tried what you said in this video. everything has checked out ok, but i am am still having this problem. i have had this problem with this for 6 plus years and it is getting worse. even changing the fuel pump that recently went bad did not help. any other ideas?

  22. thank you for the video. Awesome info. My evap charchoal canister is under the car, and then goes to a solenoid. How do I know its not the evap solinoid?

  23. Vous avez un ou deux petit trous dans l'embouchure de remplissage prenez un tournevis et grossiser l'entre en tournent pour donner plus d'air
    Moi j'ai un f250 et sa decliquais toujours depuis que j'ai grosi fini le probleme

  24. Scotty I have this problem in my 2007 Nissan Frontier I have checked the hose to the tank and the hoses to and from the canister but still having issues pumping gas, what should be my next step?

  25. I have a mustang 2005 that keeps stopping at the pump. Will this work or will I have to change the fuel pump

  26. Great. Thx for the help. It take like 10 to put gas. Hope this works. 👌

  27. How do I replace that little metal trap door under the cap mmmm mine got towed and now it’s gone and my cars gas evaporates

  28. Thanks for this. I figured the tube was clogged, but this fix seems a lot easier than i thought it would be. Just recently replaced my radiator, now i need to either clean or replace this, and i bought a new thermostat. I really appreciate the videos you make.

  29. Hope this works for me, I've had this issue for awhile with my Hyundai Sonata. By the way, I actually have relatives here in Ohio that are Kilmer's, we may be distant relatives!! Keep up the good work Scotty, love your channel!!

  30. Is it still driveable? Looks like mines full or something but my gauge says it's empty even though it's got gas

  31. Wow! I have a 2009 Sonata that has had this issue for 8 months and I paid a mechanic $80 to replace some part to fix it and it was not fixed and check engine light has stayed on. Today, I filled it up with gas using the method of holding the pump nozzle UP instead of down and it filled the tank all the way with no problem and clicked off! Then low and behold, some miles down the road I notice that the check engine light is turned off for the first time in 8 months! MIRACLE!

  32. Left this comment on another video, but also applies here

     @max Brown  I have an Audi S4 and my evap purge valve was replaced by the previous owner probably because he didn't realize that the line was broken under the car, I got that fixed but unfortunately they had replaced it with a cheap China made evap purge valve and not an OEM Audi German purge, so now I'll be driving when I shift from first to second as soon as my RPMs hit 2500 that valve gets stuck and the car lurches forward, I've been told wrap has nothing to do with how the car runs….WRONG, I took the valve off and plugged the hose with my thumb with the engine running and my OBD2 running I watched my air fuel ratio when I took my thumb off, it went to 30:1 AFM yet commanded was still 14.7:1 and the car struggled to stay running, so this hear verified that evap has everything to do with how the car runs especially in my V8 Audi it's almost not drivable because of the pure power loss. Now I did notice when I bought the car the vacuum boot pressure was normally at 26psi, now ever since I've been having surging and evap codes pop up it's been sitting at 15psi at idle, after 8 months and -15° weather while owning this car, tonight I have finally 100% solved the mystery of the evap purge system, thanks for your video, you helped verify my theory!

  33. First off I'm amazed I was able to articulate what I was looking for second off your video was very informative and straight to the point thanks subscribed

  34. Oddly enough this happens at Costco gas but at Sam’s Club never happens. I don’t understand why.

  35. If the evap canister is not working…. why not just disconnect the hose? very, very cheap fix.

  36. Your Video is useless to anyone with a Toyota still being made. Own a 2000 Toyota Corolla and as you know the Evap. Canister is located under the car near the fuel tank. Just had it replaced in 2014 and was told it had to come from Toyota.369 dollars plus labor. It has top's 3 thousand miles on it. Having the same problem Fueling up. The Original went bad and tripped the check engine light, so i had my Mechanic do the fix and got raped for 473 dollars. From the day i got it back on cold starts i could smell fuel but it never tripped the light in the 3 thousand miles i drove it. So i always use the same gas pump and noticed the pump keeps shutting down,thought it was the Pump but it was not. My suggestion to you is to do the Demo on a Toyota still in production,you have everyone looking under the hood for something that is not there.

  37. Had this problem on a "95 F250, and several work vehicles that happened to be Ford trucks, and thought it was the way Ford designed the fuel tanks. Now having similar issue with a Grand Cherokee, so a quick search led me to this video. My question is, when you blow out the lines as shown in the video, where does the dirt or spider web or whatever go? Does it end up in the fuel tank, and eventually end up clogging a fuel filter?

  38. I've had this issue with brand new vehicles. I've concluded it's the poor design of the particular gas station nozzles. Some work great while others not at all and I have to hold it.

  39. One of the nicest and best personalities on YouTube and always knowledgeable. Thanks for your Channel always will support you.

  40. My canister is not clogged. When I blew air through the line from the tank, It blew gas out of my fill port. What does this mean? Lol i still have the issue after doing this.

  41. Hello Scotty I have a 2014 dodge Durango citadel model an the only way I can get it to take gas is by slowly pressing the gas pump trigger down other wise it won't fill up an it'll just spit back all the gas .. What is this issue from ?

  42. There are maybe only 3 gas stations I go to where I live, and I normally only go to the same pumps when I get gas there. When I use other pumps they sometimes do this, but the ones I normally use don't. It's the strangest thing. Awesome and informative video! Thank you!

  43. I have this happen to my 06 coupe g35 but it only does it at costco 91 please advise Scotty what could it be? It doesn't happen at other gas stations at all.

  44. And for those that Don't have a compressor Level up and get yourself one You can buy all types and sizes cheap and Air tool kits cheap And in the end saves you time and money

  45. Hi Scotty, if I take off the Evap cannister does gas leak out? Would I need to empty the gas tank first before taking off the hoses?

  46. This is happening to me whenever I try to top off my 1980, Triumph TR7. The gas pump shuts off at 3/4 tank. The car has two carbon canisters. I will try the air trick to see if it corrects the problem.
    Thanks Scotty.

  47. Hey Scotty I am having this exact problem but I have one question: what about all the stuff that is cleared out of the hose and goes into the gas tank? That can’t be good for the car

  48. You're not blowing anything out of that line with 80 PSI at best.
    You want to help people? Tell them they need a 500psi MINIMUM and to pay for something that will WORK.

  49. Is it possible to use computer air cans for this task and also it looks like I could use this can air with tip attachment to blow the canister with some precision getting tip in canister but could this work

  50. I had to change the charcoal cannister, thinking that was the problem, which also changes the leak detection pump, attached… but didn't fix problem, any other ideas?

  51. Why is it that my car does this and then when I go to turn it on, it starts to stall? I have to give it some gas for it to start, do you think that will fix this issue as well?

  52. That was probably the best instructional video I ever saw! And i'm not even that high

  53. Iv been struggeling with this problem from day one since i bought my used car. Gonna check it out this week, and realy, i hope ur wright m8! Its so anoing when u stand there, trying the dmnd thing as fill as posible at the gas station, when u see people leaving who came in later than me. Gonna let u know,, ill keep in touch. Cheers from belgium

  54. Hey bud I am having this problem right now with my 87 trans am gta that gets lots of pressure coming from the tank when I drive the car for like a hour I hear my fuel pump starts making a loud whining noise and then my car will shut off and them I have to wait w while before I turn it back on

  55. THEN…fill a car with GASOLINE…THEN…Drink your desk moonshine like a real man..

  56. I used the moonshine to clean the Evap system. Makes a heck of a degreaser too.

  57. Theoretically , what would happen if you just disconnected the evap hose from the filler tube ? No inspections here in Michigan…

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