Fixing a Filament Flow Problem on CR-10 mini, CR-10 or Ender 3

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I've been beating my brains because of this problem with my Ender 3. I was so confused and discouraged with printing. I replaced the nozzle and everything was fine, but it started stringing, even on large prints. It was driving me crazy! Thank you so much for sharing this solution because you've saved me from so much aggravation!

  2. Anyone got recommendations for couplers and tubing for the Canadian amazon/ebay stores? It would be about $90 to ship the exact tubing and couplers linked on the US amazon site 🙁

  3. I've changed the couples and the tubing and I'm having the same problem he was but the new couplers aren't fixing it I just got my printer today anyone have any idea what's causing this I'm out of ideas

  4. I'm new to 3D printing, i just got my ender 3 pro at christmas, and i've had a few issues, most of them my fault. I THINK i've got most of them fairly fixed, however i can't be sure those issues are solved(Mostly bed leveling honestly) until i solve the primary problem.

    So whenever i try to start a print, the bed heats up, no issues. The nozzle starts to heat up, and once it gets around the target temperature, filament starts to come out of the hot end, the same as if it were printing, only not it's sticking to the corner of the bed, the home location, then it finishes heating and goes to print, leaving a glob on the corner and a string where it lifts to go and print, then instead of a clean print it just flops filament around making a big mess instead of doing a clean print. Usually when this happens i need to stop the print, then i clip off the filament, but it keeps extruding, so an option i have is to go into the settings and retract the filament a little bit, which DOES stop it coming out. However, when i want to try and print again, instead of extruding AT ALL it just, moves and doesn't spit out any filament. I've looked VERY closely and it doesn't look like it's feeding it in at all, so the nozzle is just moving and printing using imagination. Trying to go back to printing normally just causes that messy extrusion.
    Any solutions?

  5. You can prevent this from happening by printing this part and putting it on ur printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2994683

  6. "For Half a print."
    "For Half a print."
    "For Half a print."
    I was worried when will this ever end!?

  7. ty. realy helped me a lot. i found that best way to put nozzel in is to turn 1 turn back when you are all the way in. and then after you put PTFE turn the nozzel all the way in. i'm on 800m of PLA and it's working with no problems.

  8. I have a CR-10S and replaced the bowden tube as well as the couplers and nozzles and I am still getting under extrusion. Any ideas as to why? Are there any extruder adjustments that can be done?

  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, omg i was so racking my brain i am very new and i was not getting good prints at all, like you showed the fill was just lousy, i thought i had pushed the tube all the way in but nope and now my ender 3 pro is now behaving how it should i think. thank you again for this video.

  10. Thank you Thank you very much Sir, you really saved my day, for such long time I was having jammed filament/under extrusion issue for my CR-10 , I changed out many things till I don't know what to change next, it turned out I didn't insert the tube fully in …. Thank you again!

  11. I had similar problems on my cr10. It was a real head scratcher to what was going on. I gave the printer a birthday and it has been sweet ever since. Now I have some spares.

  12. wow OK i thought it was a setting problem on my part but i couldn't figure out why i had stringing and under extrusion so this must be it ill check this out, thanks for the tip.

  13. Your troubleshooting videos are great. Thanks for posting this. I'm just afraid that last time I watched one (broken solder joint on the hot end thermistor) it was only days before I had the same issue! I hope that doesn't happen again… 🙂 Luckily by then I knew what to do.

  14. This was a great video. I was noticing the same thing in my prints. Definitely giving you a follow. Thanks for this.

  15. saved me a lot of time!
    Not enough good videos on the CR-10 Mini – Thank you!

  16. Been printing on new ender 3 pro for few days now… I'm convinced this is my problem, gonna order capricorn kit today.

  17. Dude, I've joined the 3D printing club a few weeks ago and info like this is really helpful. Your videos remind me a lot about "Ask This Old House", and I mean that in a good way.

  18. My Ender 3 does this, but there is no way that PTFE tube will go through my hot end when the nozzle is removed. Did they change the design? It looks like there is a ~2mm hole off center that is going down to the nozzle. I can fit filament through even when cold and cleaned out, but no way is the PTFE tube going to go through.

  19. Thanks for this video! I thought it was a problem with the gear grip on my extruder motor but tonight my ptfe tube slid out of the locking clip and hot end exactly as you described. Gonna fix the locking clip asap! Chhers.

  20. You are a genius! Thankyou so much for this video! This is the solution to the issue I was having. Many thanks.

  21. I keep a short length if ptfe tube on hand for extrusion issues/partial blockages. My cleanout routine includes removing the nozzle & bowden tube from hotend & using the length of tube to make top through bottom passes through the hot end til no residue appears. Double check the bowden tube end for trash or deterioration & trim if needed. Reassemble & get back to printing. This practice has become a real time saver by covering all the bases for hotend related issues.

  22. Hey can you answer me a question? Barely got a CR10s & when I try to print the filament just sticks to the nozzle , doesn't stick to plate or anything it just drags the filament a long with it in tube .

  23. I’ve been having the same problem intermittently on my Ender 3. Going to check that immediately! I also have another issue that is bugging the crap out of me. Some of my prints will randomly jump 5mm or so in the y direction after printing 20 layers just fine. The finished print looks like someone sliced it into pieces and fanned it out onto the table. I am really puzzled by this, any guesses?

  24. It helps i think my coupling was bad factory moutned and i replace them with backup, and i printed this 🙂 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2994683 "
    Ender 3 pressure fitting fix

  25. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    I was pulling my hear out cuz I couldn't figure out what was wrong 😭😫

  26. Great video explain the real problem , not just the symptom . I heard all the stories before and now i know one of the weak part in my printer .:-)
    I have original coupilings still print ok , but the problem will come sooner or later . Thanks for a great video .

  27. Thank you for sharing the process & proposed fix. Exact same symptom after a couple of months. Great video

  28. I've got this same issue… I've check the tube, nozzle, and locking clip… but I'm getting the same issue.. what would you check next??

  29. You just fixed months and months of frustration and fury! Thanks. The coupling had never ONCE occurred to me as a problem!

  30. Great video! I especially appreciate that you show each step of troubleshooting that failed. Thanks!

  31. I have just ordered my first i3 clone 3d printer a Creality Ender 3 and have watched all your Ender 3 videos so hopefully, I will have my printer running to the best of its potential thanks to your videos!

  32. Thanks for making this video, it's very helpful! I am curious though, ever since I upgraded to an aluminium extruder, I get shavings around the extruder. I figured it was just because it was rubbing up against the metal but according to your video here, it has something to do with a potential problem in the hotend? Is there something I should be looking for that's causing it? I've already replaced my couplers on both ends and my nozzle but am I missing something?

  33. Had my Ender 3 for 2 days and have 20 hours of printing time on it. Just looked a the coupling and it is not working. I did know about this issue and used the supplied coupling spacer which is did work in making it snug. But well it seems like the Ender 3 supplied coupling only lasts 20 hours or less.

  34. Great video. I've ordered and waiting the delivery of an Ender 3 pro. You're not the first person to mention the bad locking coupling so I think I'll order replacements right now and use them instead of the supplied set

  35. I was having the same problem. But after I did the cleaning and uncloging process my Ender3 still have some gaps on the objets. I don't know how to solve it anymore.

  36. I had the same symptoms with my printer, but sadly, I have a different unknown issue. Guess I'll keep on looking for a fix

  37. Nice list of things that were not the cause 🙂

    I had this problem and traced it to the screw that holds the tension arm onto the extruder being too tight. It's the screw in the top of the extruder, right next to the Z leadscrew, around which that sprung arm pivots. With it too tight, the tension arm binds a little and the spring can't apply the proper force to the filament, so it silently slips a little, and you get occasional but gross under-extrusion.

    Backed it off a 1/4 turn and it prints perfectly now.

  38. I'm having issues with the coupling where i need the tube to slide more into it, but the darn thing wont budge at all. no matter how hard i press down on it, it wont close enough for me to move the tube. Any advice?

  39. I am getting these weird artifacts kinda like the one in this video but only for prints that are in a cylinder/circle shape. I have done what it says in this video and its not the problem with my ender 3. I went into my slicer and messed around there and still nothing. Any advice my main man Chuck.

  40. This is Grant from Norway, thanks for the info. I was struggling with this with my Cr-10

  41. Mine doesn’t even print anything, if it does it’s like a 26mm line and the part that extrudes the filament gets stuck on the right side and when it tries to move, it ticks trying to move further can I get some help?

  42. yeah these stupid couplers broke on my CR-10S in the second week…I ordered the ptfe tube kit from T3HD…waiting for it to arrive

  43. The problem I had last night on my new Ender 3 was that I replaced my tube and coupler with a new better coupler and Capricorn tube but the set screw on the heat brake tube was set so tight that my Capricorn tube could not push down to the top of the nozzle. I was getting clogs and a huge mess of particles up on the extruder teeth up near my PLA spool. I took the whole thing apart last night. Fun. It’s running great now. I sure do appreciate this channel.

  44. Would you recommend this fix or going to a direct drive system?

  45. I could print a calibration cube flawlessly and then start a big print and the layers barely stick together. THANK YOU.

  46. OMG, I LOVE YOU!!!! This solved ALL MY ISSUES! Literally have a brand new printer again!

  47. hey Im having an issue similar any way I can send you some pics and maybe get your input? mine are a little different but Ive done all you did as well. replaced all that stuff already as well and still having the issue..

  48. Excellent video- extremely clear and well presented – so much better than so many of the other gash videos on the Tube. Really professional videos and a joy to watch

  49. I am having this exact problem with my Ender 3, I am currently trying your solution, I hope it works!!!

  50. Had a all metal hotend doing this so I resided to drill throught the cool area at the start. Up my z axis start extruding sweet. Then it did the blob of death and no fillament at all. Have ordered new cr10 hotend back to stock. Have capcorn but I think it is chinese stuff. Will now order locking screws.

  51. I have a brand new Ender 3 coming tomorrow and for anyone else buying it, I suggest replacing the lock mechanism he mentions. It is a flaw in the product and will save you countless hours trying to solve. Get a new Coupling.

  52. Hi Chep, you came highly recommended, I am a newbie had my printer almost 16 months and just starting to print.. how I am having a slight issue with my first layer and a tab bit over hanging glops of filament. Is there another way I could contact you to show you pictures in attempt to get this matter resolved if you could help me please? Thanks

  53. new to 3d printing gettting cr10 enlarge view of intermitent flow may help uunderstand what you are talking about please !!!!

  54. Low quality fittings will do this. I strongly recommend SMC push-connect fittings.

  55. Thanks, for detective work. Cannot know it all with 3D printing. I glad we have good resources to help us fix our 3D printing problems. Keep up the great reviews.

  56. at least I know now where the issue lies, was ready to blame it on new filament from a different vendor as this change coincided with the problems. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  57. Chep, I had all of the same symptoms and was looking at this to see if it could be the problem. I took off the bowden tube to see if the coupler was the problem. It seemed ok and I ran some filament through it (with the coupler off) just to make sure that it was working. At that point I noticed that the filament would just stop occasionally (when the extruder was turning). I came to realize that the teeth in the brass extruder drive gear was clogged and not gripping the filament at that point. Cleaned out the teeth and it works great. It might help some of your viewers to check that. Thanks for the video – even though it wasn't my issue, I'm not sure I would have ever found my problem without it.

  58. Amazing thank you so much. Was going mad with my CR10S. New tube and fittings delivered next day and quick to replace. Now printing like a dream.

  59. I'm having the same issue up until you talked about the clump you pulled out. I know my Bowden tube is seated properly but I'm still having the issue, usually about halfway through the print. What else could it be?

  60. Thank you for this video, I have been having all kinds of skipping and stringing issues lately and have not been able to figure it out, it wasnt until you showed the pulled out filament that was difficult to pull out and had the glob at the end that I realized I might just have the same problem as shown in your vid. I have ordered the parts you recommend and hopefully it solves my issue so I can get back to printing!

  61. Thank you, and same problem here, hope it will fix the printing problem.
    But I already found a melted tube inside the push-in fitting / hot end

  62. I think I have the same problem, I tried 5 brands of filaments, changed my nozzle 10 times, changed the extruder, if this works, then I owe you.

  63. I have a cr10 that stops the extruder at exactly 15.2 mm up from the floor on the last outer shell then restarts again. Also the extruder stepper is really hot. This issue repeats itself consistently on my torture test. What could this be. I’m using Simplify.

  64. Been having this precise issue and thank you so much for posting this! It's been driving me insane replacing everything except, typically, the wretched coupler! It seemed so impossible to track down that it really disheartened me and was causing my Ender 3 to start gathering dust. Thank you for solving this dilemma!

  65. i learned a lot even i dont have a printer now, thank u ! If anyone still don't understand, i suggest watch installation of nozzle in CREALITY

  66. Oh my freakin' gorilla! This problem just started a few weeks ago and I could not figure out what was the problem. Thank you so very much, it would have taken me so much longer (than the time I've spent already) trying to figure out what the hay is going on.

  67. man I tried to print a gear with ender 3… the surface of the teeth are really poor…. I try to reduce the speed… to 25 it helps but stilll the surface has lot of small holes…like the print do not full fill every part…. I have used 6 shell layers… and still not good…

  68. A really thin and sharp knife will also cut the PTFE nicely, I use a nr. 11 scalpel.

  69. Dear Chuck,

    I bought an ender ceality 3 pro like 3 days ago, I managed to get one correct print, everything after that comes out linke sloppy hairy strings, Now the bed is leveled, the extruder cogwheels are cleaned, the PTFE tube is all the way up to the nozzle, I have changed the filament (Filament that came with the creality for storebought filament), tested at various temperatures, at various speeds, and what not. But every print of the Dog I try to make here is what happens, the raft sticks to the bottom aas it should but it liiks like it is made of timy little strings very thin like cobwebs, then when the raft is finished it starts to print but still cobwebs on to cobwebs on to cobwebs, I have tried heating from 195 degrees Celsius to 215 in intervals of 5 degrees, I have done the same with the bed But stopped at 55 degrees since the raft sticks to the bed, I have tried the lower the cooling since it might cool to fast, I am at my wits end here, have you ever encountered this or anone you know because the internet is deadsilent on this.

  70. My coupling works too well it does not event let the ptfe tube move even when the tab is pressed down

  71. Once again your videos made fixing my Ender 3 Pro a breeze. My coupling was fine but I had a hole in the capricorn tubing. A little snip and everything is working perfect again. Thanks once again 🙂

  72. Awesome Chuck! My cr10 just started doing this after 2 years, gonna try that

  73. Hello Chuck,
    I guess similar problem here, please help. Creality 10s pro. I was printing a pyramid with PLA+ filament (temperature recommended 205 to 225). It printed the raft well, but the above print got loose or something, and it got caught with the nozzle and extruded a big jumbled birds nest stuck to the whole moving part (ofcourse when I was away). Some of the extruded filaments got into the fans too. I cleared it up. Fans running good.
    Now, I am not able to extrude as well as retract the filament. Just a small blob comes out when I heat the nozzle, thats it. I try to pull or push the filament by releasing the clutch manually. I tried to retract the filament through the menu. It comes out around 10mm and springs back in.
    I removed the blue coupling lock and press down to unlock and pull the tube, it doesnt come out either. I havent unscrewed the nozzle or removed anything yet. Just cleaned the external mess.
    Can you please guide me what should I do? Thank you for reading 🙂

  74. Hey Chep, have you got a video explaining how to change to a Capricorn tube in the Ender 3?

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