Fixing the terrible Kickstand on the Nintendo Switch

(clunking) – My kickstand has been
essentially useless since just a few months
after getting the damn thing. It wasn’t even strong enough
to hold the Switch up anymore. I think it was because I replaced the back of the Switch once and maybe that loosened it up somehow, that was a terrible look anyway. Regardless I know a lot of people have the same problem that I have and I’ve been wanting to
make this video for awhile. I found some things that will
fix my flimsy kickstand issue. One of them is easy and one
of them is a little harder, but we’ll see which one is best for you assuming you have the same problem, or maybe you lost yours or maybe you just wanna prevent it
from happening in the future. (video gaming shooting) It’s probably not your fault that your kickstand got crappy. It’s a flimsy piece of plastic so after awhile it just
kind of looses its rigidity. The kickstand is held in by this little bracket inside the Switch. It sits behind the back of the housing. It’s meant to hold the kickstand in with light pressure from the sides, but after extending the
kickstand out over and over, or perhaps ever more damaging, taking the kickstand out over and over, this piece loses that pressure or maybe the socket
wears down, I don’t know, but a combination between
this piece getting crappy, or maybe the ball joints on
the kickstand getting crappy, your Switch is gonna start to do this. (clunking) So we have here the Nyko
kickstand triple pack and this generic one made by YOOWA. The YOOWA one comes with a little piece that goes on the inside
and requires some assembly. It’s not too invasive it
just requires a wide-tip 0, and a 00 Phillips-head screwdriver. I expected the YOOWA, sorry, I expected that one to work better since it comes with the assembly piece, but we’re gonna try both
because you never know. Nyko used to sell a metal one, but I don’t see that for sale anymore so this plastic triple
pack will have to do. It comes with a black stand, a clear one, and an atomic purple. Unfortunately the atomic purple doesn’t look as cool as it sounds. I just went with the regular ole black. You definitely don’t need three, I don’t know why it comes with three, but it’s only $13 so it’s
not much more expensive then any of the single
ones that are out there. Maybe if one gets loose eventually you can swap it out for
one of the other colors. The back has this weird bump on it. It allows you to fit an
extra micro SD card in there. This is a cool idea, but mine got stuck and was a bitch to get out so probably just don’t do that. Anyway, the important thing here is whether or not it
actually fixes the issue and I was shocked to find out that it did a really good job. Installation is as easy as snapping it in and it fixed my issue entirely. It doesn’t fall over like it used to and when I do manage to
knock the Switch over the kickstand doesn’t
fly out like it used to. I don’t really like how the back juts out, I kinda wish it was flush, but that’s such a minor detail for something that
fixes my problem so well and so cheaply and so easily. So I would definitely
recommend this Nyko one. Maybe give one to a friend
and hold on to an extra one just in case it gets loose again? I could’ve just left it there, but I had to see if this
YOOWA one fixed the problem, I’m sorry, it sounds so much
better when you yell it. This wouldn’t be a very interesting video if I just gave you one solution, I gotta try ’em all out, you know. This kickstand requires a
little bit of extra work. It does not come with any tools so you’d have to provide them yourself. It does come with these
ugly joystick grips which are dumb and useless. I use this, iFixit screwdriver set that has more then enough tips for any electronic you might have. The four screws in the back of the Switch are Y-0 tips, the rest are Phillips 00. The instructions are very easy to follow. This isn’t a tutorial so
just follow the pictures and make sure you put the
screws in a safe spot, not haphazardly placed on the table like I did. If one of your screws feels stripped, or you have a particularly
hard time getting it out, try using a rubber band
to help fill in the gaps, or maybe it’s just as simple as using a bigger screwdriver, that made me feel a little stupid. This kickstand is plastic, but the piece that goes
into the back of the Switch is metal, so this whole
thing is an upgrade. I made a pretty big mistake when I was trying to install this thing. I was trying to remove the assembly from the kickstand itself, I was trying to pry them apart which is how you remove the
kickstand from the back plate, but that’s apparently not
how you install this one. Oh, I’m stupid, it all stays as one piece. You just slip it through this hole here. In trying to pry it apart
I might have slightly bent the assembly making it looser so to fix this I just mashed it closed and that actually worked. It’s not a stupid idea if
it works, remember that. (upbeat music) So, this kickstand will also
fix your problem pretty well. Mine was still slightly
flimsier then the Nyko one, but it also does the job just fine. I like this because it looks like the normal stock Switch kickstand. The little rubber bit on the bottom is of lesser quality,
otherwise it’s just fine. This took me probably less
than 10 minutes in total to do, it really wasn’t that hard, but I probably would’ve
just stuck to the Nyko one. This YOOWA one, I’m sorry, this one, cost about $11 so it’s $2 cheaper then the Nyko one, you need to provide your own screwdriver and it takes about 10 minutes to install, which isn’t a lot, but it’s a lot more then the one second then the
Nyko one takes to install. You know upon further review they actually have ones on
Amazon that are the same thing, but they come with the
screwdrivers for a few bucks more and also it looks they’re
all the same generic ones except for the Nyko one. The Nyko one felt more rigid, which doesn’t make much sense to me considering that the other one replaced the whole inside assembly. Either I bent it or maybe it’s just, just know that once this one is in there you’re not gonna be able to snap it off you have to unscrew the
whole thing to get it off. But like why would you
wanna remove it anyway? I think the only reason that
it’s removable on the Switch is so that you don’t break it off. It would be pretty easy for a
child maybe to break it off. If I smash down on it right now it would probably break off
so you just don’t do that. I used to not be able to go like this, to like wake up my screen,
and now look at that. How awesome is that? So I would say, get the Nyko one unless you want it to look
like a stock Nintendo Switch, and you have the tools
to install it yourself. Amazon links to all the
things that I talk about will be in the description
below as always. Now I finally get to play my Switch in tabletop mode again, yay,
I’m never gonna do that, who am I kidding. So what do you guys (hands clapping) think about the Switch kickstand? Is yours getting crappy, is this something that fixes your problem, or is yours just fine? Leave it in the comments below. I be on Twitter and any
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as you did, that’s great, congratulations to you, and share this video with a friend, a friend who might have a
flimsy kickstand, help ’em out. Thank you guys very much
you guys have a good week.

Bernard Jenkins

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