Food Waste Innovators wanted! REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest Call for Submissions

Could food waste be the next European crisis? 20% of food is lost or wasted in Europe. The UN estimates that globally this figure
is closer to 30%. Today food has taken to the streets in several
European capitals to protest against what they are calling staggering amounts of food
waste. We now take you live to Tom Ato, who is at
the scene of the protests. These European food products have come out
to show their frustration. They are tired of not being used and are demanding
employment opportunities in the food chain. For these food products, no solution can come
too soon. As a reaction to the protests, the EU project
REFRESH is asking innovators across Europe to submit ideas to a Food Waste Solution Contest. Submissions will be accepted until November
30th. Viewers can find more information about the
contest online at eu-refresh.org/contest

Bernard Jenkins

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