Bernard Jenkins


  1. Omg I’m friends with Issa. I can’t believe this happened to him and I hope everything gets solved

  2. Penn State is the dirtiest football program in the country.

    It shouldn't even exist.

  3. Makes no sense because he’s blaming Micah and Micah is a sophomore today he isn’t an upperclassmen till next year

  4. What parent in their right mind would sign off on a NLI for their child to go to PSU..

  5. Imagine being a fan of this school. And they still think joe pa was innocent

  6. I mean it ain't like Penn State haven't been in trouble in the last 10 years…

    Oh wait…of course they have

    When will they get there shit together.

    Sounds like a school that is absolutely rotten to the core

  7. If this is true criminal charges need to be filed and the players involved expelled too and also anyone else involved.

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