Forum Office Solution

The office used to be the only place you
could ever work from. You were tied to your desk. Company announcements were paper memos. And the best way to correct a document was with whiteout. Thankfully, the modern workplace runs in the cloud, on apps, from inboxes and on the go. But to make the most of your staff, your customers and your bottom line, you need up-to-date systems that access, sync and share information instantaneously. You need systems that can make calls at the lowest cost and ensure your staff
can be contacted on any device. If your customer data is priceless
and your calls are valuable, then the right solution is a necessity. And just like whiteout, the days of large upfront costs and dated systems are over. Forum Office combines IT solutions, equipment and support in a subscription. For a monthly per seat fee your desktops, software, storage, phones, conferencing, and data security can be taken care of by one provider. And you can be assured that
your valuable data is stored in Australian data centres with local support 24 hours a day. Forum Office is the modern workplace. Everything you need to run your business better, for a simple monthly fee. Forum. Your business. Just better.

Bernard Jenkins

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