Forza Horizon 3 – Unable to join session PC FIX

That’s why we can’t join online session Navigate to Services And search for “IP Helper” Click RMB on it and click “Restart” Now we should be able to join the online session Yeah! Stuttering because of the high CPU usage :/

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Thank you, worked great. Restarting the IP Helper service is not mentioned in any of the Troubleshooting steps I've seen, only that it is set to Automatic.

  2. I have that same problem on Forza Motorsport 5!… "Unable to join the session"… 🙁

  3. I had this problem twice now and both times this video did the trick for me. Thanks a lot!

  4. THANKSSS!!! Leute wen ihr es nicht findet ist es kein wunder es heißt auf Deutsch: "IP-Hilfedienst". Was ihr jetzt machen müsst da es bei euch auch wie bei mir Deaktiviert war:
    1. Rechtsklick 2. Eigenschaften 3.Auf Starttyp 4. Automatisch und dann ist es Aktiviert und es funktioniert.

  5. Bei mir funktioniert es nicht, die Serververbindung ist immer noch blokiert

  6. nice!!!! tnx 😀
    finally someone can help me 😀 😀 😀 appreciated 😀 ;D

  7. hello 😀 i've same problem to, the connectivity is blocked. then i've try this method and still blocked.
    so i've found the solution for me, and hopefully work well with you too guys.

    First, go to service setting (Cortana > Services), make sure all the setting like this.
    IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules – Automatic (Trigger Start)
    IP Helper – Automatic
    Xbox Live Auth Manager – Manual
    Xbox Live Networking Service – Manual

    And then, Restart all of them one by one. it's work for me 🙂

  8. hey bro with what program do you record videos? and can you give me your settings on program. MyDiscord-GalaxyRanger#2005

  9. Do I need to do this everytime I turn my pc on and want to play?
    Thx for the vid, btw, it worked.

  10. Thank you so much! I got the game yesterday, and it worked. today it just started doing this. Thank you so much!

  11. Solution 2 helped me. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/social/troubleshoot-party-chat

  12. This worked for me https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/social/server-connectivity-xbox-app-displays-blocked


  13. it works you have to search for IP Helper or in german it was IP-Hilfsdienst so search for something like that

  14. i can't handel this anymore. Why doesn't it works for me. Always me tho.

  15. kinda late as online worked perfectly for me before but I had this issue for some time now and it works now, thanks a lot bro

  16. I have all dlcs but i didnt see hot wheels map i have also blizzard mountain but it didnt work they asked me to buy i have vip membership treasure map others…nothing is unlocked and work how to fix them all??

  17. guys i figured it out 😀 😀 took so long but i finally got it if this doesnt work which it didnt for me what you need to do is this
    go to cmd RUN IT AS ADMIN!!! type "netsh interface Teredo set state disable" this will disable teredo which wont really do much it should just say ok
    next restart your pc
    after that run cmd as admin type "netsh interface Teredo set state type=default" This reinstalls teredo automatically
    your welcome.

  18. This video fixed the Teredo qualification issue for me, however afterwards, my server connection was still blocked. I fixed that by making sure every Xbox service was running in services. Hope this helps someone

  19. did the same thing you showed in the video and could not find "pomoc IP" any suggestions ?

  20. try this

    open cmd as admin

    netsh interface teredo set state disable


    open cmd as admin

    netsh interface teredo set state type=default







    now it chould work

  21. Same problem in Forza Horizon 4. Xbox console test looks fine, but it's not working

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