FTP Part II: Troubleshooting

(upbeat music) – So returning to connecting real quickly, we’ll talk about troubleshooting. Most people get stuck at
this part, connecting. If your account is being
run on a domain of one’s own instance, be sure that your
school has FTP enabled. Be sure you’re spelling the
host and username correctly. Also, the host should be the
name of your primary domain, if you’re using your default FTP account. Connecting under this
will give you access to any add-on domain, or
subdomain files, you have. As for the password, if
you’re pasting it in, be sure that there are no special
characters tagged on to it. Depending on which document
you’re pasting from, it may carry over special
characters from the document, such as bullet points. If you’re in doubt, it may be worth just typing it out by hand. If you go this route, be aware that people often switch up
capital O’s and zeroes, as well as lowercase L’s and ones, so these cases require
some extra attention. As for the port, if you’re connecting via SFTP, it needs to be 22. And remember, you can only
use port 22 and SFTP, if you’re connecting using the credentials from your default FTP account. If you want to connect
via regular FTP, or if you’re using the
credentials from another cPanel account that you’ve created,
you need to use port 21. You also may find that you’ve
connected a couple times, maybe got some of your credentials wrong, and you’re sure that you’re
getting them right now, but it still won’t let you in. If you try to connect too many
times in a short time span, then your IP will
basically be blacklisted, and you won’t be able to
connect to the server, whether you’re using the
correct credentials or not. To be removed off of this IP blacklist, you can contact Reclaim
Hosting support staff within your client area along with any other
questions you might have. (relaxed music)

Bernard Jenkins

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