FX Robotix Trading Results & Fx Robotix Registration Fix (DAMN)

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Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hey guys, contact me via email address [email protected] if you make a deposit through my link and you have issues, ill try to help out

  2. I have iq option can you tell me how i can manually trade? Iq option offers a free demo account and you don't even need to deposit money. Can you make a video on this platform and show how to manually trade with iq option, please.

  3. Hey, thanks for the video.

    I signed up but wasn’t happy with the broker I was given (Excentral), had a really bad experience with them and in the end I withdrew my money and got charged an £80 withdrawal fee 😪

    I want to sign up to FX Robotix again (using your affiliate link) but it gives me “unknown error 12”. I am using a different email address etc and I’m based in the UK. I’m also worried they might give me another bad broker 🙁

    I will keep trying over the next few days but for now, it won’t let me sign up

  4. Its not available in the philippines im waiting for it to open here in my country.

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