Galaxy S2 Repair Disassembly & Assembly | Screen Replacement

Bernard Jenkins


  1. this is the second time i use one of your video to repair a phone. there is no better way to do it, it's perfect even for beginner like me, thank you so much

  2. Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the sensors? I've got (severe) water damage, but incredibly the only things that have stopped working are the accelerometer (KR3DM) and the magnetic field sensor (AK8975). I just don't know where they are!

  3. thanks so much! got my old phone back! lost a couple of screws in the process though haha

  4. It is rewarding and informative to have a person who obviously knows what they are talking about and who has the knowledge to calmly explain what they are trying to achieve. A most professional presentation. Thank you and congratulations.

  5. thanks so much !! now I don t need to go to a service station,  I had a broken screen kinda like yours and I replaced it exactly like in the steps u showed in the videos,  now It s workin like brand new !!

  6. god, so there is no way to change the "shiny" frame without removing everything and changing that piece of metal?

  7. Guys, don't try to replace just the case parts. You can easily broke your screen 😛 Now I need to spend extra 45$ 🙁 Why nobody tell us how to replace just the case? Without broke the screen?

  8. Excellent. Couldn't be clearer. So much better a video than some of the others that are about.

  9. Hello. Thank you for your video, it was very helpful. But you say you do not need the adhesive circulating the display, what can happen is leaking light of the button to the screen. In some cases it may be worse. I bought a 50usd screen and I was not satisfied with the installation because of the lack of a $1 adhesive. I cleaned all waste and even then the screen went high, loose on top of the cell. It was a poorly done deal. Can get dirt on the front camera after some time of use. As it was loose in the lower buttons. If you press hard, feel the screen gets downl, loose. Again, it was something badly done. Then do NOT SAY it is not necessary as it is required .. now, I can not take off the screen to correct this, it will be like this forever.

  10. Thanks for the calm clear voice. My ears hurt from the other videos full of high-pitch voices and bad audio recording.


  12. May all the information carried in PLoS my phone samsung galaxy s2 Anik hot yaci carried in PLoS carried in PLoS may help.

  13. i have an S2 that won't turn on. i have pics saved on my internal phone storage. is there anyway to retrieve them? thanks…

  14. I only want to change the back cover (first 2 mins) but got transfixed and watched the whole video.
    Well done!

  15. Good video, thanks – I needed just to check how the display assembly and some parts are set. My glass is loose on the upper edge, causing proximity sensor to fail and the glass in front of the camera gathering dust. Need to clean and tape it back down.

  16. Sometimes you can change the electronics instead of replacing the display: if you happen to get an extra S2 with ok screen, you can swap the motherboards (and the stickers with IMEI code, and charging port etc. other components depending on what you need). Much easier than changing the display! Of course, the old functional phones are usually pricey, but it's a good to keep this in mind 🙂

  17. thanks mate i found your tutorial easy to follow and your spoken instructions clear and precise unlike so many others

  18. Wonderful video. Followed step by step and got my screen replaced by myself. Thank you so much .

  19. The best how to video I have watched for repairing mobile phone 😀

  20. hi +LE55ONS
    my galacy s2 is brocken screen and he dosen turn on is same probem on the video ?

  21. Please, where does one find a screen for a SHV-E120L (I think an obscure S2model, bigger than an S2 Almost as big as an S4 65.79mm x 130mm/ 2.590" x 5.118")…? Thanks in advance.

  22. Hey thanks for the detailed video.
    Question: Can I do this to replace the housing? My screen is working but I want to replace the damaged housing. I'm only worried about the double side tape on the screen, when I take it off will I be able to put the same screen back on again?

  23. I watched this a few times before pulling mine apart; a different but kinda similar but obscure model. Then I had to find a screen (that was the hard part). New screen arrived today, and now it works fine, I'm stoked at how easy it was- thanks buddy

  24. How do I change the screen and touch to another case, without breaking the touch?

  25. dear sir,my Samsung galaxy S2 is not starting.when I put to charging no indicator on screen.I tried replace battery but that also not starting phone.i want to replace the bottom circuit board with usb but where can i purchase the new circuit board.

  26. Thank you so much for making this video. I've watched it (and replaced) 2nd time now and it's such comprehensive and easy to follow video that even non-technical person like myself can easily follow. I'd give you one more thumbs up but youtube doesn't allow me. Thank you so much mate one more time!!!

  27. bonjour grâce a vous j ai remplacé la vitre plus le cadre de l entourage merci encore

  28. Thanks for the video, just fixed my Samsung Galaxy S2 X (T989D) after the digitizer broke. There were a couple of differences in the assembly compared to the S2 in your video but nothing I couldn't figure out myself. Cheers

  29. EXCELLENT vid man, looks simple and easy to replace the screen, plus you give LOADS of other useful repair info besides, pity ALL youtube vids weren't so clear and concise, perfect and simple explanation with no guff or "look at me, look at me" crap that one normally gets, congrats again on a superb, informative vid, keep at it 🙂

  30. sir when I was playing game my galaxy s2 switch off automatically and when I switch on it , it doesn't starts what to do?

  31. my phone has water damage i split a small amount of coffee on it it start doing weird shit opening apps without me touching it plus will not turn off! i turn the phone OFF and it automatically starts back up again without any help from me, so i thought id disconnect the battery and leave it for a week well its still doing the same shit so i opened up the phone am at the back of it i see the main board, i came here to see how you take the rest of it apart i wanted to try clean the sticky coffee out but wow i cant do this! i'll never get it back together 🙁

  32. just to clarify, the frame is not metal, it is black plastic, painted metallic, my old device the paint all chipped off of the frame, revealing the plastic, so wouldn't be too surprised all samsung devices are made that way..

  33. nice tutorial to Disassembly & Assembly | Screen Replacement galaxy S2 thanks guy!!!

  34. Top class instructions – clear video, clear audio instructions. Really useful unlike the ones with high speed video and heavy metal music without any verbal instructions. Great job. Many thanks.

  35. Someone knows if there is a way to recover the files in the internal memory? I mean, if it's possible to remove the respective piece and use in another device. I got two S2, one of them doesn't turn on, not even in recovery mode.

  36. Outstanding explanation. I need to do the repair but I'm not able to find on the web the spare parts, Screen and lcd, even in the link above. It doesn't work. Could someone help me??!!!

  37. Best instructions.Couldn't be clearer. Is the second time i use one of your video to repair a phone.Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. Very good video : ) Good macro shot, detailed and great explanation. Thank you very much.

  39. This has to be about the most amateurish repair job ever on Youtube. No electronics tech in their right mind would ever dissassemble an electronics device without first disconnecting the power supply, which in this case means removing the battery, for Christ's sake ! What an absolute looser !

  40. 😗😗😗☺☺😆😆😉☺😊💚👍👍👍👍👍💚❤💋👄👄💖💖💜👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖

  41. Question: I have two identical S2's. My daughter uses one as just a media device (videos I have put on the SD card) and the screen has taken on a good amount of damage. The second S2 has some weird power issues but just want it for the screen assembly. Can I just swap the main boards from the two units or are there other components that I need to swap in order to get her a working unit with a good screen? This will never be used as a regular phone and wifi is used only to occasionally update the media players. Thank you.

  42. Can you please point out on the Wi-Fi antenna? My Wi-Fi isn't working well, and I have a replacement. It would be appreciated if you can show where the Wi-Fi antenna is. Thanks ahead.

  43. … would have had no chance without your help. Brilliant helpquality – thanks a lot!!!

  44. its a very informative video an i like it but ->12:30 nope thats made of plastic… i learned the hard way

  45. Dear @LE55ONS! I followed your advice but the touchscreen detection is inaccurate, it misses the finger by nearly 1 centimeter. How can I fix that?

  46. Thank You for that Video, I just found You here. I got a damaged Screen and I'm Happy to find an old S2 to get my Phone fixed the next few Days hopefully.

  47. May i ask you i dissemble my s2
    And took the cameras when i assemble it they didn’t work can i send you picture of my s2 Board and tell me what is missing ?
    Is there any emails for you or gmails !?
    I Can ask about fixing because i wanna fix all my old devices

  48. Astonishing manual skills! Cool, calm and collected. Very professional. Congrats!

  49. Thank You so much for this very excellent instruction it was more than Helpful. Had only Problems to put that Antennacable back in, because of the bad Eyes of me in my Age. 🙂

  50. то есть без повреждения матрицы нельзя снять стекло т.к матрица дополнительно приклеена всей своей площадью к металлическому корпусу. печально.

  51. it is very difficult to insert the cable for home button and soft touch (6'.24") again, do you find it? please give me advice I can insert it only on one side 🙁

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