Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover Replacement – Fix and Repair

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the camera lens on your Galaxy S5. There’s no reason to ever have a cracked lens with
how easy this is. All the repair parts and stuff will be found in the video description
below so you can check that out if you need to buy the replacement lens. I’m going to
lift up underneath the plastic frame of the lens with my little tweezers here, you can
use a razor blade or a pry tool. Just kind of lift it up away from the phone. It’s held
down with some adhesive. Pull it away, and then this part, there’s really no pretty way
to do this. You just have to pull away all the little shards from the camera itself.
You do want to be super careful, however, to not touch the actual lens of the camera
underneath all the shards of the glass, because if you do scratch that up it’s a little harder
repair than this is. So as I’m pulling away all the glass I’m making sure not to accidentally
poke the eye of the camera with the tweezers. You also do want to make sure you get 100%
of the glass and dust out from the camera itself, otherwise your camera will have problems
focusing later on as you try to use it. I’m pulling the glass away from where the frame
will sit back down again. Pulling off the adhesive from the actual lens itself, setting
it down in the little square, making sure to press it all the way down with my fingers
so that it sits completely flush against the phone itself. You can see from this angle
here that it’s completely down inside of the little housing that it’s supposed to sit in.
Now that it’s all pressed in hard, I can pull off the protective plastic over the top of
the lens, and then the outer bracket or the outer housing does have some adhesive on it
as well. I’m pulling off the plastic that protects that adhesive. And you can see that
the tab on the silver part lines up with the little groove on the housing on the phone.
So I’m going to slip it down and that’s how you keep it oriented the right direction.
I’m pressing it down pretty hard just to make sure that adhesive is securely adhered to
the phone and is not going to pop off on me. Remember, all the replacement parts and tools
can be found in the video description below, so check that out. I’m going to pop the back
housing back on. And then you can see here that my camera is going to focus on my tool
kit and everything works perfectly. Anyways thanks for watching, if you have any questions
make sure to leave them down in the comments below. Don’t forget to like if this video
helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton for watching, and I hope to see
you around. And feel free to check out my Instagram.

Bernard Jenkins

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