Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work: Wall Control Troubleshooting

Hi, Wayne here with Sears PartsDirect. Today
we’re going to talk about what to do when your wall control doesn’t work on your garage
door opener. First, check the LED light or electronic display on the wall control. If
the light or display is off, check the garage door opener motor unit for power. Press the
Learn button on the motor unit and see if the light on the motor unit comes on. If the
motor unit doesn’t have power, reset the house circuit breaker for the garage door
opener electrical outlet. If that doesn’t work, you can test the outlet with a lamp
or small appliance. You’ll need an electrician to repair a bad electrical outlet. If the
electrical outlet works and you’ve ruled out all other power issues, but the motor
unit won’t power up, then you’ll need to replace the logic board. Here’s a link to
a video that shows you how. Now, if the motor unit has power but the wall control unit is
dead, then you’ll need to check the wiring between those two components. First, make
sure that the wall control wires securely connect to the motor unit. The white wire
connects to the white terminal and the white wire with the red stripe connects to the red
terminal. Then, check the wires connected to the wall control. Reconnect any loose wires
that you find. If you can see the path of wires between the motor unit and wall control,
take a look for any visible damage. Repair any damage that you might find. Here’s a
link for some replacement wiring. If you don’t find any wiring problems check the LED light
on the motor unit for a diagnostic code. Three flashes on this older chain drive motor unit
indicate a wall control wiring failure or a defective wall control. If you have a belt
drive or a newer chain drive garage door opener, the up-arrow flashes once before 3 down-arrow
flashes to indicate the same problem. Even if you didn’t find a wiring failure before,
you still might have damage in a hard-to-spot location. Let’s run a few more checks. The
following test will work on this particular type of wall control with a single LED light.
If you have one of these types, click here to skip to the next section. To test this
wall control, remove it from the wall and disconnect the wires from the back. Touch
the bare ends of the wall control wire together to see if the garage door opener moves. Touching
these wires together simulates pushing the activation button on the wall control. This
will tell us whether we have a break in the wires between the wall control and the motor
unit. If the door moves, then you know that the wiring is okay because the motor unit
sensed the wiring connection. That means that the problem lies with the wall control and
you’ll need to replace it. Here’s a link to a video that will show you how. Now, if
the door didn’t move when you touched the bare ends of the wall control wires together,
then you likely still have a wiring problem. To confirm, we’ll use a jumper wire to bypass
the existing wall control wires. Disconnect the wires from the motor unit. Cut a 3-inch
strand of insulated wire to use as a jumper wire. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation off each
end of the jumper wire. Insert the jumper wire into the wall control terminals on the
motor unit to see if the garage door moves. We know there’s no break in this wire. If
the garage door works with the jumper wire, then you know there’s a break somewhere
in the wall control wiring. Replace the wires because they’re definitely defective. Now,
if the jumper wire didn’t work for you, then you’ve ruled out everything but the
Logic board. It will need to be replaced. Now we’ll show you how to test these other
types of wall controls. You’ll need a short piece of 2-strand test wire to connect the
wall unit directly to the motor unit, bypassing the existing wall control wires. Pull the
wall control off the wall and disconnect the wires from the back. Then, disconnect the
wall control wires from the motor unit. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation from the ends of each
strand of the test wire. Use the 2-strand wire to connect the red and white terminals
on the wall control to the corresponding terminals on the motor unit, white/red to red and white
to white. If the wall control lights up and works using the test wire, then you know that
the wall control is okay. Replace the existing wiring between the motor unit and the wall
control. You’ve confirmed that it’s defective. If the wall control doesn’t light up and work
properly, then the wall control or the logic board in the garage door opener is defective.
Diagnosing this type of wall control is more complicated than the single LED type. To know
for sure what the problem is, you may want to have a service technician check the garage
door opener. I hope that this video helped you out. You can find links to the parts we
talked about in the video description. Be sure to check out our other videos here on
the Sears PartsDirect YouTube channel. Subscribe and I’ll let you know when we post new ones.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I have a chain drive opener when I push wall control I get a beep noise and a yellow light on back of opener I checked the eyes seems like they re functioning any ideas?

  2. when I use wall switch garage opener it doesn't work. learn light back on motor is working. also when I use remote control opener it also work. could you please how to fix wall switch garage opener ? thanks

  3. My wall control has an off or auto switch on the side of the control. What does this do?

  4. my wall button normally is lit. it is now not lit and the push button does not open or close the door. however, the remote opener does open and close the door. do i assume my wiring from the opener to the button is broken somewhere? thx

  5. I tested my wall control using short wires going directly to the opener. That worked. When I put it back on the wall I noticed that I had not made a good connection previously. I had not fully stripped the insulation off of one of the wires. Thanks, your troubleshooting video was great.

  6. ADD. The problem may be that the plastic foam that acts as the "spring" for the wall control buttons has died. The inevitable failure of $.0001 of plastic kills the entire wall control.

  7. My wall controller led light doesn't work when installed on the wall. It still opens and closes and activated the lights on the main overhead unit

    When I hook up the wall control pad to the overhead unit using higher gauge wires the led bulbs lights on control pad and all works well?

    Could it be the existing wiring is faulty?

  8. I have to press the wall button over and over again and eventually the door will open.  I put new batteries in my remote openers and they will still don't work.  I was told that the sensor inside the garage door opener could possibly be burnt out.  Does that sound right?

  9. I have a 1/3rd horsepower craftsman garage door opener built 37 years ago powering my 16' garage door. It's finally giving out. my craftsman wrenches and socket wrench have been real troopers.
    can't say good enough things about craftsman. my next garage door opener will be a craftsman.

  10. When I use the wall control my light blinks three times, then my car receivers quit working. Re-program car receivers. They will work as long as I don’t use the wall transmitter.

  11. I have a wall control, the fancy LCD display, that will stop responding about one out of three or four times I walk into the garage and want to open the door. I know it has power, but fails to sense motion, or respond to the switch at the top to actuate the door. I've sometimes taken the cover off and touched the switches with both hands and it sometimes will wake up. Once I use a remote to move the door, the wall switch 'wakes' up and will respond normally. So it is very intermittent. I now have removed it from the wall and have tightened the wires at the terminals. The wires appear fine, they were the existing wires for the previous system, and that system never failed to actuate. I loved the video, it really has been a help. Crossing my fingers that the tightened connection works well.

  12. my garage door will only open with the remotes, the keypad outside and the wifi app. Cannot get the Led controlled push bar to do anything. Only installed by Sears in April and suddenly it says push control bar to open check owners manual for setup. if I close the door from the wifi app, the door beeps (approx dozen times) and the lights flash on the motor. Any ideas what the problem is. there is power to the smart control panel. Oh, and if I hold down the bar on the smart control panel, nothing happens

  13. I watch a lot of videos to fix things, you did a very good job. Your tutorial gave me the direction to successfully fix the problem. Just a loose wire. Thank you very much!

  14. We'll this stepped all the way around the problem.I'm having.. my wall button is a doorbell switch. My door opener will work from the controls on the opener. It won't work from the button or the remote..

  15. My garage door opens if I push the button on the motor. It opens when I push the wireless remote that I carry in my pocket. The wall mount doesn't work. I disconnected the wall mount and shorted the wires: nothing happens. I climbed up to the motor and removed the left-most red and white wires, then inserted some new Cat-5e (telephone/data wire) into the red/white, then shorted them out on the other end, twisting the bare wire together: The up arrow flashes once, then the down arrow flashes three times. The video says at 1:40 that it's a wall control wire failure or a defective wall control. How can it be a defective wall control or defective wiring when I'm using a 2-inch piece of wire at the motor?

  16. All instructional videos should be like this. Professional, easy to listen/watch, to the point and most importantly.. no dicking around or trying to be a comedian 👊🏼 keep up the good work!

  17. Thank you so much for this awesome video. I have a question, is it safe to short the wires as indicated in the video for all similar units? We have carftsman 1/2HP and it looks similar to that one show in the video. I want to test the unit to open/close the unit by shorting the connectors using a wire as explained. Is this always safe to do? Because we have Digital Ants Bluetooth device that needs to be connected to the wire inserts of the motor unit shown in the video. Is this compatible with the unit?

  18. After watching your video, I was to reset my electrical outlet and get my garage door working again. Thanks a lot.

  19. Just curious to know – what would happen if I put the wires in reverse into the motor? So red in white and white in red? Only reason I ask is my new motor doesn't have the colour codes so not 100% sure which wire to put in which port. It's an illuminated switch and have 4 ports to put in PB, GND, PE, and 24/36+. Thanks in advance!

  20. Would connecting the wires cause the motor to work in reverse. Closing instead of opening. The reason I ask it’s because the sensors should stop the door from closing and opening up again when it senses an obstruction. In my case it does the opposite, the sensor stops the door from opening and closes when it detects and obstruction.

  21. My doorbell type bottom appears to be in vacation mode. That is it is blinking. To take it off vacation mode I tried holding the button in for 3 seconds (still blinked) then ten seconds (still blinked) then thirty seconds (still blinked) , My question is, how do I get it off vacation mode ?? Thanks much

  22. My garage door only goes down a little ways and then back up flashing light ten times. little yellow light above purple square button flashes I believe 4 times after that. Both sensors green and yellow are lit up near the floor solid. A technician came out and wanted to charge me $195 to adjust and replace the sensors. Said the sensors cost $150. That's not what my research shows they cost. I declined. Is this standard sensor replacement?

  23. Thanks for making this video! Felt awesome realizing that the plug got loose so I plugged it right up and the wall control powered up immediately! But all in all, very informational video, Mr. Wayne!

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