Gemalto solutions for 5G networks

enter an area of omnipresent connectivity 5g is network on demand that adapt to each application by enabling multiple wireless network technologies in virtual networks beyond security and privacy 5g make very diverse needs for Speed latency kind of connectivity and energy consumption 5g will vastly enhanced broadband capacity enable applications that require real-time interactivity and connect billions of devices with long autonomy or low energy consumption in massive IOT a self-driving car could use data exchanged with other cars or the road infrastructure to react much quicker than a human driver with network latency below 1 millisecond a car running at a hundred kilometers an hour could react within 3 centimeters of forward movement when a human driver would need 30 meters actions like gathering food data managing inventory and secure replacing automated ordering relies on integrating proximity and wide area network with 5g network elements now move to the cloud running virtual functions more service providers get access to a wider range of devices and sensors to multiple solutions protect digital identities protect data in motion and at rest perform strongly user identification and end-to-end encryption in all parts of the network including 5g mobile core and mobile edge through security by designed for 5g Jim also built a chain of trust between service providers and end-users

Bernard Jenkins

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