Goodman Furnace Troubleshooting Codes

I need some help interpreting Goodman furnace
troubleshooting codes. I can help you do that. I am known as Miss
Furnace Fixer. Red lights, blinking lights, what does it
all mean? OK, there are several basic blinking codes
on the Goodman furnace. Some of the codes indicate that the furnace
needs attention, for instance one blink means an ignition failure. This could be a problem
with the gas flow, pressure valve, or sensor. 2 blinks equal a closed pressure switch. The
pressure switch could be stuck closed. What do the other blinks mean? 3 blinks mean the pressure switch failed to
close. I think I am getting 4 blinks. OK, with the situation on where you are getting
4 blinks, it means that the pressure switch that is located on the unit, failed to close. OK, I see. I think that may be what is happening. Sigh! I don’t like this! Just in case you are mistaken with the blinks,
and are seeing 5 blinks instead of 4, there is a indicator for that too. OK, what does 5 blinks mean? OK, what does 5 blinks mean? Rapid continuous blinking is an indicator
of a twinning response. You should not have to worry about that since you only have one
furnace. What do I do about these problems, furnace
guru? Well, you can try resetting the furnace, and
making sure you furnace filter is not clogged. You can also check the condensate reservoir,
if those things don’t work, you may need to call the dreaded repairman. That is OK, it only hurts once. I will try
to reset it first, and see what happens. I hoped I helped you with Goodman furnace
troubleshooting codes. You sure did. You are very knowledgeable.

Bernard Jenkins

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