Governor Peter Shumlin: to fix the health care system we need to spend less for better outcomes.

fact of the matter is, our outcomes are worse than the
countries that spend around us. We’re living not as long. We’re more obese. This is the first
generation of Americans that’s going to live less
long than their parents. So we keep spending
more and more money in a fee-for-service system
with lousier outcomes. So what I learned
the hard way is, you’ve got to do two
things simultaneously. You’ve got to find a way to
spend less money for better outcomes for healthier
lives, which isn’t very hard, and I say small shoes to
fill in our current system, because we tend to
reward providers who keep you a little
bit sick, not dead, because that doesn’t help, but
you know, a little bit sick, keep billing you,
fee for service. And they’re able
to pay their bills. Our system rewards quantity like
no other system in the world. It doesn’t measure outcomes.

Bernard Jenkins

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