Grinder Repair – Replacing Carbon Motor Brushes (Makita Part # CB325)

Hi, I’m Mark from eReplacementParts.com.
In this video, I’m going to show you how to replace the brushes in a Makita grinder. The brushes rub against the commutator on your grinder’s armature.
They’re responsible for transferring electricity to the spinning armature.
They’re made of carbon, and because of that, they will wear down with normal use. And eventually,
you’ll need to replace them. Replacing the brushes is easy to do, and I’m
going to show you how. Carbon brushes, as well as many other parts,
can be found on our website. Let’s get started.
I’ll begin by removing the side handle and the guard. Now I can remove the rear housing. It’s held in place with a single screw.
Now I’ll pull the brush spring away from the brush. Just pull it off to the side and
let it sit. Now I can remove the brush. I’ll pull the
connection away with a pair of pliers. And pull the brush from the brush holder.
Now I can install the new brush. I’ll slide it into the holder.
And reattach the wire to the brush holder. And I’ll replace the brush spring back on
top of the brush. Now I’ll repeat this process on the other
side. Now I’ll make sure the wires are tucked
out of the way, and reinstall the rear cover. And I’ll finish up by installing the guard.
And the side handle. And that’s how easy it is to replace the
carbon brushes on a Makita grinder. If you found this video helpful, be sure to
give us a thumbs-up. And leave a comment.

Bernard Jenkins

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