HD Industrial Design Tips & Tricks Series – Troubleshooting Leaks

Hey guys! Victor with HD Industrial
Design continuing our frequently asked questions series. How do we resolve leaks in the press. The most common leak that we found with our customers calling and
asking tends to be a dirty membrane. Over time a membrane will accumulate a lot of dust because of static. Particularly around the ceiling edge here it will stick to there and begin to kill the seal. A damp sponge does wonders for killing
static and picking up dust. You’ll find just doing that your seal
will greatly improve. It’s also a good idea to just go ahead and clean your membrane. It makes for a cleaner work area and it helps keep your membrane cleaner. When a press is finally assembled and ready for testing, we go through each and every press… before it’s packaged and so forth. We actually test the plumbing for
leakage. If there’s an issue there we’re going to repair it. We check the body for leakage then we test the entire press. Literally we take a mold
place it here with a membrane just like you see here and pull vacuum and test it. Our quality standard is no more than half an inch of mercury on the gauge in 10 minutes. Another thing to check is in the press itself is the port here. From the valve to here is several plumbing runs. A quick way of checking that is to start your pump. Plug this and your finger . Get a
good seal on there and open and close the valve and watch your gauge. If there’s a leak in the plumbing then it will show up on the gauge. Outside of those two things any other leakages you may be having for outside of the vacuum the
press itself. Between the pump and controller and the press. Those are the two most common leaks…
which the most common is the membrane just being dirty. once you clean that probably 95 plus percent of your issues will go away. Thanks guys for watching don’t
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Bernard Jenkins

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