Höchste Qualität von der Insel! | Daimon Barber Fixing Pomade Review | english subtitles

Hello guys I welcome you out of our PomadeShop headquarters in Ottobrunn and I will do another review for you today. But in fact not about a heavy oil-based pomade today I have to cover for Andy who is in hospital for a surgery. Greetings to Andy, I hope he’s watching our whole team wishes you to get well soon. Because of that I will do his part today and review a waterbased pomade. I’m not really a big fan of waterbased pomades I like the oil-based ones as you have seen but I will use one of my favorite waterbased pomades which are the Daimon Barber pomades which contain pretty capable ingredients for being waterbased the hair doesn’t feel dried out like it does with other waterbased products which I really like. And what I like most about Daimon Barber: the scent. I could simply eat it. If you know about an oil-based which smells like this please let me know – it’s just amazing. It’s hard to describe … sure it doesn’t smell that naturally it’s a more modern scent smells a bit like raspberries maybe a bit of vanilla – just perfect. Not too sweet, more dry. I’m really crazy about this scent. I will use the Fixing Pomade which is the heaviest by Daimon Barber because I need that strong hold we will see how firm it is in the hair in a minute. First I wet my hair with a hair tonic I agree with Andy that also a waterbased is easier to use in damp hair. Not too wet, just a bit. You see my hair is almost completely degreased I don’t but this pomade on top of an oil-based. It’s almost completely free of grease … so the performance of the pomade isn’t distorted because if you use a waterbased on top of an oil-based it will never dry out and harden. And that’s not what I want to show you today I want to show you how much it hardens if it fells like a helmet like other waterbased pomades do. My hair is damp now let’s see how it works now. The first scoop – very easy to scoop out it’s completely transparent as you see a classic gel-type pomade so scooping out works without any resistance. The jar is made of glass which looks more stylish than plastic. Rubbing it works totally easy it’s the strong hold of their waterbased products but so easy to rub and spreading it in the hair as well. Very simple … like you know it from waterbased pomades. Let’s see if i can get that height like with oil-based pomades … and if my hair will stick together properly that’s a problem for me from time to time … a second scoop … more to go … spread it everywhere … right up to the scalp … And I already feel that it doesn’t really harden. Other waterbased start to feel dry with the second scoop and this one doesn’t do that at all. It actually still feels like a classic oil-based pomade. My sides are my trouble spots … let’s see if the hair holds there. I think I still need some more … for the back. I’m not used to such degreased hair, I almost never have that so I want to get all the stuff in there nicely … It’s spread evenly now I clean my hands quickly … and then let’s check how it combs. As I said it hasn’t harden so far it still does not feel dry at all. I will check if I can get that height of my pompadour now … or if it isn’t enough hold … that’s not bad so far … I pull it a bit forward … With my thin hair the hold is actually enough I can get a nice height … But I think for difficult unruly hair – although it’s the heaviest by Daimon Barber – it might not be enough hold to get your hair straight. Something like a Layrite Super Hold which has a heavier and more sticky texture might be a better choice for that to get your unruly hair under control. But it works perfectly for me with my thin hair. It’s nice to shape but I got a small problem with my sides as it is not that heavy and sticky my sides stand up a bit I would usually add some other pomade there for a better hold. But basically I think it looks … quite fine. The shine … there’s a light shine as my hair is still damp but there won’t be as much when it’s dry. Typical for a waterbased not a crazy shine, just a light one. As I said what the Daimon Barber makes special: It doesn’t harden and dry out totally. You can re-comb it all day long it behaves like an oil-based pomade and it washes out easily – sure it’s waterbased. For me that’s why this product is outstanding I don’t like normal waterbased pomades which feel like a dry helmet I want my hair to stay flexible and soft and it does that with the Daimon Barber in it. Unfortunately Daimon Barber doesn’t have a super hold pomade like I mentioned for more difficult hair. There’s also the Classic Pomade, the Original Pomade – which is a bit softer. The Fixing Pomade is the heaviest but there’s still no super heavy hold to expect from it. But if you are looking for a waterbased pomade that performs like an oil-based the Daimon Barber pomades are the right choice. There’s also a clay pomade for a mat look … just an awesome waterbased pomade. I hope I represented Andy quite well and you are happy with me reviewing this waterbased pomade. After stealing the Bone Crusher from me last time this is actually quite fair. See you soon with other oil-based pomades greetings, this is Alex, bye bye.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Tolles review, wenn auch nicht mein fall. In mein haar kommt nir fett 😂. Gute Besserung dem Andy

  2. Tolles Video mal wieder. Bin auch mehr für die Fettbasierten.😃
    Ps: Gute Besserung dem Andy!

  3. Geiles Review 🤙🏼
    Würde gerne mal sehen wie bei dir die Fire and brimstone von lockharts liegt 😁

  4. Alle wasserbasierten „Pomaden“ sind quasi Gels. Das Feeling kommt einfach nie an eine echte Ölpomade heran. Auch unorthodoxe wasserbasierte „ Pomaden“ sind nur Marketing Gags. Hab fast alles getestet. Nix geht über das Echte 💆🏻‍♂️

  5. Hey Alex Top Video, nimmst Du beim waschen der Haare ganz normales Shampoo bei den Ölbasierten Pomaden?

    Gute Besserung Andy✌🏼

  6. Zunächst erstmal gute Besserung, Andy! Komm schnell wieder auf die Beine.
    Zum Review: Beneidenswert, wie du deine Tolle selbst mit einer WB hinbekommst, Alex. 👍🏻 Ich bin mit WB‘s nie ganz 100%ig glücklich geworden und bin irgendwann zum Glück bei den ölbasierten Pomaden gelandet. Ich würde mich über ein Review einer Pompy‘s oder einer DAX High & Tight Awesome Hold freuen.

  7. Ich nehm gern Wasserpomaden, weil ich einfach auswaschen will.
    Die Fixing ist auf jeden Fall super, hält auch meine dicken Haare.

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