Home Repair & Maintenance Tips : How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Lighting

Hello, my name’s Oscar Moreno with Moreno
Custom Home Visions and today we’re going to teach you guys how to troubleshoot fluorescent
lighting. Basic tools you’re going to need are just a simple pair of pliers, right here,
also you’re going to need your electrical tester, that should be right there, and, real
simply, just a multi screwdriver, that you’ll need as well. What you basically want to get
into is, we’re going to just test it real simply by going and buying new light bulbs,
installing those guys in place. If, for whatever reason, your fluorescent light doesn’t work
still, then we’re going to have to get inside of it so what we’re going to end up doing
is, again, removing our fluorescent lights and then after that, we’re going to find a
real simple clip that we use our pliers to turn a little bit, just one hundred and eight
degrees and it comes right out. Once you take that pin out you’re going to expose all the
wiring and the ballasts, don’t let that get too intimidating for you, it’s pretty simple.
Another step that you’re going to want to go through is making sure all the wire leads
are hooked up to each side of the fluorescent light fixture. Once you’ve determined that,
we can go with the next step to see if everything is working properly with the ballets. With
the ballets we’re going to end up removing it and taking it out and replacing it. Once
you’ve done that you, pretty much, have a brand new fluorescent lighting in there. Another
important thing to keep in mind is to check and see if you have rust around your light
fixture, these guys are very common for that to happen. When you have that problem just
go ahead and replace the whole thing, they’re very inexpensive to do and to buy, as well.
That’s how you troubleshoot fluorescent lighting.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. how to troubleshoot flourecent lighting
    1. change the lamp if it still doesnt work
    2. open the fixture make sure there is power and neutral going to the ballast you can usually tell if the ballast is working by simply touching it if its warm it should be working not always tho if its cold then you need to replace it
    3 replace the ballast make sure all sockets are connected thats how you troubleshoot a flourecent fixture

  2. Don't you need to TURN OFF THE POWER AT THE BREAKER before you start touching wires? ahem!

  3. I don't call replacing everything ,troubleshooting. I call it being stupid. A brand new fixture with everything new,is much less expensive.

    That said,how does this sound? ("HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT FLUORESCENT LIGHTING") click play  (REPLACE IT) duh

  4. When I flick the switch of my [ 3 way switch]  fluorescent light, it won't light but some times if I keep flicking it then it will go on.  Do I need new switches?  The bulbs are good.  

  5. I like how nowhere was it mentioned that you should cut the power to the outlet. If I'd never done this before, and this guy was my only hope… I'd be fried.

    In short, best video ever, A++++.

  6. Clearly, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about; a professional would have used a volt meter, many other things he didn't mention. I think he should stick to hydraulics & turning cars into lowriders. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/troubleshoot-bad-fluorescent-lamp-fixture-48855.html

  7. This isn't troubleshooting. It is replacing everything rather than troubleshooting. And why wouldn't he mention cutting off the breaker before handling those bare wires? This is like an expertvillage video or something.

  8. Where is the troubleshooting portion of the video? He didn't even use the voltage tester. Should we be getting some kind of voltage at the lamp terminals that activate the bulb?

  9. aaaaant….After bulb check…then check to see if tombstone is bad….then go to ballast last. You might need a proper elect tester with leads to check tombstone, but this can save time and money messing with a ballast just to find the prob is still there…Not common…maybe…..but very little effort to save a possible huge huge waste

  10. HOLY CRAP, This was real bad. This guy needs to take this video down. I wouldn't have them in my home. He replaces the balas without testing it? Does mention to turn off the power before check the wires are connected?

  11. I want to learn how to trouble shoot and actually repair not be a parts replacer till its fixed. I know its cheaper to replace then actually fix but you learn nothing by just replacing. ,

  12. This video is just a waste of time. I'm sorry if I come across as rude, but replacing everything is not troubleshooting.

  13. You covered all the necessary troubleshooting points very well and did it quickly. Nicely done…thank you.

  14. L.O.T.O. Should always be first before removing even a light bulb

  15. "How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Lighting" …. seriously? You only showed how to install a tube and remove a wire nut.
    Really stupid video. I wasted two minutes of my life.

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