How Konami is Fixing Yu-Gi-Oh! Metagame Breakdown

How Konami is Fixing Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s going to be a discussion video and a little bit of Metal breakdown and I want to talk I want to talk about how Konami is fixing you you because I think that Konami is doing a great job in a certain sense and I really appreciate it because there are Some good changes apply to the game. We should want to talk about and I want to show you my thoughts as well So let’s get started as always subscribe to our channel. If you’re not already little icon the video if you like it and of course consider following us on the omnia players Facebook Instagram page on my personal or from 90-93 Easter brown page The on your players Facebook page and all Chrome 1993 Facebook page, of course, so Let’s get started. We can see The ycs can’t break down of German players as always French and Italian players so that’s the country grip down and that’s the Deck deck break down. I’d round 9 So we got a lot of our cool sky strikers hundred dragon seven grades our Chris variance with the lunar light cyber dragons and stuff like that pendulum sound aggressive terrors and other decks, so I’m not going to read the facts. I just want to talk about the variety of the meta game and how the meta game is shaping because as I said before Konami is Improving a lot because I cannot forget the zodiac format juliek format was not so Was pretty near to us it’s not so far in the past There was a meta game in which there was one single deck for everyone and look now look now We got a lot of decks a variety of decks and that’s why that’s because Konami improved a lot of strategies Konami was able to Adapt the meta game Let’s see Some artifacts why see us again? 2019 they decorate down round 12, we got a lot of dykes, as you can see also spirals, which is amazing let’s take a look at them in a guy of Niagara Falls top 32 background is the same we got Dangerous, every dragon are crystalline light our crews Salomon grades our guys Danger brain module and you know, what was the result? sky strikers another great module sub terror It’s pretty pretty good to see this Roger guy standard dragons That’s it And that’s the whole point in my opinion. So What’s the point the point is that Konami was able to fix a lot of problems. So I remember when no one was playing traps when everyone one wanted to go first because Because the dice roll was so important because if you went first you probably win the game, but now it’s different because they release cars like Nibiru the primal being which is such an amazing car to go second and is allowing more and more people to change the strategy to change their decks and they really want to Go second because you can use such powerful cars like the biryu like right the dark ruler no more Which is another crazy card even if the view is better because it’s seen some play even in the main decks of the of the best decks in YC asses and big events, so Konami decided to drop such good cards in order to fix the dice roll issue That’s amazing then allegories another Problem was the the trap card problem my opinion. No one was playing traps and then they released something like evenly matched something like impermanence which acts like hand traps and They are really powerful traps. So people is starting to side deck in this maybe Eveleigh matched or Main deck in like in cars like impermanence They gave us crippled judgment. We got two strikes. We got a lot of a powerful traps trap trick as well trap tricks is an amazing example because trap trick is a really interesting card in the concept because allows you to Play more trap cards and allows you to get faster – you’re kind of – your trap cards, which is really important. So That’s what Graeme has done and are really glad about that also the Hendra problem Was that the where? Little hand trucks were not enough then they started to print more and more hand trucks now they’re giving us – as Devastator, which is a hand Chhabra printer Then they give us they gave us the coal by the grave in order to stop the hand drops Then they will give us the new novel man that we stopped. Also very grateful. Remember well, so Konami is acting really really good also because they gave us counter traps of the archetype like crescendo like the Salon, great roar rage and all that trucks that are searchable and useful in the economy of the deck So you are not forced anymore to play without traps because because they are considered slow now you can add them you can activate them from the hand which is Maybe too fast, but it’s the first step to fix the game. So I just want to compliment Konami and it’s It’s weird to know but I think that they are doing a good job as you can see also pendulums are going to have some who support and they are still able to play and performing good combos and acting also they can also Bait out the Nibiru itself, even though we are in the master role for that was considered to kill the pendulums at all. So That was a good fix and I hope that the master rulefive They that we will get in one year more or less We’ll be able to fix Yugioh even more because you do now is pretty enjoyable If you you’ve got the right parts, of course and if you play the right decks But you can shape yourself and you can adapt to the meta Even playing some antimatter strategies like the primary or stuff like that. So That’s it for today. That was just my opinion and I be glad to know what do you think about? About this about what clam is doing. What do you think about the matter game? You think you think that? The meta is fine. You think that Konami is working good and What do you think Konami should do to improve even more the appeal and the allure of this? Game amazing game that is you do so, that’s it for today. And I want to remember you if you want to join the giveaway You can see my previous video. I will leave a link down below In which you can find all the rules to join the giveaway On my giveaway will be worldwide. I will give away pack of leaves and dragon ships leaves then An ultimate guard black box flippin tray 1 and the Appaloosa Regular climate as first price so that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the video and Subscribe to channel if you’re not already and leave a like on the video if you liked it You

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  1. Bel video! Ma una cosa, potresti aumentare il volume della voce quando editi? È un po basso

  2. I really miss the good old Duel Terminal support. I want to see Lightsworn, Shaddoll's, more Mermail, Infernoid's and so on. I am glad they support old deck's like GX or Yugi/Kaiba stuff but they do it in the wrong way, boosting decks like Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon's, Sky Striker even more and let all the other die in the view of meta gaming. I guess that's the wrong way.

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