How to Change a Tap Washer. How to Fix a Dripping Tap.

00:13 Shane Conlan: Gidday, knuckleheads!
Uncle Knackers here. The cook’s been complaining for weeks about fixing up the leaky tap in
the backyard. Now, personally, I don’t know what she’s complaining about. Yeah, she could
be right. It is leaking a little bit. As the old saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.”
Wise words. Let’s fix that tap. And the good news is it’s a really easy job. So let’s do
it. 00:44 SC: To change the washer in this tap,
it’s gonna take us six really easy steps. First step, is you’re gonna turn the water
mains off and the water mains can be generally found in the front yard. So, let’s go and
do that first. We found the mains in the front yard, so what we need to do now is turn the
water off. You do that via this tap or a stopcock, and they can be a little bit hard to turn
off sometimes, so I like to use a shifter or a spanner or something just to get a bit
more leverage and turn the water off like that. There you go, that was pretty simple.
Let’s get back to that tap. 01:27 SC: Step two, turn the tap on and drain
all the excess water out. 01:40 SC: Step number three is, is that once
all the water is drained out of the tap, we need to remove this spindle from the tap.
And what happens in, especially in the backyard, is over a period of time, you can get a bit
of corrosion built up in this unit, so it can be a bit tricky getting this spindle off
because it is a bit tight. So what you can do, or what I like to do, is just get your
hammer and just gently tap around that unit just to break up the corrosion. Then get your
shifter or spanner, put it on that locknut around that spindle like that, then grab another
shifter or set of Stillsons, or some multi-grips, and put it on the tap itself to stop the tap
from spinning or twisting when I’m undoing this spindle. So just give it a bit of a pull
here. There you go. Spindle is loose. Just take it off like that and inside the tap is
your washer which sits inside the spindle. Generally, when you have a leaky tap there’s
some damage to this washer. So let’s do step four and replace the washer. 03:14 SC: Step four, replacing the washer.
It’s as simple as taking the old one out and putting a new one in. Simple as that. And
if you’re unsure as to what size washer to put back in, duck on down to the hardware
shop and the boys there should be able to help you out. 03:32 SC: Let’s do Step five. Step number
five, you’ve put your new washer in, now it’s just a simple matter of putting this spindle
back into the tap. Screw it down like that. That’s it. Tighten it off like that. It’s
nice and firm. That’s it. And then make sure you turn the tap off because we’re about to
go down to the front yard and turn those mains back on. So let’s do that. 04:09 SC: Final step. Step number six, is
to turn the mains back on like that. Okay, let’s go and check out that tap. Let’s give
this bad boy a test. Let’s turn the tap on. Turn him off. Pull out my piece of cardboard
for the cardboard drip test. Look at that. Not a drip in sight. 04:42 SC: Great tip, knackers! And if you
could do me a big favour, if you thought this video was useful, please like, comment, share
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Bernard Jenkins

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