How to fix a hard disk in Windows using the command prompt

I’m Preston growler from computer world
and I’m here to show you how to repair a corrupted hard disk or a hard disk that
has file permission for at once if I have these problems don’t worry because
it’s actually pretty easy to fix what you do you use a command built into
Windows 10 called command line or else windows powershell they’re basically the
same thing to get to them press the Windows key X a menu appears select from
that Windows PowerShell admin or else command line admin it may vary which one
you see depending on which version of Windows you have they’re basically the
same except Windows PowerShell has a lot more features built into it once the
screen appears once the command line appears type chkdsk followed by the
letter of the disk you want to repair for example chkdsk space c colon and
press enter it’s going to take a few minutes this first step is just going to
show you if you have problems so it’ll show you file corruptions problem with
file permissions all that it could take a while especially if you have a large
hard disk or if you have a lot of files on your hard disk or if you have a slow
processor at the end it’s going to show you have any problems if you uncover any
problems type the same thing again check this space for example C colon slash F
press Enter it’s going to go through fix the whole thing for you and then it’s

Bernard Jenkins

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