How to Fix a Leaky Faucet with a Single Handle Design

If you’ve got a leaky kitchen faucet that
needs to be fixed, keep watching. Follow along with me and learn how to fix your own in just
a few minutes. This repair is for faucets with only one handle and it’s really very
easy to do! The tools needed are Allen wrenches, large adjustable wrench and some needle nose
pliers. First I’m going to remove the set screw found just under the handle. You may
need to pop off a rubber cap that covers this screw. Mine was missing. Before we start,
turn off both water valves under the sink and cover up the sink to prevent small parts
from accidently dropping into the drain. Just undo this Allen screw and set it aside.
Now the handle should just slide off. On my
faucet, I need to unscrew this plastic ring. Yours may or may not have this.
Now we need the adjustable wrench to loosen
the metal collar. There are usually small grooves where the wrench can grip onto.
Now I’ll pop off another plastic ring. This
ball valve lifts straight out. Now I can see the rubber seals that need to be replaced.
Here you can see that I’ve laid everything out in order of how I removed them. Now take
your needle nose pliers and gently grab the rubber seals and springs. I didn’t know what
brand of faucet I had so I put some of the parts into a Ziplock bag and compared them
with what was available at the store. Mine turned out to be Delta. So now I’m going to
take the new parts and put them back into the faucet. This kit came with extra springs
but I used the ones that matched my old ones. So now everything goes back in reverse order.
Be careful not to squeeze the rubber seals too hard with your pliers.
Because I laid everything out on the table,
it was easy for me to put all the parts back together. Once the faucet has been reassembled,
turn on the water valves underneath the sink. Check to see that the faucet is running correctly.
There may be some sputtering from the faucet after you start the water.
Now when I turn off the faucet, the drip is
gone! If you found this video helpful, please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. I can't thank you enough for the specific and easy to follow directions you provided. I have never attempted to do this before and now my kitchen faucet no longer leaks and I saved myself a bundle of money…..:)

  2. Just used this video to fix the kitchen sink in my apartment. Perfect instructions, thank you so much. Less than $5 in parts rather than hundreds for a plumber!

  3. Thanks for posting.  This was an easy repair.  BTW Delta customer service sent me replacement parts for FREE!

  4. This was a nicely presented video.  The less music the better though .

  5. The idjit who 'invented' these cr4ppy faucets should be slapped silly on sight. . . .

  6. Excellent video! Using your video, it took only five minutes to repair my lever. I am wondering why several people did not like it…maybe they shouldn’t attempt a diy if they could not follow these instructions…

  7. Somehow, I'm a year behind everyone, but this video is fantastic! Clear, great sound quality and volume, and a reminder that what looks like a logo is really the magical gateway to the allen screw! Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you! Didn't realize how easy this is. Going to fix that drip ASAP!

  9. Awesome tutorial. I have a Moen, but it appears that the same instructions will apply. Key was the finding the hidden set screw. Who would have known.

  10. Mine leaks from the base of the handle (where it meets the counter top) any suggestions? It looks like it's the same style as yours.

  11. I called Delta and they are sending me out the necessary parts at no cost. My faucet is 12 years old but because we registered it they had a record and it has a lifetime guarantee! Even better.

  12. Thanks for this. It took three times as long to go out and find the part as it did to fix! My faucet was a Kohler, which used a cartridge vs. the small gaskets and springs, but the basic idea was exactly the same and the repair itself was a breeze. The most challenging part was using the allen wrench to get the initial screw out.

  13. I have no idea how we survived without YouTube. Thanks for taking the time to make your addition to the fixers Guide to the universe

  14. Ok. Great easy peasy video, except when your plumbing was installed by the HUlk and has been used for 12 years…LOL

  15. My handle is stuck. The allen wrench doesn't work in loosening the allen screw. Any ideas?

  16. An absolutely useful video, indeed! I was able to save at least $100 in labor and parts as the replacement kit from Home Depot costed me only $3.50. Quick fix, no more drips – thanks a ton!

  17. I got the big O rings that are supposed to be put on the faucet under the handle. The delta vid shoes pulling the out side up but that is where the handlei attached to the spigot.

  18. I would recommend using plumber's grease on the ball unit and on the new o-rings. The handle will be as smooth as glass and only require a fingertip to move. Great video!

  19. If brand is Delta, they will send all parts under warantee including o-ring that may need to be replaced as well for leaky handles.

  20. I think it would be helpful to tell people about the pin that lines up with the ball when you replace the ball and also about the tab on the plastic that lines up with the slot on the side of the main body of the faucet. Unless yours didn't have the same as mine but mine you do have to line these things up. Good Video

  21. i'm pretty sure that's a moen faucet – i own the same one. the plastic set-screw cover (which you said was missing) is clearly the Moen logo – blue and red. https://imgur.com/RJoc3MJ
    (edit: I stand corrected! apologies! i discovered this Delta parts catalog from 2004 – when mine was purchased – and this one is in there. https://www.deltafaucet.com/files/live/sites/delta/files/for-professionals/product-resources/catalogs-brochures/DL-1413.pdf. appears to be: Waterfall® Series Models/Modelos 172, 173*, 174, 176* & 178* Series). how confusing, those colors.

  22. Darn it – mine doesn't have a set screw. I've got to look for another video.

  23. This is indeed a helpful video. Have managed this repair on my own in the past.
    Mine is not leaking from the handle, but leaks water at the point of handle attachmentonly when the faucet is turned on.
    No idea which part would be to blame, especially since it is a fairly new faucet.

  24. The freaking plumber asked $150 for the service call which is JUST to come and take a look at the leak – and then freaking labor and parts from there – this was about $300 that I saved. THANKS!

  25. Delta offers a lifetime warranty on some faucets. I called them and was sent a faucet repair kit free of charge. The video helped but several of the parts were not plastic. It now works better than it did new.

  26. Thank you so much for posting this. I was just about to call a plumber but decided to look on Youtube for advice.
    Great step by step. Really easy repair. Hardest part was finding the right parts at the Sears Hardware store. Saved me at least $200.

  27. Thank you so much! Another first time DIYer skill to add to the resume lol great vid!

  28. OK, quirky question: I replaced the seats and springs, and my faucet doesn't leak anymore, so thank you –but it turns off at the 8 o'clock position, instead of the 6 o'clock position like it's supposed to. I'm not sure this is because of something I did, but any suggestions? I think the valve is installed at a slightly wrong angle. Thanks for any info.

  29. We fixed our leaky faucet today thanks to you!!! Thank you for posting this!

  30. Question mine looks similar but there is no Allen bolt inside any clue??

  31. This was just too easy. Delta send me the part and I follow your instruction. Thank you. I can take my wife out to dinner with the money saved.

  32. I'd like to see a video when the neck part is leaking and the handle is fine.

  33. How come every time I watch a diy video, everything comes apart so easy, no problems, no sticking, no cussing? Then when I do it, everything sticks, has been in place since the great depression, has hard-water minerals built up and holding everything tight then takes a DC10 to get it broken loose? Plus a good cussing, of course! I'm to the part of just taking an adjustable wrench to loosen the top part after having to use a persuasion hammer and screwdriver to get off the plastic ring! Now the top part is stuck big time! I had to leave it alone for a little while!

  34. Very well done video. Clear instructions so I am confident to fix my leaky faucet.

  35. Thank you so much! My faucet handle came out. I was looking around the faucet for a tiny screw that would have come out. Didn't knew which model my faucet was. Youtube search and possible match of faucet image led to your video. After watching, learnt that all I wanted was an Allen screwdriver and just tighted the screw..nothing had fallen out 🙂

  36. Thanks for the great video !!! Took me less than 10 minutes (except for getting the parts (springs and rubber plugs). Easy peezy!! Saved me $150 plumber’s call plus a healthy markup on the parts. $6.00 fix :))

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