How to Fix a Pressure Washer That Won’t Start / Troy Bilt Pressure Washer / Briggs and Stratton

[joe asked for shop towels] Paper Towels are Fine Guess one thing he’ll do first those dream the [carburetor] bowl Now we get a pressure washer, that’s not a starting so Joe here Expert at working on machinery and we’re gonna look through different troubleshooting techniques Alright, so I guess let’s just go simple. Do you have a small adjustable small adjustable [wrench] [Me] So it’s got fuel in it right (the bowl)? [Joe] Oh yeah it had fuel in it, yeah. All right, so that’s good. Do you know your? You’re uh needle and seat are not clogged [me] okay This isn’t the most efficient way of doing us, but it’s the quickest [Joe] If you don’t like gas on your skin or the smell of it then I suggest don’t do it this way [Me] I got the GoJo hand stuff (cleaner) too All right now we got some fresh gas in there Let’s just kick it over see if it starts you could just been Keep the air filter out keep that open lets see what ha ppens (attempting to start – it doesn’t start) [Me] Okay, if I now should’ve started right? [Joe] Oh, yeah, just throw a little (spray) Carb cleaner in there and see what happens [Me] Give it a turn? [Joe] yeah (it starts but doesn’t stay running) [Me] That’s better [Joe] we know we got fire Alright – you can stop [Joe] Well sounds like Carbs not like you said We’re not getting any gas Through the carburetor, I said, we’ve got to take it all apart So in a little bit, that’s in the bowl [Me] (the gas) getting used up at that time when it’s firing is that the idea, or it’s not even making it. That’s obviously making it to the cylinder [Joe] no, it’s it’s just staying in the bowl basically, so it’s not it’s not it’s Not drawing, as the engine turns that it draws the gas like a vacuum it draws the fuel through it and then into the [Joe] Cylinder to fire [Me] yeah, [Joe] but it’s not it’s not it’s not getting that far at least I don’t think doesn’t seem like it [Joe] So what I mean you can’t hurt take it apart to clean it look at it anyway, [Me] okay, [Joe] and then go from there [Joe] So we’re going some tools [Me] Ok what do you want? I got everything. You all like it should be all standard stuff [Me] What do you want, 1/4 inch (ratchet)? [Joe] Yea 1/4 inch Standard is the red I [Joe] It’s a nice set (speaking about the Kobalt ratchet set) [Me] Yeah, except. They had it down the shore (in wildwood) and it was exposed to the salt air, and it rusted that ratchet [Me] I managed to break it free with some PB Blaster [Joe] Just from being down there? [Me] yes the salt air is brutal and that’s in my garage [Joe] Wow [Joe] Alright,l you gotta Phillips, [Me] yeah [Me] Taking this top off [Joe] yeah, I [Joe] I Don’t know the order of things is [Joe] cause I didn’t look it up The yellow jackets are Everywhere That should be fine down there All right, just take a look of how all this stuff is Situated cause you have to make sure you get it back together in the right way This is the governor / choke [Joe] We have to drain the fuel – [Me] okay [Joe] or at least pinch this off [Me] Need a bigger pair of pliers? [Me] Is that the fuel or is it the [Joe] this is the fuel line [Joe] The best way to get this off (of the carburetor) [Joe] They don’t like to make these things so they come apart fairly easy. You know?
[Me] Yeah, [Joe] They usually just want you to replace it. You know yep This is [Joe] (making a joke) At least we’ve got video (to see how it was put together before we took it apart). [Me] Yeah, we can remember we can’t remember how it goes back [Joe] Got wrenches? [Me] What one do you want? [Joe] 10 millimeter [Me] 10 millimeter what, a wrench? [Joe] , Open end or box wrench yeah [Joe] (commenting why he wasn’t able to easily use the ratchet on the right bolt) Cause of the yeah the angle from the the fuel Inlet maybe that Humped over Hmm still can’t get it in this area – There we go It is tight (did she say that?), it’s got me worried yeah Coming through that head That’s nice and easy [Me] Is there a gasket on there too, [Joe] yeah, that’s like a take a hard gasket It’s like a plastic manifold They’re still a little o-ring [Me] Yesterday was national Repair equipment day [Joe] Really [Me] instead of throwing it out. [Joe] There’s really such a thing? [Me] yeah It’s a it was a movement to to make it so you’d rather fix it and throw it out That goes back in this way, just let that hang right You got water in there [Me] You can see the water. [Joe] Yeah, see it’s there’s a separation yeah [Me] So that’s what stops it. You think [Joe] well definitely won’t run. Yeah. I mean a water and ethanol Do not mix They completely separate And the water is heavier than the ethanol So the ethanol will actually draw the ethanol in before the gas or the water So you could burn you could burn the engine up. really easy especially on a two stroke [joe] It’s clogged [Me] it was? [Me] Do we need a pin or something [Joe] no, try the air compressor first [Me] yep I don’t yet All these Do you have this (air compressor) set up all the way like 90 pounds? [Me] Yea, you want me to drop it? [Joe] yeah, I wanna Sometimes you blast too hard a Little bit higher (he is asking me to up the pressure on the air compressor tank) That’s good It’s clear now [Me] yeah [Joe] See something was in there You should be able to get a clean stream, okay, two holes in the side, yeah Yeah, I don’t know if you could see it, but it was it came out All right Yeah, we might have to drain this gas [Me] okay [Joe], I mean if it’s if it’s got water in it [Me] yeah And it’s better to be safe than sorry me with do all this and then start up right back (where we finished because we used old gas that we know is bad] Really good, yeah [Me] Alright so we’re draining the gas because we believe it’s contaminated (stupid conversation) Kicking the can over let me think better they got the story evidence, yeah And that’s clear [Joe] Alright, hold that It’s cloudy Yeah, there’s a lotta junk in the bottom of your tank looks like there is a little bit of dirt and stuff in the bottom tank but not Anything too major there is…. Probably a filter in here in here – at least there should be I guess we check that It’s an inline filter usually Normally they put an inline filter And if there is water in it its not gonna be Depends on How much (water is in the gas) Too much is a bad thing if it’s just a teeny little bit (its probably ok then) [Me] Now what’s that? [Joe] this is the this is the needle [Me] Oh that you were telling me about? [Joe] Yeah, what controls the flow of fuel Into the carburetor [Joe] (observation) The Seat is clean Oh That’s the float [Joe] this is float yeah The pin? [Joe] yea it holds it all together (the float and the needle) Oh I Think this I don’t know exactly what it’s called. [Me] Like a banjo bolt? (it is called the Main Jet) [Joe] Yeah, its got another jet or … what looks like a jet [Me] it’s like the the type of bolts on my brake line (referring to banjo bolt) So I guess it’s that’s what when the fuel is in the bowl it’ll go in that bolt and then up through the Feed they actually feed the engine you put the fuels I believe that goes that way This one they don’t know I guess Looks right I wouldn’t know until I watched a video of it yeah That had the groundwire connected to it. [Joe] That’s right What do you want [Joe] I said, I just said I should have probably left that off it’d be easier to Get around it, but it’s already a big deal Hey you want to go crazy on these it’s just aluminum [Me] oh okay, [Joe] you’re going into so a little bit at a time [Joe] That’s the throttle, that’s the governor so that’s running out on the governor right, this is the choke? so that’s how it’s automatic choke because When the engine is not running The the choke is closed. You know that one is running. It automatically opens it, okay. It’s pretty – its pretty cool all in good shape Two bolts in here and then one on the outside Got oil, is the oil good? [Me] I didn’t check the oil. Could you give me a towel? Looks like it hasn’t even been used. (the oil is clear on the dipstick) Is it on (the switch) (Starting it – and success – it starts) I don’t know if we should be running it without water Oh You know a little bit probably no big deal, but I don’t know yep. [Me] No, that’s cool good. Thanks for helping.[Joe] sure!!! [Joe] Now I would definitely put something in that tank (like fuel stabilizer) [Me] So this John with U Do It, Joe here my neighbor you know we worked on this so we get this thing working… [Me] What was it that we had to clean out? carburetor in a fuel tank so carburetor and fuel tanks of fuel tank was icky (a technical term) bunch of water in there, so Hey this John, would you do it make sure you hit that subscribe button? Thanks for watching? Hey, that’s an outro (and that’s a wrap)

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. Hi need some advice on my presher washer it just stopped on me and I cant pull the cord it was running just fine

  3. Hey what's the name of that carburetor cleaner that he used in that spray can? Awesome video btw!

  4. i have the same power washer and same problem been trying to fix it, great clear video will try cleaning the carb again thanks!! very helpful

  5. My Briggs-Stratton is doing the exact same thing *that this washer was…
    .Off to the garage with me!!!


  6. Same thing with mine… took the screw off the bottom of the carb, a little fuel came out, then nothing… full tank of gas. The screw piece was all gummed up, and the washer broken. But I'm surprised no more gas is running out of it. I'm guessing that means my carb is pretty well gummed up huh??? No time today to fix it, will have to give this a shot at some point.

  7. I've made the first step and it's work but my hands still smell like a gas station ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  8. I'm not the best mechanic but I put my piece up on a Perry scaffold so much easier on the back and knees

  9. Thanks for sharing. For safety always unplug the spark plug when working on a small engine.

  10. I have a Troy Built Pressure Washer & the cord will not pull. I have removed air filter to try to start & I have attachments attached & released all pressure but it still will not pull. Can you try to assist me please

  11. I have an identical issue. Figured it was the carburetor. Plan to work on it this weekend.

  12. Not to burst anyoneโ€™s bubble, I did exactly everything and more prior to watching this video and I yanked and yanked on the cord for over 30+ minutes and nothing. The power washer is like brand new, used once but sat for 4 years. I searched online hoping to find something I missed and I did wrong and I went above and beyond this video and nothing.

  13. Love they neighbor!!! Good man .. crack open a beer for the man he saved you at least a $100.0 Buck's !! Or maybe you helped him in the past. Good to see that there's a great relationship between both parties.

  14. going to try this on mine too. Took it out a few weeks ago after sitting for a year and wouldnt start. I ran it dry last time i used it.

  15. Thank you for posting this video.It was a great help in fixing my Troybilt

  16. I have the same washer, and about kicked its ass for a better part of an hour trying to start it… Gonna try this tomorrow and see what happens. Thx!

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was having the same problem (wouldn't stay on). Cleaned out the screw that holds the bowl like you did and it started in one pull. Never knew that that screw holding the bowl could cause some much problem. Great video guys. thank you so much.

  18. Thank you for posting the video. I did this step by step and it started on the first pull. It took about twenty minutes and probably saved me over $100 and a trip to the law repair store. I was curious what you did with your bad gasoline.

  19. Worked perfectly. You are godsends!! I didn't pull off the throttle controls and arms. I did take the springs off. The screw that you blew off with the compressor looks like it was the problem for me. It was interesting. Everything looked clean. Even that screw. I think mine was clogged with white pieces.

  20. Thanks so much!
    This seems to be the same model of Troy-Bilt with the Briggs and Stratton engine that I have.
    I tried all morning to get it to start (no luck so far) and then I came inside and watched your video. I have no doubt that I'll be able to fix it now with the help of you, Joe and your excellent video.
    Many, many thanks!

  21. I've got the same problem and I've heard that you should add a inline fuel filter to the Briggs, and also just replace there carb with aftermarket.

  22. Same crap happened to my new pressure washer, I used it once and put Sta-bil in there. Just about a week ago I pulled it out, hooked it up and trash! It is a year old but used for only 20 minutes of life. I got her started after getting her all high on starter fluid but I know I have work to do. I think I lucked out though… Over the winter a Caseys fuel station was built near me, they sell ethanol free fuel, that will be my small engine fill up joint. Thanks for the vid, glad you got it working.

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