How to fix bad posture | FIX your posture in 4 MIN!!! | Improve Your Posture

How to fix bad posture HOW TO FIX YOUR POSTURE

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Best back strengthening exercise is the barbell deadlift. It works on all of the muscles he mentioned and even more… makes you strong from top to bottom. Squats ALL THE WAY DOWN is also a very good exercise.

  2. Hi, I'm 13 years old and have bad posture (mostly noticeable when sitting down) alot of people tell me that I'm gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my life and that its too late I'm wondering if that's true? or can I still fix it. It would mean alot if you could reply thanks.

  3. Hi, I'm 15 and have terrible posture. It's very noticeable and I feel like the hump back of Notre Dame my back has been like this for about 2 years. I started to get a terrible posture when I just turned 14, I started to notice it when I started playing a ton of video games (call of duty aw) and I regret every bit of it. I would sit in a four legged chair in front of my TV leaning forward and now I feel like I will be like this forever! I need help. I ask my parents if I can go to a chiropractor but we just can't afford it. I don't in w what to do now. and to make it even worse I gained a ton of weight. hi weighed 120 pounds at age 14 and now at age 15 weighing 170. I just don't know what to do anymore… video games ruin lives.

  4. I've tried sitting up using good posture, but at our school, the cheap chairs hurt my tailbone. What do I do?

  5. I'm 13 years Old and i played a lot of video games and I lean foward and when I sit I always lean foward and I always pop my back what should I do please help

  6. SO many great tips! Thank you! Most of the posture videos on youtube are 10 minutes long with a 9 minute intro and then one tip.

  7. My back really hurts, in my school we don't have lockers so we need to carry our bags everyday constant after each period. My back hurts as soon as I get home, I can't fix it because I need to carry all the books I have in my bag and I try to sit up constantly in class and out of class but it still hurts like hell 😞

  8. Am I the only one with naturally perfect posture? Here is a tip, DO NOT put your shoulders all the way back. Try to make them as horozontal and try to push them down, make it as if you have a longer neck. Though right after I eat I have TERRIBLE posture, I do not EVER slouch though sometimes my posture is just horrid. I have a problem with pushing my chest and belly out after I eat, and if your back hurts from that you may slouch for 10 seconds or so. Also belly dancing is great for fixing posture. I personally am a gymnast so my 2 life mottos are "It ain't iced tea without ice", and "Nice and straight is not late". "Nice and straight has the pace" is because people who slouch have back pains so the way they move is just horrid.

  9. Thank you!! You're the first channel with a video that didn't try to sell me something and gave me factual information 👌🏾💪🏾

  10. This really helped me. Gonna train my back more and do alot of squats. I have been sitting in front of a computer all these years and my body is like front leaned, my shoulder is like going forward not being straight. I also allmost have no muscles in my gluts, so I hope I can get a straight back and get my shoulders to come back so it looks like I have a straight body posture.

  11. I blame schools. like holy shit they us made sit for 7 hours a day . when your young you don't know anything about posture. anyways thanks for the great video

  12. I jumped n sat straight when I saw that old man at start of video 😂

  13. Opt for “doso shocking guide” posture treatment (search Google) if you want to straighten your stance. I use only it for just one hour daily while at work. I sit all day for my job and my posture has got worse. There are more enhancements to come, but I can say that it`s efficient.

  14. i have a weirt posture… by back is bended towards the front and my head is towards the back

  15. Sir my posture is already bad sir what i do to set the posture like earlier

  16. Since I was a child, my posture has been poor already. This posture treatment “doso shocking guide” (Google it) has significantly improved my posture during the period of days. My family and relative always told me to avoid slouching but now I had been able to finally get straighter posture.

  17. I am 15 and I got it from bench pressing a lot so I got an overdeveloped chest.

  18. Nice now I finally learned how to walk in an upright position! All that sitting in school has actually made me forget it… I just noticed that I walked around like the wolf in the beginning of the video for years…

  19. This wouldnt happen to me if Video games didnt exist!

  20. I personally like this “doso shocking guide” posture treatment method that you could also lookup on Google. I have always had poor posture but ever since a colleague told me that I slouched, I want to to treat it right away. This guide is coaching my muscles correct posture. After applying it the very first day, I can already know the difference in my posture.

  21. I have lived with slumping much of the time, I do not know when I am. Utilizing posture treatment “doso shocking guide” (Google it) only couple of days has assisted me a lot. It`s not too hard to follow all measures. It has helped me stand up straighter. The guide works well, only been utilizing for a week.

  22. The reason of me watching this, is because my mom is always angry at me cause my posture is bad 😁

  23. I`ve had awful posture since I was a child. In just a few days, I had been able to correct my posture with the “doso shocking guide” posture treatment solution that one could Google. My family and relative always told me to prevent slouching but now I was able to ultimately get straighter posture.

  24. Cool in short videos he explained everything, not like other stupid talking about themselves.. Thanks

  25. I play so many video games I am going to stop and go play outside. I am gonna go play outside so much that my mom will have to force me in!

  26. Saw this video last 3yrs ago then I saw it again today. Really helped me alot. Changed my life

  27. It hurts if I try to sit up straight it like really uncomfortable is it suppose be like that at first?

  28. Pretty sure I learned how to stand up and walk when I was a child at like 5 years old or something like that? Just because I have done a lot of pushups in my life doesn't mean that I want to have my chest puffed out like a chicken and not be able to stand up. I've already fucking learned how to stand up, I don't need to be taught how to stand the fuck up. How hard is this, seriously? I worked out to get stronger, not to mess my body up. Every time I stand up straight, my chest puffs out like I'm some kind of fucking chicken or something. What the fuck is going on?

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