How to fix File Manager (Nautilus) after Ubuntu 16.10 Upgrade

Have you upgraded to Ubuntu 16.10 only to
find that Nautilus just doesn’t want to open anymore? Has it given up all will to live, or at least
bugging out? I’ve got a quick fix for you. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier to
understand and more fun via free educational videos. I’m here today with a new Ubuntu video. When I updated my System76 to Ubuntu 16.10,
I was very confused why my desktop wasn’t showing any icons or files anymore. I didn’t think anything of it until I tried
to open the File manager – Nautilus – only to find that it closes every time I tried
to open it! Running it from the command line showed there
was some issue getting metadata info, or permissions, or something – but everything was set correctly. The fix is fairly easy – simply rename or
delete your old Nautilus configuration file. Open up a terminal and type “mv ~/.config/nautilus
~/.config/nautilus-old” and hit enter. Then reboot or log out and log back in. This fixed it for me, but you may need to
go the extra step of entering the command, then reinstalling Nautilus altogether. Reboot and boom, fixed! I’ve seen a few other users have this issue
with a 16.10 upgrade, and this fix worked for them as well. Now my desktop icons are back and Nautilus
appears to be working fine. I hope you enjoyed this quick fix for Ubuntu
16.10 upgrades. This video was sponsored by System76 – the
best distributor of Linux computers to help you unleash your potential. They’re based here in the USA and are great
people to work with. Check the link in the video description to
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. Sadly, I already know almost everything you make videos about. But I think it is very awesome that you make videos about Linux/GNU/Ubuntu. Love your production quality/quantity <3

  2. Didn't had that problem. But thank because if it shows up I wont have too look for solution 🙂

  3. what Desktop environment do you use? I really like it! I have been using gnome, but I think what you have looks so cool!

  4. More Ubuntu/Linux Mint Tech Tips and Tricks from you would be great.

  5. Have you tried PCManFM? It's my favorite. It's the only one AFAIK that lets you just double-click an executable script and run it without having to open a Terminal and type it in manually.

  6. Aaaaaannnd, another reason Linux will never be mass excepted in the homes. The only version of Linux embraced are versions in mobile where there will never be such issues. Linux corrupts SO easy, like fine china.

  7. hello sir my system file manager could not open after update my system please help me
    ubuntu 17.10 vesrion

  8. hi thanks for video i hav a question about memory consuming it's huge relay huge by nautils how i can fix it .

  9. Hey hello
    Can u help me?
    I'm having a problem with ubuntu 18.04
    Me laptop specs are corei7 6th generation 8gm ram 1tb hdd with 2 garphics card intel and amd readon. These are the specs of lenovo idea pad 110.
    My ubuntu is not working smoothly. There are gliches, crashes and system stucks…
    Will u help me with this to increase the speed of my laptop…?

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