How to Fix Red X on WiFi Windows 10

today I will show you how to fix red X on the network icon in your Windows computer i have shown in previous videos how to solve many Wi-Fi issues such as ‘limited access’, ‘no internet access’ and ‘can’t connect to this network’ problems however this video will solve another problem you may face with your Wi-Fi connection that is the red X on your network or Wi-Fi icon and you won’t be able to even find out your Wi-Fi network there are many reasons for this problem the first one your Wi-Fi adapter may have been disabled in Windows settings let us have a check for that right click on the windows icon and select network connections here you can see all your network adapters from bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, whatever you have this is my inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter right click on it then you can see an option to disable that means it is now enabled and if you want to disable click on disable let us check it now to show that if you disable the network adapter here the Wi-Fi icon will appear with a red X here i am going to disable it now look my Wi-Fi icon you can see a red X on it when I disabled it therefore if you find a red X on Wi-Fi icon first to check whether your Wi-Fi adapter is disabled if it is disabled enable it here and solve your problem look here you can find my Wi-Fi icon without any warning symbols and now i am connected to internet through my Wi-Fi adapter and it is working properly if this method couldn’t solve the red X problem in your computer your adapter may have been disabled in the BIOS setup utility to enable as you have to restart your computer when your screen turns off press the F2 button three or four times to get into bios setup i am just pressing F2 button now i am here in bios setup in my computer it is Aptio Setup Utility it is a variant of bios here you cannot use your mouse or touchpad instead you make use of the keyboard you can find the instructions in the down side of the screen use right arrow key and go to the Advanced tab now use the down arrow and come to miscellaneous devices and click enter here you can find many devices such as USB ports camera microphone etc all are enabled but the fifth one which is internal WLAN it is disabled come down to it with the arrow key and click enter and select enabled and click enter one more time you have to save these changes to be applied in your computer to save it press F10 and press enter on yes to confirm now the computer is booting to open wait for sometime we can check once it is open whether the Wi-Fi is working properly now look my network icon the red X has disappeared and i am able to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi this is for the day for more videos and tech tutorials stay tuned to our channel thanks for watching like and subscribe if you like it

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