How to Fix Rules of Survival PC v1.133051 OpenGL 4.1 100% Working 34-64bit

hello everybody it’s me Macedthur play
here and say my rules of survival is you know not working let me show you in a minute look this application with us
opengl 4.1 or later and current OpenGL version of this device is 2.0.0
built 8.15 that got eight points 1867 make sure your graphics adapter and it’s
driver support OpenGL 4.1 okay what the WTF is this language so how to fix it
just get this one OpenGL fix .rar RAR and III am waiting for this to
you know finish I’ll be back in a few seconds or not
nevermind okay I open this shit okay extract Wait if your system is okay hold on If you dont know whats your system just you go to this to your computer
press this one and then go to properties and there you go there you go
32-bit operating system 64 based processor so my system is 32-bit
now close this one my systems are able to 32-bit and I’ll extract this to
desktop and the password is I will hold on so this one’s the password extract
the file close this one at the system so you got this OpenGL of the phone is life
so we need to open rules of survival open file location Corrupt we need to copy or cut or copy this one
one so I have to use cut because it’s one system okay
go to rules of survival paste the file and there you have it and I will pauset the video right now here
if it works on your computer to work on mine
that’s it so you can see it’s it’s working right now look at that
prepairing and you need open mobile to client sign in hold on I’ll be right
back as you can see here I am waiting for my code right now
if you are sign in on facebook or google right now so i
first I will use my phone look at that confirm login on your phone If you have one and I hope you enjoyed this video be
sure to LIKE and subscribe and I will talk to you all later

Bernard Jenkins


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