How to Fix Squeaky Noise in Your Car (Rubber Bushing Repair)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, is your car suspension creaking while you’re driving down the road, well today’s your
lucky day, because I’m going to show you how to fix squeaks in your car, now years
ago when you’re changing your oil, you get a grease gun and grease the grease
fittings, the grease gun would shoot grease, and stop all the squeaking, but if
you take the wheel off a modern-day car, you’ll notice, they just don’t have
grease fittings anymore, they stop putting those on years ago, since there’s
no longer grease fittings, you can’t put a grease gun on to lubricate them, so
when the cars get old, guess what, they start to creak while you drive down the
road, and here’s an old A frame, to show you what I’m talking about, the rubber
bushings inside get old and they start to creak, now you can go and replace all
these parts, but as you can imagine, that’s extremely expensive, I found a
better thing to do, there’s a product out there called AT 205 reseal, and here’s how
it works, it’s a clear polymer liquid that rejuvenates rubber, just get an old
spray bottle, and pour the AT 205 into the spray bottle, now you find all the rubber
bushings and spray them liberally like this, to coat the rubber with the AT 205,
you’ll find that there are bushings all over the place, like this torsion arm bushing,
spray it so it gets nice and lubricated, a frame bushings,
spray it to make it nice and lubricated, even strut mount bushings are made out
of rubber, spray them so they’ll stop squeaking, I know some people are saying
hey, I could just spray it with wd-40, but hey, the wd-40 will wash off when it
rains, but the AT 205 is a polymer, it actually
soaks into the rubber and rejuvenates it, so when it rains, it won’t wash off,
because it’s soaked into the rubber, now once your done spraying all the AT 205 reseal on all the rubber bushing, let it sit overnight so it can soak in
and really do a job, then when you’re done, you can drive down the road without
that annoying squeak, thanks to a little spray, and if you have any car care
questions just go to Scotty kilmer.com and I’ll answer them all free!

Bernard Jenkins

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