How to Make Better Injection Molded Plastic Parts – Troubleshooting for APSX-PIM

Today the attention of our video is for prospect customers and current customers who recently purchased our PIM. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately. APSX-PIM test mold We’ll show you how to make good parts test mold It comes installed on every single machine that we sell We wanted to walk you through a couple different scenarios of flashing and incomplete parts, and why does this happen? We want to talk about incomplete part now the most common thing that would create an incomplete part is not having enough injection pressure. Injection pressure is not the only thing that might created incomplete part. Now I want to talk about flashing Usually this is an indication that your clamp force is too low. Let’s take a look at our part and see what flashing looks like So next thing we want to talk about today our part sticking This right here is our ventilation system by sentry air systems Another really good question here that we get asked a lot is the color You can use different colored plastics and obviously the answer is yes you can That should give you a nice yellow part Can we use 220 volt the answer is yes you can Another good question is maintenance requirements Has very minimal amounts of maintenance that anybody can do You can just use a regular synthetic motor oil like a 10w30 once every 500 hours or so you can lubricate these shafts Okay, thanks everyone so much for watching this concludes our video for today

Bernard Jenkins

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