How to Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Bernard Jenkins


  1. whatever. girls like it anyway. they just pretend that they don't like being touched

  2. @dafranx there is one BIG difference in looking at something and acting on something.

  3. Did YOU know? 100% of men experience sexual harassment on the job. How about: Cover up what you don't want looked at or shut the fuck up if men look at what you're showing.

    If you're not in business, DON"T advertise. If you are looking for a date, we can't read your mind, so get used to being asked by men you'd rather not be asked by. OR!! GROW A PAIR OF OVARIES AND ASK OUT THE ONE YOU WANT. Wow…there's an idea. *waits for pigs to fly as a sign women are ACTING like equals*

  4. @dafranx when you look you don't disturb. When you interact you do. That's quite obvious to me.

    It's ok to look at a beautiful woman. It's not ok to grab her ass.

  5. Im a girl and I liked being harassed. It makes me feel sexy. I wish more guys would try it.

  6. Thank you very kindly, Tressco. I'm just sick of all the damned double standards favoring women at the expense of men in western society. I appreciate your compliments about my profile, though the 10 tenets aren't mine. I saw them somewhere else and decided that they were valuable.

  7. This is so stupid. Sure sexual harrasment is a problem, but this video is ridiculous.

  8. @garlicpepper
    Finally, a girl who's honest about how male attraction makes her feel! The world needs more girls like you.

  9. I cant take this seriously theres stuffed animals wanting to screw each other.

  10. the simple easy to remember rule is this>>if you ask, and she says no, then its game over! and move on to greener pastures! and restrict all future communication with the rejecting party to only work related dialogue. ….remember!! no chick is worth a fat lip or legal trouble!! just walk away and save yourself !

  11. Is it possible to send this video to my e-mail? We'll be reporting about this issue in our class this friday so i hope you can send this tomorrow? I hope it's okay? my email is [email protected]

  12. Wonder where they got their claim that 'nearly half of all women have suffered sexual harassment on the job' from?

    If it's from a feminist 'study' – it most likely translates to "nearly 1 in 50 women – but we'll bump it up, as usual, to make it more alarming!"

    It's strange they completely omitted to cite their source on this 'claim' of theirs.

  13. madelincox has replied to your comment on How To Recognize Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [But deleted it out of cowardice]

    "you're an idiot."

    Yeah, that was a compelling argument…

  14. Man, pretty much dont look , say, or greet a woman unless she greets you period. Just imagine she is a hot lava that you cant see cause its burnd your eyes and touch

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