How to Remove a Bathroom Floor (Step-by-Step) – by Home Repair Tutor

Ugh! Check this out. Not good. Not good!
So there are at least five or six layers of flooring on top of the original subfloor in
this 100-year old bathroom. Today I’m going to be removing all those layers of flooring,
show you how I’m going to do it. You may have different tips that have helped you out
with your own project. So add those down to the comments at the end of the video. I’ve
also got a surprise tool giveaway for you, so don’t miss out on that. That’s at the
end of the video. So let’s dive into this project right now.
Always wear a respirator, some goggles, and gloves when removing a floor. I tried to remove
the top layer first. So the top layer was a linoleum, and the linoleum was on top of
¼”wood luan. Any screws or nails poking out of the floor, you want to remove them
with your hammer or a super bar. Put them in the can so you don’t step on them.
So the top layer, again, was just linoleum over a ¼” luan. You can also try to remove
the top layer with a shovel or a floor scraper. Now fortunately in this case I did not have
any tile. I have to admit it made the process a lot easier. And I’m using the claw of
my hammer to remove the multiple layers of stuff that’s on the floor.
Actually I’m going to show you something and how ridiculous this flooring is. It actually—I’m
sorry to say this—pisses me off quite a bit because all people did was just lay floor
over floor over floor over floor. Think about all the weight on the joist because of that
floor. But let me show you something. Check this out. This is like cardboard almost. This
is ridiculous! Garbage. This is the original subfloor. This is what I need to get down
to. There is all the linoleum. We’re going to take that out and get down to this bad
boy right here. It’s not a bad idea to use one of these
Husky contractor bags to throw the material into after you remove about 3 or 4 sq ft of
flooring. Pound any nails back into the floor. Then I found that the super bar and the claw
portion of the hammer worked great to getting up underneath the old flooring and removing
it. See that corner right over there? Right there?
This was in the corner. Looks like a medieval torture device. This is tongue and groove
flooring so I’m just going to pitch this and replace it with some 2” tongue and groove
oak hardwood floor. So I just figured out what the heck this is.
This is like peg board. They put peg board on top of the original subfloor. Can you believe
that?! Ugh! Unfortunately, there were some screws. So
I just removed those with an impact driver. The ones I couldn’t remove I cut off using
my oscillating multi-tool. Once you get all the screws out, then you
can get up underneath the old flooring with a super bar or a larger pry bar. I don’t
want my larger pry bar with me today, so I’m just using my super bar.
Now in this case I lucked out a little bit, and a big chunk of the old linoleum luan pulled
right off the floor. Thank goodness because this was getting tiring. And that allowed
me to access the multiple layers underneath the old linoleum. But I encountered a problem.
I ran into a little bit of a problem. The linoleum and old floor ran underneath the
bathtub. I’m keeping the bathtub. I know it looks in rough shape, but it’s not a
bad tub. So I need to cut a relief right here using my multi-tool. I just got Fein’s new
Starlock Plus in the mail. So they sent me the Fein Starlock Plus. I’m going to give
this a shot using a metal blade and just cut along here so that I can then remove all of
the old subfloor. One of the things that I really like about
the Starlock Plus is the fact that they eliminated the pin. There used to be a pin here that
you would pull out and then put your accessory and then put the pin in and put the lever
in place. That lever used to catch my thumb or finger—it hurt like heck! So what they
did is they eliminated the pin. Now they have a new mechanism here. And all you do is release
the lever and push in the accessory. And it locks into place, and you put the lever back
down. So that’s really convenient. You know sometimes tools do make it a lot easier.
Believe it or not, this old tub is level. But as I approach the door, the gap between
this portion of the tub and the subfloor is getting narrow or smaller. So I have to switch
out to this Starlock accessory right here because it allows me to reach underneath there
and cut. It’s hard to see, but there’s a screw
here. I’m going to use my super bar in this direction. Now here’s a little tip: If the
screw is hard to get out, you can put your foot over it while pulling the super bar.
That way the screw or the nail doesn’t fly up into your face.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That was the last piece—well, almost the
last piece. I have to take out the toilet and remove the rest. But for now, that was
the rest of this floor. So I hope that you liked this video tutorial. Hopefully it helps
you out and gives you some tips for how to remove a bathroom floor.
Now here is the surprise—I’m out of breath—so we’re going to be giving away the brand
new Starlock Plus Multi-Master by Fein. How do you enter into the giveaway? Whoo! Well,
down in the comments here on YouTube, tell me why you need the Starlock Plus Multi-Master,
what project you’re going to be working on—maybe it’s something like this or something
else—and you will be randomly entered into the giveaway, and we’ll pick a winner one
week from today. If you miss this giveaway, and it’s too late for you, it’s a good
reason to subscribe to our email newsletter over on HomeRepairTutor.com and subscribe
to our YouTube channel here on YouTube. So again, hope that you liked today’s video
tutorial. I wanted to make sure that I showed you all the details so that it helps you out
with your project. So that’s it. I’ll see you in the comments.
Take care. Have a great day.

Bernard Jenkins


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  9. Hi Jeff – You know me.  We are always doing something.  Right now we are working in our "work area" in our garage.  There is old shelving, work bench, etc in that area.  We are working on fixing that up and doing more shelving and storage area that would make more sense rather than just slopping something up.  Great job on the video – what a lot of work!  Too bad there wasn't nice hardwood under all that flooring.  That would have been an awesome score!

  10. We're still deep into our home remodel! This tool would be super-useful for so many things – replacing bathroom flooring (going from vinyl to tile!!) and replacing laminate flooring in the kitchen (I KNOW!!!!) to tile. Also we're trying to work new kitchen countertops into our budget 🙂

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  17. We just did one of our bathroom floors — my son and I. I wish we had that tool then! My son (16 yo) and I ripped up the floor, replaced a couple layers of some of the subfloor (parts of it, not the bottom, bottom one, but the wood under the linoleum), put in a new flange, new toilet, and then new floor. We have done many projects! Anyway, my husband and I are planning on doing a major (MAJOR) bathroom remodel in the nearish future (the next year or so) and that tool would come in very handy! My son and I used a couple of similar tools, but not one nearly as nice — I love that mechanism to remove/add attachment blades. The ones we have use a hex key thing (sorry, I can never remember the technical name for it).

    Thanks for doing the awesome giveaways!

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    I have previously written to you. Our church is in need of several repairs and the Fein tool would be so helpful. Thanks for sharing your video.
    Mark Downey

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    Thanks Jeff.

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    Any ways– great videos!

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    Regardless if I win or not great videos; your explanations are easy to follow and to understand even for a 24 yr old woman now with some understanding of it. Also the good energy that is put into them makes them easy to watch just for fun.

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    Thank you.
    Mrs. Fowler

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    Just imagine, the material we use right now probably will be laughed at by some guy who lives 100 years ahead of us in the future doing DIY project for the bathroom.

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  90. Reminds me of my bathroom!! 😂
    The former owners tiled directly on top of the existing tile 🤬 But also, under both of those layers was an inch thick of cement, lathing and tarpaper. Nice that the builders waterproofed the bathroom floor but they did not continue that under the acrylic shower base, so when water escaped and the silicone bead along the base eventually inevitably failed, water rotted parts of my subfloor along the line of the outside of the shower base and migrated a bit under the tarpaper 😩 Removing all of that alleviated a whole lot of weight this bathroom had been holding all these years. So then that caused me to have to repair sections of rotted subfloor and also build the floor back up a bit, because of the height of the existing toilet flange. To do that I installed 3/4” plywood on top if the existing (and repaired) 1/2” plywood subfloor. As well as factoring in the thicker tile I am replacing the old tile with and thickness of the thinset I’ll need for the larger tiles. That worked out well because I now have the required 1 1/4 subfloor for tile, and with the tile laid everything will reach my necessary height. And as luck would have it, my original subfloor as well as my repaired spots were perfectly level and I was able to get my hands on perfectly level 3/4” plywood for the entire bathroom! That was really a gift from the bathroom Gods LOL Because I had been researching (and dreading) how to use leveling compounds on plywood in case I needed to go that route.

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