How to Repair Broken Fog Light Glass Lens Replacement DIY

This is what my fog light’s supposed to
look like After a short trip in the mountains, I came
home with broken fog light. If your fog light cracked like mine, I’ll
show you a cheap easy way to fix it. You can of course buy a new OEM replacement
or have the dealership repair it, but that may cost you a few hundred dollars. Instead, we’re just going to remove the
glass cover and place a new one. For this, you need …
a sheet of polycarbonate which is around $5 on Amazon
Clear silicone for Windows which is around $3 at Home Depot
And some basic tools to remove your fog lamp. I bought a glass cutter, but you don’t need
it. Alright, so step 1 I need to remove the cracked
fog lamp. I needed to remove the bumper halfway to get
to it, but it’s easy to reach in. For my car, there were 3 screws holding the
mount in place Here’s my fog lamp. Step 2, I need to clean the fog lamp. I removed the glasses with pliers. Might want to wear eye protection. Then I just used dish soap to clean out the
dirt that got in Step 3, replace the lens Now for cutting the replacement, I made an
outline of the fog lamp Then used scissors to cut the lens out Ok now.. Put a little less silicone than what I did
here. It just has to be enough so there are no gaps. I put way too much so it ended up looking
like this Step 4. You just have to plug everything back together. I also had to replace my dead bulb which I
tested before moving on. Took some time to push the bumper back in
and here we go! That’s it! Hope this tutorial saves someone a hundred
dollars or two or three.

Bernard Jenkins

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