How To Repair Outdoor Faucet Leaking From Handle When Water Is Turned On

I’m going to show you how to fix an outdoor faucet that leaks from around the handle when the water is turned on but that
doesn’t leak when the water is turned off. So I go ahead and turn this on. You can see water kind of like leaking down here, dripping. First, make
sure that it’s not coming out of the hose. But it’s not. It’s coming down from out here. It’s not the valve inside the faucet. What it is, is this is part right here is a little loose. What you want to do is make sure the valve is turned, the faucet is turned all the way open. Then go ahead and then just tighten this
part down a little bit. You want to tighten it down to where it stops leaking. But you don’t want to tighten it too much, because otherwise you’ll damage the stuff inside there. Okay, that looks like about it. So we go ahead and turn this down. Dry it up. Turn it on. Nope, it’s still just a little bit. Just a little bit more. But it’s very important that you have the
valve open when you adjust that. Because otherwise, if the valve is closed when you do this it’ll actually damage the inside there. Because it will press the part of the valve in the faucet down in there. Nope, just a hair more. I think I got it. And that’s how you fix
these things when they’re leaking around the handle when waters on, but not leaking when the
waters off..

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Thanks for this video. I have two outdoor faucets that leak. Thanks to you I only have to replace one. The second one has a nut that is frozen from years of rust.

  2. How about if it's one of the washers, which is more likely.  Your video was a complete waste of time.  Anyone with common sense would tighten something that is loose.  Please do everyone a favor a delete your video.

  3. Why don't you use 'plumber's tape' , unscrew it and put the Teflon tape on the threads than screw it back on.  (you'll have to shut the water off)

  4. Indeed that worked great! I was going to get a plumber to do this $$$$$$ but said what the heck and watched your video on YouTube. Fixed two spigots in less than 5 min.

  5. What if it is leaking from that screw thats in the center there that is holding on the handle

  6. Thank you. Glad I watched about leaving the tap in the 'on' position when tightening it.

  7. Thanks for the great video!  Our outdoor faucet "had" been leaking for at least 7 years or more (a little stronger leak than the one in the video)……After watching your video I have managed to get the leak down to just a dribble every 45 seconds or so(if even that)….Could you please tell me if should I keep tightening?……I am afraid I will go too tight and break that plastic piece you spoke about.  I have given it quite a few cranks and I am hesitant to tighten any further.  Should I leave well  enough alone or keep tightening?  Either way it's a dramatic improvement….. Before watching your video I thought the entire faucet would need replaced to correct the leak!
    Thanks again for the detailed video!

  8. I have the opposite problem.. mine is leaking when the hose is off. Its not at the hose connection but it's at the actual handle. I also notice on mine you can move/push the handle slightly and it leaks more/less. It looks like someone put some sort of quick weld material on the nut that holds the handle on… any suggestions?
    I'm a female yes but I'm pretty handy at fixing things.

  9. Totally fixed my problem. The nut to the hot water side of mine was extremely loose so I tightened it as recommended and, voila, no more leaks. Thanks!

  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  My faucet is indoors, in the basement.  I was in a panic!!

  11. Thanks so much for instructing turn the faucet on full before tightening the nut. Your fix worked perfectly.

  12. Wow!  Followed your instructions and fixed my faucet in 30 seconds!  Thanks a million.  You saved me a trip to the hardware store for a new one.

  13. Will give it a try tomorrow.  The trick is to leave the water on, huh?  Thanks.

  14. Been living with the drip for a while and finally got around to looking into fixing it. If I only knew it was this easy I would've fixed it a long time ago lol…..
    Thanks, worked perfect.

  15. Wow, I just tried this and wow. It is completely dry and it just took a second to do. I had thought I had a major catastrophe on my hands because this faucet leaked actual buckets of water when I turned it on. Thank you so much. One thing I can check off my to do list.

  16. UM, any fool can figure this out, geez. That's all fine and dandy. If the o-ring and washer are worn, tightening the packing nut won't fix the problem, which was my case. Nine times out of ten, this simple tightening, which any idiot can figure out won't fix the leak, not always that simple.

  17. Worked for me, just glad it was not a washer.  Easier to replace the whole faucet than one of those washers.

  18. could swear it leaked and you soaked it up right at the end when you say "I think i got it!"

  19. WOOF – 1937 home….if it's not one thing it's another!  Thanks for the insight to untwist/open the knob all the way………. I was in a panic and it managed to work, albeit the gaskets have to be as old as 1937.

  20. Thanks!  I was able to do this and I thought I had to replace the whole faucet!  Easy fix, IF you know what to do!

  21. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, saved me from chasing that leak with a bucket!

  22. Great video and quick! Had this problem and had two plumbers come out with different fixes with no response after giving both of them the go ahead. I listened to this, went right outside and fixed my outdoor faucet in less than five minutes and saved me $85. My only regret is that I did not find this a month ago.

  23. I have a spicket, on the south side of the home ,one valve in side one valve out side its like it freezes and breaks every few years, any help thx

  24. Perfect! Fixed 6 leaky spigots in minutes. All it takes is finding the guy who knows which screw to turn. I really appreciate the help—thanks!

  25. How do you fix a leak on this particular valve when the valve is turned off?  This is a weird not too often found valve.  I need help.

  26. what tool is needed to remove that wheel handle? that screw looks foreign to me

  27. thanks so much for this. it was odd that when I closed the faucet it stopped leaking but when open leaked. this video solved it in a second. thanks!

  28. Thank you for this video.. i had already called a plumber and they quoted ~$150 to repair, ~$250 to replace. View this and fixed my issue in 10 mins! 🙂

  29. Mine is leaking from the spout where the hose is connected, I thought it was the hose it self so I purchased a new one, but nope, still leaking. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  30. I don't mean to be a spoiler here, but it look like it was still leaking at the very end, 🙂

  31. Thanks, RJ, for the plumbing tip. I have already fixed two faucets. I hate waste, especially water. Water is pretty precious here in Southern California. I enjoy the bike vids, and will check out some more of your home fix-it vids.

  32. The point of tightening with the valve open is very helpful. But if you are going to spend that much time on the fix why not just take it apart and replace all the gaskets in one shot? Cut the water supply to the house, take the faucet apart and take the worn out rubber gaskets and parts to the hardware store to match and get new ones. Reinstall and reassemble with the new parts and you are now good to go for another decade at least.

  33. Thanks for that. I was about to call a plumber and had two leaky faucets that I took a wrench to and fixed with your help. They had been leaking for years, but only when water was turned on.

  34. OMGosh… I feel like a dope, so easy.. THANKS for the tip it worked perfect.

  35. Wow, worked like a charm!! I have a self draining faucet so doesn't look quite like this but I turned the whole handle since it's all one piece and it worked! Thanks!! Husband wanted to take the whole things apart. I fixed it, thanks to this video, n ow he says I'm in charge of all repairs!

  36. I do not have a water valve on my bicycle :):):) You are RJTheBikeGuy ! Not RJThePlummer ! 🙂 I do really like your videos ! Keep up the good work !

  37. thanks for this video, no nead to take the whole thing apart Wich I was about to do , fixed 2 problems just by tightening that one part, crazy loud clanking noise wen water was on n of course the leaking, now it's all fixed thank you!!!

  38. My faucet is under a deck and is hard to reach. I thought it was the vacuum break that was leaking and replace it with a fine to hose thread adapter that eliminated the vacuum break, but still leaked. Your post saved me so much agony. Thanks!

  39. I love you. I thought I was going to have to pay a fortune for this. I have 2 one out front and one out back. Thank you.

  40. THANK YOU. I lived for 5 years with leak putting bowl under faucet to catch drip. Watch video, find Crescent wrench, tighten nut- fixed amazing!!

  41. I gently used regular pliers…not too much pressure. It worked…but then someone mentioned channel locks. Did I make a mistake?

  42. thank you you just save me a lot of money.. took me 15 second to fix what a plumber would charge me and arm and a leg…

  43. How do you turn it off without a handel on it? our dishwasher is leaking everywhere and we need to shut off the valve thingy under the sink but there's no handle. please help

  44. I paused the video right at 0:44, ran outside to tighten the nut and son of a gun that was it! Thank you so much! It had been slow dripping for about two weeks.

  45. so what do you mean with the valve open? Do you mean turn it on. I tried tightening mine and it leaks worse. Should I just check for a sweet spot..Just loosen and tighten until it stops leaking or go buy a new handle.

  46. Holy S***! I've been living with this leaky faucet for years, and thought I would have to turn the water off, try and fix it, go back and forth to Home Depot, hurt myself, etc. etc. etc., and now you've shown me how to do it and it took me 3 and 1/2 minutes, and it works! I'm an 84 year old woman who can't afford a plumber and wasn't looking forward to yet another aggravating job that has to be done. You're my hero!

  47. Many Thanks to everybody involve preparing and presenting this short and beneficial video , I have fixed the problem.

  48. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much..!!!!

  49. So far THE MOST informative and useful video on how to tighten the packing nut.  Well done.

  50. This works if your valve packing is still good. If this dosen't work for you, you may need to replace the valve packing. It's a cheap and easy fix. Just replace the valve packing with with valve rope available at any hardware store for 2 or 3 dollars.

  51. And if that doesn't work? How about when it leaks when it both on and off? I cannot replace the whole bib. It's soldered on and that's above my pay grade, as is hiring a plumber. Can I just replace the spindle/nut assembly?

  52. Mine leaks from the screw. Would this fix the issue as well, or should I try replacing the screw first?

  53. Great job ..You solved many a leaks with this video. Thanks.

  54. This is the first video I have found that accurately addressed my problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  55. Justo hiba a comprar llaves nuevas y me dio con chequiar a ver si habia un arreglo y vi esto y de verdad muchas gracias las arregle en menos de 2 minutos!

  56. Thank you!! Great explanation, I fixed my leaking faucet. Great tip about making sure faucet is open when tightening nut, cause if you don't it will damage. My leak is fixed! Thanks again.

  57. I was getting ready to buy the whole assembly thinking it was just old and worn out. Thought I would google it first just to make sure…ran across your video, took my channel locks , made the smallest turn on that nut, and water stopped dripping!…Thank you for this video! It worked!!

  58. Thanks, worked perfectly for me, took less than 2 minutes to fix including digging out an adjustable wrench from the garage!

  59. Thank you sir!!!! Man, I was in a panic… the main valve to my home was leaking. I watched 47 seconds of your video and darted outside. Volia! Leak fixed! Thank you!!!

  60. You can also, turn the Faucet all the way off, take the handle/knob screw out, remove the handle, then remove the packing nut, then replace the packing washer, then screw the packing nut back on, then put the handle/knob back on, screw the handle screw back on and ,,WALA! no more leaking from the top or valve stem.

  61. Thanks – quick, clear, and easy explanation. Just saved me a service call! Thank you!!!

  62. Thanks. For some reason the vast majority of videos on fixing an outdoor faucet/spigot/hosebib ONLY deal with water leaking out of the end of the nozzle.

  63. Awesome simple video! Thank you saved me some money and fixed this small simple issue I never dealt with for 10 years!

  64. What if its coming out above that near the top where the faucet handle the bottom part meet

  65. Do it the right way and replace the packing also because its probably old and all hardened up anyway"

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