Hi, I am Carl the landscape guy, today with
a repair video for a Easy Sun Parasol, the manufacturer is Sun Garden. These high-quality
parasols can easily be opened and closed with a crank. However, this parasol no longer opens
and I’m assuming that the rope is ripped off. As you can see, you can still turn the crank,
but nothing happens. The Parasol Umbrellas are known for quite good quality but after
about 10 years of use, the rope of course can rip at some point. In here the nylon rope
gets rolled up and runs on the inside of this round metal tube. On the inside of the parasol,
the rope normally lifts it up, but as you can see the rope ripped here. The rope usually
runs through this hole to the crank. First I open the crankcase so that I can take out
the old rope. Using a screwdriver I take out the three phillips screws. Next to remove
is the crank handle, which for a hexagon socket is needed to get out the set screw. Then the
crank handle can be pulled out. Now the cover of the crankcase can be removed carefully
with a screwdriver. Next I lay down the parasol so that I can more easily reach the joint
at the top. The joint part is riveted to the pipe, that’s why I will take apart the joint
itself to put in a new rope. For that, I first want to take out the screw up here, because
the rope will run right through this joint. I’m loosening the screw first on one, then
on the other side. Now the cover is loosened with the zipper and pulled down. Now four
retaining screws are revealing that are to take out using a screwdriver. Don’t forget
the little locking screw, which is located in the middle tube. Now the parasol itself
can be separated from the carrier arm. Watch out, the screws are difficult to remove and
can fall into the component. Now you can pull this pipe of the joint. Here you can see the
hole for the rope. Now you can carefully separate the top shell with a screwdriver. On the inside
of the joint there sits a bearing bolt for the pulley that usually holds the rope.
Now I go back to the bottom crank case and take out the bolt here. Then, the roll with
the old rope can be removed and pulled out of the tube. I’m taking off the old rope from
the roll. The rest of the ripped rope is still sitting
in the middle of the umbrella. I’m taking that out by removing this plastic cover and
then just pull out the rope. Using a tape measure I determine the total length of both
pieces of rope. Overall, it is about 4.25 m in length which is 13.94 feet and 5mm in
diameter which is 3/16 inch. I got a new rope that is a little longer which makes it easier
to run it through all the parts and tie the knots at the ends. The new rope is about a
quater inch in diameter which is the absolute maximum for this parasol to fit all the holes.
Now I’m starting to insert the new nylon rope. I start here at the top and push it through
to the crankcase. It can help to raise up the carrier arm so that the rope is hanging
in the inside of the tube. Now the rope is pulled through and hanging out on both sides.
I start to put the joint back together. For this I fit the pulley around the new nylon
rope and then put the brass bolt in from the bottom. I’m making sure the rope is placed
right in the notches and then place the upper part back on. Now the two screws can be put
back in already. They are screwed into the bolt, which can rotate. That is why it is
advisable to put in both screws at the same time as they tighten each other up. Now the
sleeve can be placed back on. Inside the metal tube, which has to be placed next, there is
a plastic part, through which the rope must be slided first. Putting this part back into
the pipe is somewhat complicated since it has to fit exactly into the notches. After
that I am sliding the tube back on. You should pay attention to the compliance of the threaded
holes. I am reattaching the umbrella to the carrier arm. When the holes match you can
put the four screws back in. On the inside of the umbrella I am now running
the rope all the way to the bottom
and attach it by making a knot. From here the rope pulls up the parasol later so make
sure your knot is nice and tight. Now the cover can be put back on. For an easier reassembly
of the crank role I put the parasol back into its stand. The other end of the rope must
now be knotted to the role. Here I use just enough rope length so that the role still
fits nicely into the housing. If the rope is too long, the space inside the housing
wont be big enough and you will have trouble turning the crank later. Another common problem
on these parasols is that the little eyelet breaks off the role. Then replacing the role
or attaching the end of the rope differently will solve this problem. On the Internet this
and other spare parts can be found for this parasol model. I am cutting up excess rope
and melt the end a little bit. Then, the roller can be re-inserted into the housing and the
cap can be screwed on. From now on the screen can be opened with the crank again. Only thing
left to do is putting the small locking screw back in. I hope this video helped you. On
my channel you will find interesting videos about pond- and waterfall construction and
other landscaping themes. Thank you for joining us and see you next time, I’m Carl, the landscape

Bernard Jenkins

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