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  1. Good job but cant help thinking as powder coating is so inexpensive these days approx $40-60 a wheel its possibly easier to drop your rims off and let somebody else do all the hard work…..theres a lot of paint and a lot of clear and a lot primer filler plus bondo plus grit paper and elbow grease x 4. I bet using decent materials alone could cost around $50-80 for a set of 4 wheels. Powder coating also gets the inside rims looking just as good and the finish will last much longer. Get a quote for powder coating first unless youre on the tightest of budgets and have all the materials already lying about in the garage or shed……

  2. Great Job on restoring the wheels for this Jag, This Jag looks amazing. Any major issues with it? Coolant leaks? Water Pump failures? Etc

  3. This is an excellent demonstration Chris. Don’t you want to paint the back and sides first so you don’t have to lay it on the newly painted front and if any drips happen it won’t be on the front? Also how many cans of primer/paint/clear is needed for 4 wheels? Thanks

  4. Great detailed step-by-step instructions.

    I'm a new subscriber. I was really impressed with your thorough steps for this, as well as, a used car buying checklist in other videos when you purchase this car.

  5. I think I have feelings for you chrisfix. Your videos give me life thank you for the tutorial I will be attempting this on my Volvo

  6. I really want/need to do this on my own wheel, but don't have the means to take my tires off the wheels. Anyone have recommendations on fixing the rim with the tire still on? I was thinking about just taping the tire near the lip of the wheel..

  7. Great video as always. Just subscribed! How about reviewing car fanatics wheel cleaner. Just came out

  8. it would be neat to paint the flat parts of the rim the color of the car or trim color of the car would be a nice accent

  9. Sounds like a lot of time and hard work.
    I'd rather just pay 500-600 for 4 new wheels

  10. Chris I have a Cadillac and General Motors is not one of the companies with a color silver associated with it for the rims. Any suggestions

  11. How/why would 1.3K people downvote this??? What exactly did they dislike??? Shows you how some people are just plain idiots!

  12. To really clean the wheel before repairs, use "Superior Products Wire Wheel Cleaner" (acid) available at O'Reilly Auto Parts, followed by pressure washing.

  13. In place of cleaning the wheel with rubbing alcohol, it is much preferred to use lacquer thinner. Lacquer thinner will remove grease or other contaminates that rubbing alcohol will leave behind.

  14. RE: Mixing body filler: Use a scrape piece of plexiglass….you can always get scrape (cut-offs) at Lowes for free….just ask one of the employees to pull some scrape plexiglass from the trash in the glass cutting dept. Plexiglass is also great for mixing epoxy, etc. (JBWeld)

  15. Sorry for my english. But my tire also got affected and got a piece off, should i worry about it? is it dangerous at all? is like really near the rim

  16. When i do eventually get a car, i will come straight back to this video to paint the wheels

  17. Does anyone have advice for me?
    I have black gloss 20” wheels and there is a lot of rash on the face and gutter rash all over.
    My main concern is when it comes to painting should i prime and and paint only the affected areas or is it better to repaint the whole wheel, i just dont want the new paint to be really noticeable

  18. @ChrisFix Hello, I am new to your channel and I'm not commenting to critique this video in any way because I find it to be very thorough and the camera, editing, well the all-around videography is excellent, you do fantastic work. With that said, I do have a question or maybe a slight suggestion. I was thinking it would be awesome if you could give an approximate cost of the project assuming someone had to purchase all the supplies to start. I was wondering about some of these projects if the cost was worth the reward. I and probably others working on a budget could find that information very useful to have. I have subscribed to your channel and I am definitely going to recommend that others check-out your channel too.

  19. A good tip guys don’t check with gloves on always check with noting on ur hand to feel it!

  20. how much product did it take to do 4 wheels? 1 Can for all, 1 can each??? How much?

  21. Great video but like most things in life if you haven't got experience at this type of thing most likely will do a bad job that will probably last two months before the paint and lacquer start peeling and it's going to take five days to complete four wheels But hey it's a challenge plus if doesn't work out you can always take to pro and get them done for $80 per wheel

  22. Bondo comes off pretty quick in different weather conditions I would recommend using JB Weld as it lasts a lot longer.

  23. 2:25 as you love avoiding scratches (like me…!), put the alloy wheel on a towel as you turn it over! 😉

  24. How much would you charge someone if you did this work for them? What is a fair price?

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