How to reset | Samsung Galaxy Buds

hi guys Omarr here with the Samsung buds
and if you’re looking to reset your but for whatever reason maybe the volumes
are funny h1 or whether it’s low on one and low and not low on the other and
with the previous one so you had a reset button on each but you don’t have that
now before I forget subscribe and also hit the bell icon to be notified of any
new videos I post so what you can do is the only way to reset them really is
obviously if the volume is low on one and not on the other first thing you
should do is obviously put it in the cradle and close it to sort of restart
be here buds if it’s still the same then you obviously need to reset it the way
you reset it is just through the software so I’ll show you that now so
once obviously you’ve got the K so you go in to the bottom I believe about
earbuds and then you go into reset earbuds and then you’ll say all your
earbud setting boo-boos here will be reset to the default set to the defaults
you hit reset it starts to reset and obviously I’m gonna go for Club got my
earphones yep letters and then he’ll go through the
normal sort of settings that it has that you went through when you initially set
up the earbuds and then obviously the pairing process happens and then you
back in so that was just a quick look at how to reset your Samsung books on your
phone that’s watching guys and I’ll see in the next one

Bernard Jenkins

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