How to Super Clean Your Windshield

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Enough of the tslk, get to it dude, we know why its important to see out the windshield.

  2. Ok, I ordered a gross of microfiber towels and I think I’m ready to spend the weekend cleaning the windshield.

  3. I wish you would of showed us the inside also lol. The angles are harder, atleast for my car they are

  4. Excellent video Chris. Silly question though, is the clay bar re-used after each windshield cleaning or disposed? Thanks

  5. clean your winsheild &bumpers with bounce DRYER SHEET, SOAK IN WATER and scrub it off .does not scratch either

  6. I stopped using wax altogether after several professional detailer told me why they stopped. Wax is soft and will grab particulate very easily for starters. I’ve been ceramic coating the entirety of my vehicles since and feel the results are much more to my liking.

  7. nice video, thumbs up & sub'd. just something I noticed, most videos I see RIGHT OFF THE BAT ask "hey, make sure to like & subscribe" when they haven't showed me why they deserve it yet.. you on the other hand, actually taught me something and waited until afterwards to ask.. it was genuine & not forced, good move. keep that format brother.

  8. I would like to know if with this technic you have a white film on the window when you activite your wiper.

  9. WHAT ABOUT THE INSIDE, thought you might have some tips on how to clean the inside of the windscreen, the angle of the window makes it difficult.

  10. you can ceramic coat your headlights, so why not the windshield. As long as its super hydrophobic properties repel dirt & water well.

  11. The title should be. How To Spend A Day Cleaning Your Windshield… it does look nice though..

  12. The inside is the difficult one. 5 years selling used cars. its the inside shine that sells and makes the difference.

  13. You rubes joke about microfiber towels but they really are a car guys dream. Not only are they great for waxing and glass cleaning, they are excellent for dusting your interior. Ever see the dust on your speedo? comes right of with no scratches or cleaning agent, the rest of the car also if it is only dusty. They work very well with cleaners but if your "baby" is well maintained just a quick wipe with a microfiber towel will get it spotless with little to no effort and….you can wash them and use them over and over. Harbor Freight and WalMart are good places to get them but you can often find them in dollar stores and of course auto-part stores if you don't mind paying more a bit more.

  14. Great video. What about the interior side of the windows especially windows that are tinted.

  15. I detail cars and glass is the pain in my ass. Its the last thing to do and its when after 6 straight hours I am super tired.
    Sometimes I polish the glass after claying on old windshield s using an orbital polisher. Thanks

  16. Hi Chris, I need your help in restoring a back trunk cover (inside the car right under the back glass where speakers are) my interior is black but it is always parked outside under the sun. This black material (feels like felt) turned to dark gray… How can I restore it back to black and it stays black, Thanks!

  17. Sir, you work in such a good environment and your tools are so good that when we go to a workshop, our heart does not want us to fix it.

  18. The windshield on my dream car needs a havee super clean! How to do this? Here's my answer! (Clip activates) Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  19. Is the Mr Clean Magic Eraser a sponge and baking soda? If so, could you use baking soda to clean the oils off the windshield?

  20. I have a different method that works really well. I take my car to a detail shop and pay them to do it.

  21. i not even have a own car. but makes me wish have one. so i can wash my winshield and wax it. xd

  22. I dont even need to clean my windshield but if I did you were awesome. I subscribed

  23. Try a mr. Clean pad vs. The clay bar.
    If you have.
    What is your take on the difference?

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