How To Troubleshoot and Calibrating Eachine E58 Step by Step Guide Fix a Drone That Won’t Take Off

it’s almost a year ago we did a maintenance video about the Eachine e58 and we got a lot of questions of you guys that we want to answer in this video troubleshooting the most common maintenance problems why your drone won’t take off and how to calibrate the Eachine e58 drone the prop won’t spin at the correct speed of the throttle input that can make the drone spin around or maybe lift up one side but won’t take off now we can touch the motors and feel the vibration of each motor to check out how the gearbox is my best guess is that i have to inspect the gear and do this with two sticks at the same time and then it’s flashing and that means that the flight controller gyro is recalibrating itself trim it out trim trim trim

Bernard Jenkins

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