How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen to Repair Car Paint Scratches (New!)

Greetings from PaintScratch.com. Right now we are going to show you how to
touch up a small scratch on your vehicle using our PaintScratch.com Paint Pen. The Paint
Pen is the perfect product for touching up scratches that are less than the width of
a pencil eraser. We are going to fix up this little ding, and by the end of the process,
it will look like this. Now before we get started, we recommend you
wear a dual-cartridge respirator and protective gloves and clothing. And be sure to work in
a ventilated workspace. Okay, let’s get started with the step by
step process. Practice: This is the single most important
step. Use a practice surface such as a metal can or a glossy sheet of paper and be sure
to practice with each of the paint pens. Shake the pen up, depress the tip until paint comes
out, then apply the paint. Practice painting several light coats rather than one heavy
coat. Use the practice to gauge how fast the paint dries and take note of that time. Lastly,
practicing will allow you to confirm the color match of our paint to your vehicle. When applying paint to your vehicle, have
a plastic lid handy. Apply some paint to it from the paint pen, and then dab from that
paint. This trick helps you control how much paint is on the nib before you apply it to
your vehicle. If you don’t use this trick, you may end up with too much paint on your
vehicle. If this does occur, use our automotive lacquer thinner to wipe away the paint and
start over. When you’re ready to apply the paint pen to
your car follow these steps: First, Clean the Area. Apply a small amount
of wax and grease remover to a clean rag. Thoroughly wipe the scratch and surrounding
area. If you do not clean the area, the touch-up paint won’t adhere properly. Second, Apply Primer. If you’re fixing scratches
down to an unpainted surface, use the primer paint pen as the first layer. Apply the primer
the same way you apply the basecoat which we’ll show you now. The basecoat is the touch up paint color that
matches your vehicle. Apply the paint as evenly as possible. Use light layers to evenly coat
the scratch. Allow the surface to dry before adding another layer of paint, use a blowdryer
to help with the drying process. Now, you want to add enough base coat, so
that it is above the level of the original paint. Let it dry, then use the rubbing compound
to level the fresh paint back to even with the original paint. To do this, add a small
amount of rubbing compound to a clean, dry, cotton cloth, and rub it in circular motions.
Repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the look of your repair. Then, let the
base coat dry completely. Apply the Clearcoat. The clearcoat is the
top layer that protects your base coat from damage. The key to successfully applying the
clearcoat is to float it over the basecoat. This means you will use very little pressure,
if you use too much pressure the clearcoat will act as a solvent and remove the basecoat.
Apply the clearcoat in light layers, allowing the surface to dry completely before adding
another layer. Let the clearcoat dry overnight. For the final step, polish with Rubbing Compound.
The rubbing compound is used to polish the clearcoat. Squirt a small amount of rubbing
compound onto a clean, dry, cotton cloth, like a clean t-shirt. Rub the repaired area
in circular motions until the surface is shiny. Do not use a dirty rag or any paper products.
They will leave scratches and you won’t get a smooth, glossy finish. And that’s it.
Remember to wait at least 30 days before waxing. And one last tip, keep a bottle of lacquer
thinner handy to clean the paint pen’s nib. The paint can dry very fast, clogging the
nib, and making it more difficult to use. Keeping the nib clean with automotive lacquer
thinner makes applying the paint much easier. It’s best practice to clean the nibs then
store the paint pens in a cool dry place for future use. Fixing scratches on your vehicle is easy with
PaintScratch.com and we are happy to assist you with any customer service needs. Now go PaintScratch.com and get started!

Bernard Jenkins


  1. What can you substitute the wax and grease remover with? I don't want to buy a bottle and use just 5 drops. The damage on my car is smaller than the size of a perforation of a sheet of paper. Thanks

  2. That´s a generic pen? Or a brand pen, such as ford J7 color for metallic? Thanks.,
    The procedure is the same?

  3. Using a cotton cloth on your car? Not sure how credible these people are.

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  5. they lair product my son girl friend she buy one touch up her car it not work for her car

  6. I can't afford a respirator or a Hamat suit, but I have a suit of armor….will that do?

  7. I put on my "when bears attack" suit as well, just to be sure.

  8. Touch up paint confirmed to spread Ebola. Protect you and your family. I wear no less than a CDC/NASA approved fuccboi kit whenever I go near the stuff. I have RL photoshopped my Pontiac Aztec replica more times than you can possibly imagine. I've never gotten ebola once. Coincidence?

  9. They want you to wear the respirator for legal reasons. They need to say that. If you think it's stupid, blame the idiot who painted an entire car without a respirator and blamed the company because they said he didnt need to use one with the pen.

  10. what does he mean when he says rubbing compound? the paint thinner from before or something like a cutting polish ?

  11. I just had some idiots in a glass van bump their door into my car because they were too impatient to back up and let the passenger in.

  12. Now do this on any non-beige colored, non-matte, clear coated paint, and look at the mess you've created, instead of fixing it!

  13. What can I do if I used too much paint and clear coated over it? It was my 1st time. Almost looks worse than the tiny scratch that was there

  14. what type of compound does he use? Is it like using sandpaper to even the paint coat on the surface, once it's dry? Anyone?

  15. Come on, guys. This video contradicts your written directions, which specify rubbing compound after clearcoat.

  16. Does anyone know how I can fix scratches on an Infiniti G37 silver trim on the door?

  17. Finally what I was looking for on here! I was told my tiny rust spots couldn't be repaired and the whole panel would have to be redone but this may help avoid the cost of a paint job for a few eraser size spots

  18. Is it ok if i do this work outside the building? I currently live in a rental house and don't own a garage.

  19. I noticed these are mostly scratches and little dings from rocks,but anybody know if this will work on a door ding from another door? It's not dented it's just a nice a little groove in chip in my paint?

  20. Holy shit is this serious with all the safety gear for a simple touch up 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Is it fair to say that the paint did not match 100% due to the fact that the original paint is aged and kind of affected by uv and other natural phenomena. If it was say within 5 years of age it would match with more precision? The job is good no doubt a good one and it matches well but there is a slight noticeable difference, not massively but its there.

  22. Very helpful and to the point. Question: Why do you need to wait 30 days before waxing?

  23. Do you have to get a particular kind of clear coat that is specific or just any clear coat?

  24. I thought you just had to buy the pen & swish over the scratch. This is all too hard! I'm just gonna buy a new car.

  25. what does it look like on a color surface, black, blue, red?

  26. I love it how to demonstrate on a truck already in need of new paint job lol

  27. Seeing him in this mask and shit immediately made me lose interest in this project.

  28. I did this but the spot I did doesn't look right, it's been over a few months. Can I still remove the paint with the laquer thinner?

  29. Lacquer thinner on paint is a dangerous game, although I suppose it already isn't perfect if you're touching it up

  30. After applying the primer how long do I need to wait before applying the base coat? Also, can I use the primer, base coat, clear coat and the rubbing compound anywhere on the car exterior including the bumpers?

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  34. After applying the clearcoat, you said to let it dry overnight. Is it okay if I let it dry overnight outside? I don't have a place where I can park it indoors.

  35. I will be doing this very soon to my Lexus . If it doesn’t work out , I will have to blame you .

  36. Can somebody do this for me? seriously all jokes aside…..

  37. I watched 10 different touchup pain process on YouTube. Yours is the best!

  38. Why didn't you tell me to wear a chastity belt as well?! Now my tail pipe is sore…

  39. Holy fuck this is way to complicated. I would just dab the shit on and done

  40. This really worked. I cannot believe it. I tried on my rear bumper which had few minor scratches from moving boxes, so just surface scratch. All the repair shop said you cannot buff it out on rear bumper due to its plastic and tell me to bring it in for a $500 repaint job. So I decided to give it try, it turns out it actually worked on 80% of the area that had scratch. I will reapply the touch up paint then clear coat again on the remaining 20% then try again to see if I can get to 20% out. After this, then I will try my hood which is metal with a rock chip. So far, it is looking promising. Takes a little practice and it works.

  41. Thanks, this was very helpful. I'm kind of cautious about anything I do to my car, I but I need to repair some small dings in the paint before they turn into rust problems.

  42. I saw a lot of touch-up videos on Youtube and they all looked subpar. This one looks amazing so I tried it. And everytime I tried to smooth it over it looked bad. Color was off or it was bumpy. I gave up. Tried again on a new scratch a year later and thought it was subpar but better than with the scratch showing. Then I took a white t-shirt and rubbed it down really hard a week later, and presto – any trace of the scratch was gone! This really works – but it is a pain in the ass.

  43. In all fairness dude, next time use another color vehicle other than white bc we all know that the primer is white just like the white paint on car. Try it on red, black, green or gray and than maybe you will convince me how great your product is.

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  46. This is probably one of the most professional videos I've seen about this on youtube.

  47. Is there a minimum outside temperature for doing the job i.e. to allow the paint to dry. Thanks

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