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– Do you want to know how to
write a debt settlement letter? (bright music) Before I answer, make sure you subscribe
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debt settlement letter? When you are writing a
debt settlement letter, it’s important to have the proper help either by an attorney or a debt expert to make sure that your letter is proper and you can get the results
that you’re expecting. However, if you would like to
write a letter on your own, there are templates online
that you can download that will give you the right start. There are some great resources out there. You can get templates from
Microsoft Word or eforms.com and make sure that when
you download the template, you can start making the proper
adjustments that you need. The first adjustment
that you’re gonna need is make sure you have
your creditors address and address it to them in the header. In the body of the letter, make sure that you put the
amount that you’re willing to settle your debts for
and this is important, if they accept your offer, make sure that they have the
proper way to contact you. It’s also important to
make sure the letter isn’t too informal or too vague. Thank you for watching. If you have found this video helpful, leave us a comment below with yes and if you haven’t, leave
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