Humidifier Pad: Repair and Replace (GeneralAire GF-1042)

Hi I’m Nick and welcome to Repair and Replace,
your online resource for quick and easy repairs. In this episode, we’ll replace the evaporator
pad in a General Aire GF-1042 Humidifier. To order online, explore our website below. To begin you’ll need a evaporator pad and
an adjustable wrench. General Aire GF-1042 Humidifier uses a electronic
pulse controller to regulate the water supply to the unit. When the humidistat calls for humidity the
solenoid valve will open to disperse water over the entire pad. As air flows over the pad it picks up moisture
and is distributed around your home by your furnace. Over time, calcium and mineral deposits can
build up on the pad, which reduces the amount of moisture that can be evaporated. These deposits can make it impossible clean
properly. Before starting this repair, disconnect all power to your humidifier. Next, shut off the water supply to the unit. Use the the adjustable wrench to unscrew the
compression nut and then remove the distributor tube. Remove the thumbscrews then pull of the distributor
trough Now pull out and discard the old pad. Install the new pad. Make sure that the botttom of the frame is
placed on the bottom of the housing. Install the distributor trough with the rounded edge facing forward. Align the inside groove should hold the pad into
place. Now, tighten the thumbscrews. Finally, place the distributor tube back on and
tighten the compression nut. Turn on the water supply and check for any leaks. Finally, reconnect the power. If you found this video useful, hit “like”. To keep up to date on Repair and Replace please
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. Why are these pads made of metal? Wouldn't a paper or foam material absorb better? Environmentally not good material too unless there's a recycling option. I'm picturing most of the water just rolling off the metal and going down the drain. Your opinion? Thx.

  2. Can you replace your evaporator pad with one thats a little smaller than the regular size?

  3. Keep in mind accessing the filter though the top is not the only way to replace it. The filter can also be accessed through removing the bottom thumb screws and drain pan.

  4. so that water switch doesnt have an on or an off how do you know the water is turned on ?

  5. Bought to pad from you (AMRE) and would have never thought I’d be watching your video. Thank you.

  6. Hello… I'm seeing that there are two versions of the replacement pads. One matches the original with frame, and the other is frame less (just the mesh). Is it okay to use the cheaper non-frame pad?

  7. Do you have a video for the pad replacement of a General-Aire model 800 humidifier?

  8. Are you able to just clean and place back the clean pad. Or do you have to buy a new pad and replace the old one?

  9. Can you show how to disconnect electrical power source? My humidifier and furnace wires are connected together.

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