Bernard Jenkins


  1. I am here early today got this on my recommended and it said 4 mins ago.

  2. 5:54 – Right there you may think he is saying "Move move move" but in truth its "Mooo Moooo Mooo"

  3. 950th! I never knew this moment would come! I am so proud of myself!

  4. Mới đánh xong trận gập mongana rừng , yếu vcl ra yi ra chém mấy phát chết

  5. You can play Mai-Taric in Korea server. That's winning rate is pretty high.

  6. Shit now I'M tilted just from watching this

  7. Your reaction on that last clip was too slow damn shoudve got that dr with your smite

  8. Can someone tell me how to play on Japan Server? I want to leave a Ph Server because its sucks a lot of toxic, troller, boosted animal etc..

  9. Dude the last dragon steal made me dislike the video.
    Like I'm not even a hater of cowsepp just that shit tilted me beyond.

  10. I'm thinking of trying out Bork and ravenous Hydra on Yi. Maybe it'll good. Even if it isn't, might be fun

  11. It’s weird you don’t get conqueror heals when you attack zac’s blob because technically you are still hitting a champion

  12. Game chơi kiểu này cực cay toàn gặp súc vật zonya với đánh rùa rùa

  13. Well, you always loose dragons and barons when you try to save smites for later

  14. At first the whole "stopwatch is fair" thing seemed like a funny meme. But honestly I think it's run its course. Time to adapt and move forward. Not fun to see you get so triggered by that and other things.

  15. 3:29 – 3:38 That Shen player made seriously good plays there, firstly saving you from dying to a Yorick Q with that huge shield and then taunting just at the right moment to stop Pyke finishing you off. MVP of that match for sure.

  16. Ai sub cho ông này vậy, tấu hài vãi đái

  17. A vietnamese student was discriminated and bullied in America because of her nationality, her skin color and wearing gauze mask to prevent nCovid-19. Here are the instagram accounts of the racists: @gucci.allyy @cpaftnasma . Pls report
    P/s: Đông Lào bất diệt

  18. "I am tilted beyond the point of repair"

    Filipino players: BOBO KA KASE CANCER!

  19. You are really good in this game yes !! Wow you are a very succesfull business man and entepreenuer hahaha !!!!!!!

  20. I main master yi , and Idk what it is But i build rageblade into Wits end but its not that strong like it used to be , Maybe you have that aswell but i Dont get anymore healing like i used to, is that why you build rageblade into blade of ruined king first and after wits ?

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