Ice Cream Sundaes with Cree & Tavior | Quick Fix

– Hello, everybody. We are here filling in for Tia today. I’m with my nephew Cree and… – We’re gonna have a competition. – Oh yeah, a sundae competition. Who has what kind of sundae? – It doesn’t look but how it taste. – Exactly, what matters where it ends up right here, right? (giggling) (upbeat music) – We have vanilla, chocolate,
and strawberry ice cream. What’s your favorite flavor? Chocolate? Okay cool. Did you want to put
anything in here first, or did you just want to
go straight up ice cream? – I just want to go straight up ice cream. – Cool. So how many scoops do you want? – Two. – Two? We finished up the ice cream,
(cheering) but we have all these toppings. We have sprinkles, we have cookies, cupcakes, licorice, and what
are we gonna do with them? – Put’em on. – Top exactly. I know for me, I’m gonna
start with this cupcake. Just slam dunked on top. What about you? Banana? We also have some syrup over there. You want some caramel
or chocolate or what? – That’s gonna be the last thing. – Oh, the last thing, ima start early. In your opinion, can a sundae have too much ice cream, or can it have too many toppings? – You can have a lot of toppings. – What about this? A little sweet and salty. – I would not do that. – You wouldn’t do that? Why not? It’s sugar and salt. You don’t think that’s a good combination? – Um uh. – Oh okay, grabbing the gummy bears. Ima see what this taste
– And look what I’m doin. like too. You got the bananas going
around the chocolate. Lookin like a piece of art right there. I’m going to start with some sprinkles. You want any sprinkles or you good? – I’m gonna do sprinkles probably last. – Probably last? – These two are gonna be last. – I think I’m gonna be putting the finishing touches on mine. – You done?
I think I’m done. Let me do it. You need help with doing
this or you got it? – No, I don’t got it. (laughing) I don’t know how to do it. – Alright cool, so pretty much you just gonna angle
it and press, alright? (foaming) – Here I’ll squeeze. – Just all around it. – I know we’re eating sundaes right now, so since we’re eating these before dinner, don’t tell your mom first off, and second off, just try
and eat as much as you can. Can you do that for me? – My mom doesn’t really care. – Oh, really? – Yeah, but I can’t tell my dad. – Okay. – Uh uh,
(laughing) My dad will be like, “You
ate ice cream sundaes?!” And I’ll be like, okay okay. – Alright, well we’re just gonna have to keep it on the low, okay? You know what I used to
do when I was your age? – What? – I used to grab this out
of the refrigerator, right. I used to look around and make
sure no one was downstairs. – Like grandma? – Yeah, like grandma. And then I used to just get a quick… (foaming) – And then what did grandma do? – She never found out. (mimicking scream) You want to try? – Yeah. – Okay cool, but we have
to keep it a secret. So you’re just gonna press
on this nozzle right here. – Oh. (foaming) – There you go. Now you just gotta… (laughing) How you like it? It’s good, cool. (cheering) Let’s do a quick whip cream challenge. Okay, so the rules go, whoever can put the most whip cream in their mouth and close their mouth
without it coming out, wins. – Can I go first? – Yeah, you can go first. (foaming) (laughing) Okay, definitely don’t tell
your mom we’re doing this. (foaming) (laughing) I’m gonna go, okay? – Okay. – I’m gonna show you
how it’s done, alright. (foaming) (laughing) (cheering) Your sundae looks better than mine, but I’m pretty sure mine taste better. – Okay, I’m gonna dig in. – Nice.
Oh my. (moaning) – What’s your favorite part about yours? – The chocolate. – The chocolate. For you at home, let us know who won the challenge, leave a comment down below, and have your own sundae
challenge with whoever you love. Alright, until next time, take care. (upbeat jazzy music)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I 😍LOVE😍 how Unc is talking time out for nephew. These memories last a lifetime

  2. Love the family moment Uncle got it hands down Cree is ao handsome & Uncle is having a blast…I like Cree's Uncle Sundae the potato chip that's it…ya'll should make pizza next as a suggestion.

  3. All I want to know is "What did Cory say when he saw this video?" 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Cree Cree has become an even beautiful man. And he's so respectful

  5. Absolutely loved the sundae challenge! Your son Cree and your bro Handled it! They can do a Cree and Tavior take over any day and btw they were hilarious had me cracking up! 😂👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  6. That so nice and cool enjoying make sundea cree is so cool and the uncle.

  7. Lol so funny Cree is so much like my 9yr old daughter. Loved the energy between them.

  8. Oh goodness. Your son is so cute! Very well behavied. Good job mama and daddy. 😍😍❤

  9. Cree looks like his Dad and Tavior & Cairo looks like Tamera & Ariya to me.

  10. Tia you and Cory made the cutest kids ever I freakin love your son he is such a sweet young man…I'm 19 talkin bout young man

  11. Why they hid Tavior fine azz from us…all this time….he prolly got more of their Mom's genes…i don't see their Dad in him AT ALL

    Uncle n nephew Bond is sooo Dope 2 see!!

    OMG How old is cree now hes grown overnight!!!

  13. why did she cut cree hair his hair was soooo pretty he looked like a girl but it was still pretty

  14. The way cree ate the first set of wip cream was so cute and funny. Tia's brother is so handsome btw. Gosh😍

  15. Cree is too cute…………..I can't tell dad………hahahahahahaha!

  16. Cree is growing so nicely. He looks just like his dad.

  17. This was by far the cutest video! We need more of these videos 🤣👍🏻

  18. Hahahahaah that’s the kinda stuff I would do with my nephew. 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  19. So cute! Their relationship is adorable 👌❤️ and he’s so good looking 😍😍

  20. Tia's brother won the challenge, sorry kid…your uncle is foine, lol

  21. This is how my brother spends time tine with my boys…..teaching them how to squeeze chocolate syrup in their mouths first then tells them to drink a gulp of milk and shake their heads until everything is nice and mused….. like instant chocolate milk inside their mouths…..

  22. Cree’s looks the best. Sorry, Tavior. I enjoyed this quick fix. Talent runs through yall’s veins.

  23. You have such an amazing family Tia, I enjoyed the video thanks guys

  24. It's sucks watching this in the middle of the night and wanting this but ain't got a damn thing to make it.
    I at least have a banana. 😔

  25. Omg I love them there so cute uncle and nephew 🧡🧡🧡🧡 they are close family they really are u need to do one with your sister!! And all 4 of u brothers and sister

  26. Cree won that hands down!!! I'm actually a strawberry lover!!!

  27. Tia- you, Tamera, and Tahj all have quite similar accents. Sounds like Tavior has a different one! What kind of accent is his? I'm so intrigued because he pronounces things so differently than the rest of you guys! I'd love to know! Love you all 🤗

  28. The boy is so sweet. They are so cute. its my first time seeing someone putting gummies in ice cream.I am used to italian ice cream.

  29. Thank you, Tia girl for including Tavior in your channel. It’s truly a blessing 🙏 😍😍

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