Inside a Garbage Disposal – Fix a Jammed or Clogged Disposer

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Nice slow motion shots! Was it just the remaining plastic bits that were making the noise?

  2. thank you so much I really appreciate this diy video and your effort to explain how it works. I did this process and it took about 30mins to fix my sink now I can use the dish washer can't believe I went 3 months washing manual and waiting for it to drain your a real life saver.

  3. Thank YOU!!! Was perfect!! Hallelujah!! Really impressed my husband by fixing what he couldn't!! Ha ha :} Daisy White

  4. Thank you so much Tomahawk. You were right, less than 30 minutes and saved me a $90 service call!

  5. Thank you! Who fixed my clogged drain? ————> THIS GIRL!!! (With your help! ) I learned how to take my pipes and insinkerator apart by watching this. It turns out that my pipes were clogged with potato peels. Easy fix. Good bless!

  6. Thanks really helped I chopped up a plastic spoon,and it was two plastic pieces stuck in the blades. Sounds good as new thanks Tom.

  7. If you suspect glass is stuck in there don't stick your bare hand in there. Wear some thick gloves, it happened me. I had to take it off and flip it upside down to get all the shards out.

  8. Thank you!! This 62 year old single lady, took the disposal apart and was able to locate and pull out a small screw that fell in the disposal! No fuss no muss. Feeling pretty confident now!

  9. Thank you and I will try your video and hope this fixes our disposal

  10. Took my noisy g-disposal out, scrapped the greasy, semisolid matter, hosed as clean as possible. It works fine now. Not sure what caused the rumbling noise. Best evidence was a piece of string. Glad for saving $250 – $300 for a replacement. BTW, this unit is a Whirlpool & is 8 years old.

  11. In the case of the disposal in the video: It has a removable splash guard 🙄

  12. Hey, this is very helpful! You showed a lot of steps I needed that others didn’t include.

    I hate to be the typical YouTube commentor, but the audio balance is a bit off—the ambient vocal mic is fairly quiet in relation to the loud backing track. No biggy. Thanks again for the help.

  13. thank you so much!! I watched half a dozen videos on how to clear a garbage disposal before I found yours, and yours was by far the most helpful and informative!! Liked & Subscribed!!

  14. Thanks for this informational video. I won't complain only a tiny positive critique. Please lower the backing music quite a bit. Listening for sounds and all I hear is jamming. Trying to hear you speak over the rock jam is not that easy. Maybe sometime a way to clean out unseen buildup in a disposal.

  15. Thanks to your video i fixed my garbage disposal, the screw from cookware was in side of rotating plates and was jamming it.

  16. What about sugar? I opened a brand new 5lb bag of sugar to find ants had got in. My 1st instinct was to throw it in the sink with hot running water. I turned on the disposal, which had been working fine, and yeah, nothing. Any suggestions?

  17. Thank you for making this video,I am a single woman trying to save money and I am not handy at all when it comes to fixing things.The video showed me step by step what to do and I was able to follow along and repair my disposal.

  18. A measuring spoon was chopped up in our insinkerator. Very helpful video that saved us lots! 😄

  19. Thank you for your video!!! I just unclogged my garbage disposal for the first time and it WORKS AGAIN!!!!!

  20. Thank you for bringing this DIY video. How do you remove hair that is rap round or under the blades???

  21. Thanks a lot, You saved me some money. I was able to remove my garbage disposal to find a metal icing tip that was jammed into the blade. Thanks to my cupcake baking girlfriend. Lol

  22. Okay boss so happy new year as I write this I just spent my newyears morning doing this exact thing to no avail. I even took it at my own risk and bench tested it by plugging it into a counter top out let, to be sure I had the blockage out and that it spend freely . Only to find after reinstalling it it still wouldn't spin ounce back in my sink. Any thoughts on this one. It hums as if trying to run but it is still not chewing up debris. I have done this before and it always worked but not this time. I reset button on bottom of unit and like I said it worked fine when on the counter top. Any help will be appreciated.

  23. THANK YOU !! Awesome video! Perfect – to the point, excellent footage to see exactly what we needed to do. You are helping a lot of people – thank you 🙂

  24. Thanks for the free lesson. I had a shot glass go down my sink by accident and had to get every little shard out of the disposal. Yeesh!

  25. Thank you very much for including the pictures of the parts and prices . While watching another tutorial, I was thinking to myself how much would a motor cost if that's the issue. And whalaah magic! your video! How awesome are you.😙

  26. Thanks for your help, it's all unclogged, yesss there is nothing like a clean sink😌 trouble shooting now ; so I am watching the video and it was hard holding my flashlight/phone. I am going to buy a Big Larry, my husband will be so proud of me.

  27. Yayyyy, it was hard to turn and still humming so I boiled hot water don't know why but it gave me a lil slack so by the third hot water cleansing it moved! I turned it own walahh magic😊. It was rattling really loud there was a screw and something else metal thanks. Now the dishwasher is acting up.

  28. Good how-to; especially worthwhile for the slow-mo grinding shots (5:40).

  29. Thank you. I broke a 10 cup measuring cup/bowl the other day and there were large chunks of glass in the bottom of my disposal that I couldn't reach. Once I dropped the motor down, it was easy to do. I installed one of these things some 15 years ago, but I had forgotten how they attach up at the collar. I appreciate the help!

  30. Thank you, my husband was ready to call the plumber and I showed him your video, so he got a Allen wrench and worked it back and fourth and un jammed it.

  31. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You saved me at least $100 dollars plus. My disposal is working better than before. YOU ROCK!!!

  32. mmm… I haven't tried yet, but I wonder how the food goes away? It seems it is through that pipe but it is higher than the bottom of the disposal and right now what I feel is that the disposal is keeping some of the food there and causing some odor. I would like to know the operation of the food going out.

  33. Great video! I almost didn’t watch it past the first two minutes of it thinking all it was going to show is removing the particles by sticking your hands in from the top. I needed to know how to remove the unit itself. I stayed with it and I’m glad I did. Great explanation with great video. Loved the high speed shots. I knew how it worked but never have seen it in action. Thanks for taking the time to make this. It’s really helpful.

  34. Thank you for sharing this fix it trick, I have recently clogged mine with beans… So I will be trying the reset tips, hoping that I do not have to take the disposal off.

  35. I'm going to have to try this or my husband tomorrow. He ran the plastic wrap over some chicken down the disposal tonight. Sure hope we can fix it. Update: My husband has taken garbage disposals apart before and fixed ours in about 2 hrs. So glad! At least I had a better idea about it from the video.

  36. I just removed a small pebble from my son’s fish tank that had gotten lodged in mine and had it locked up, for 6 months! Thanks so much for the well done, informative video.

  37. This video was very helpful I follow the step-by-step instructions and was able to fix my sink in under 30 minutes. Thank you I have been dealing with this problem for over six months and didn’t know that I was able to fix it in 30 minutes is a relief

  38. Good video. If possible no music. Very methodical. Thank you so much. Hoping that I will be able to do it. Thanks again.

  39. Why do people TURN music on all videos NO MUSIC IF YOU ARE EXPLAINING SOMETHING BUDDY.

  40. So if you’re just taking the disposal off to remove a clog or something that’s fallen in there, there are no gaskets or anything to have to replace?

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